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  1. It gives the capacity in the picture of the first post at 39k. That picture was taken when we were in div1, or at least printed then. We only sold that many tickets for those cup games, or that's all that turned up after selling all the tickets. I remember ticket touts outside for both games as I had to pay over the top for one, so I'd say lots must have been unused. Capacity was increased with the addition of the new family terrace in or about the 1st/2nd season but, then reduced first to 36k, then 32k, very quickly and again down to 29/30k, coinciding with us going down like a stone
  2. "IF" There's a difference to "Did", as in repeat offence.
  3. When it was built, the EE had a capacity of 15k, the open end 12k and if memory serves me right the enclosure was 7k, making 34k, but it was reduced to 32k. The ground capacity was approx 42k and reduced during the latter div 1 days to 36k, then 32k then again further. We had an attendance against Forest in the league cup semi final 1989 of 28k which I believe at the time was a sell out. The sponsorship revenue was crap though.
  4. I had a discussion on this site with Nick J. It was about our capacity during the 1st division days. I was adamant that it was set at approximately 42K, he was adamant it was 36, even though we had attendances above that in Div 1 and in cup games prior to that in 73/74. This picture was taken before we installed the family section in front of the stand, which held I believe, about 2,700, think it was installed in our 2nd year in div 1. Which would put our capacity at nearly 42k. It was then reduced in subsequent years to 36k, then 32k, then 29k. all in a short period. The main stumbling block for the reduced capacity was that there was no direct exit for the Dolman stand, as it had to exit either through the back of the EE, or in conjunction with the open end, causing congestion for all three areas. Evidently there were numerous discussions with the bowling club about an exit there but no agreement could be reached.
  5. Also a young Russian playing for Dynamo Kiev, Innov Zepostski.
  6. If he'd been a striker, how much would we have got?
  7. I though I must add that there's been an awful lot of inflation between 1998 and 2019, when their respective transfers took place. Might well be that Hayles would have fetched a lot more in 2019, particularly with the premiership awash with money then.
  8. Strange, I always remember it as £50k. Think he went from Liverpool to Luton.
  9. Good player but, he came through the Chelsea youth system.
  10. I'll give you him, even if he's not a proper striker, as in, one of two. He plays more like a roaming attacking midfielder really, apart from the first half of the season 17/18 was it? Any more? It is poor how few we have produced over the last 50 odd years, when you think about it.
  11. Or someone on our scouting staff who know a good striker when they see one. As the op has stated, other clubs find them and move them on for good profits. It's an area we've always fallen short of in my whole time of watching City. Perhaps it's the heat but I can't recall a striker that we've brought up through the ranks and sold at a profit, since Chris Garland, one that's turned out to be any good. I know we've brought in some and resold but can't think of anyone that's come through the ranks. Waiting for the long list now.
  12. Without reading through this again, it would appear that there are many people either frightened by the prospect of increasing numbers of Covid, or, preferring to say that there is a major increase in Covid cases, for whatever reason. I'd like to remind people, without meaning to sound supercilious that, this time last year we were testing a fraction of those being tested now, which is well over a million tests a day. The more you test the more cases you'll find, surprisingly. That's not to say that cases of this particular variant are not higher than before, as it is more virulent. My only concern is that there's enough people out there refusing to have a vaccine, for whatever reason and, because of that reluctance, the virus will keep circulating amongst them and back into those that have been fully vaccinated.
  13. Obviously don't think there'll be a goal fest for the opposition in any of our September games. Has the Fulham game been moved?
  14. No, his legs went, I saw them wobbling facing a penalty.
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