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  1. Given that we have a relatively small squad, with some players injured or out of favour, what team could Pearson have selected that would have enabled us to compete with Bournemouth yesterday? We have a squad of 26, take off the keeper, the injured in Semenyo, Cundy, Atkinson, Massengo. Then there's the 2 fullbacks that are keeping Dasilva and Simpson out. Then players that are really too young and inexperienced to face that sort of opposition, the likes of Janneh, Bell, Scott. Add in those currently out of favour, like Wells, Bakinson, Vyner and Palmer, because they've really not provided enough to be selected consistently and what are we left with? The answer, the team selected yesterday, with the out of favour players making the subs bench along with the keeper. The only difference for me yesterday, would have been to have Dasilva wide left instead of O'Dowda but, that's based on hindsight. I think Pearson's hands are tied to a certain extent at the moment and, he had little choice except to go with his tried and tested players and formation. It just happened that Bournemouth were mobile and slick, as well as tenacious in winning the ball back when we did eventually get it. Especially compared to our ageing midfield, that also experienced bad luck, with the out of position Williams being forced off. Our full backs have been playing 3rd/4th tier football and are still coming to terms with the pace and movement, they got hammered yesterday with little protection from those in front and those inside of them. I'm sure some would argue that Palmer, Scott and Wells should start, though I think we'd have been even more poorly organised and focused had that happened. Bournemouth were just too quick of mind and foot for our lads yesterday and our manager is trying to hold the club together with what he has available, cut him some slack and get behind the team. We must be patient and support the club during this tough time, I know it's frustrating but, get on the managers and players backs and, you will knock the major thing going for us, which has been sadly missing for five years. That's team spirit and, the desire to succeed while helping each other, let's nurture it and help the younger players get better, knocking them won't help in the slightest.
  2. Of course, if someone were to go into the site, they'd find the email addresses. They could then tell him what they thought of his plan for Sainsbury's
  3. Not Mr Bean. Not Mr Bean. He is the meanest centre half you've ever seen. Not Mr Bean. Not Mr Bean. Rob Atkinson, is not Mr Bean. Sung to the tune of Shaun the Sheep.
  4. I thought this was interesting in the statement made. To the best of my knowledge none of the current Board, apart from the President and his brother, own any shares and none of them live in the Bristol area Does the brother still have shares? If not in the football club, perhaps Dwayne Sports or the company owning the Colony. Thought I read somewhere he still had a part involvement.
  5. Are you a school teacher? I feel like my post has been dissected and marked accordingly. Your first response questions whether the football has been turgid. This is obviously a matter of opinion, I believe that for the majority of Lee Johnson reign, he set up to still be in the game for 60 minutes and then try and affect it with an inspired substitution. If it worked great and we only remember the last period of the game, walking away happy. There were exceptions, WBA springs to mind but generally it was dull as dishwater, in mine and I believe the majority of peoples opinion. It's taking a long time to correct that situation Second response, seems to be slightly grey, as in, I don't know what your "possibly" refers to. Third response about the noise travelling from the E E. Without meaning to be patronising, sound travels in waves, like water. If there is an object in it's way, it will bounce off of it. The E E roof is somewhat like an umbrella, as such, the noise will hit the roof and bounce back down with obviously some noise travelling directly out from under the roof, it has to escape somewhere. With a flat upwards sloping roof, the noise (sound waves) will hit it and travel further. I remember going in the E E as a youth in the late 60's and through the 70's, it always sounded loud and, I'm certain the players within the box were suitably intimidated by it at corners and free kicks. From other parts of the ground, much less so. I remember looking from the uncovered end and seeing hands clapping in unison (obviously chanting) but very little if any noise. I hate saying this but, The old Tote end with about 300 gasheads in it, was always audible from the uncovered end, due to the way the sound bounced off the roof. The same is said about the Atyeo, as in your reference to Brentford. If the fans and yourself are making noise, you're less likely to hear others, especially those projecting sound in the same direction as you, when adjacent. Believe me, there is no acoustic problem from the Atyeo stand. As for not comparing like for like "either" in the 80s, what's the either for? I didn't realise I had to compare like for like when I posted. I was referring to a sustained period of success and the atmosphere being good during that period, a period we've never experienced before, in the way of two promotions, two Wembley finals and a league cup semi final , within a six year period. We've had similar periods of poor atmosphere coinciding with poor results on many occasions, regardless of the level we were playing at. I also didn't realise I had to mention about enforcing all seater stadia with S C holders. I was referring initially to when the Atyeo was first opened and the club decided to have allocated seating, I don't think it was compulsory, not sure it is now, though I might be wrong. I was merely suggesting a way, that in my opinion would improve the atmosphere, by allowing the more fervent supporters to gather centrally and, help our team, by creating a better vibe. Currently, the singing section is located in a corner of the ground, separated by a wall between supporters in the Dolman, a gangway adjacent to the SS, a gangway and vomitories within the section and a large structure meaning supporters stand either side of it. In fact, there could not be a more divisive position for the singing section, in my opinion, most probably deliberate. Fair play to them though, as they still make themselves heard, despite the obstacles. Better more exciting football, will improve the atmosphere, failing that, better results.
  6. Shame you can't go back to 1998 when company was formed. The then chairman definitely said, something along the lines of, this is a great deal for Bristol Rovers. We've bought a 50% share in £6m worth of real estate. The deal was £2m for that share, surely under valued within the books. Closely followed by the other 50% for £10k when the other party surprisingly filed for bankruptcy within five months of that deal taking place and the ink still wet.
  7. In my experience they sing songs at rugger about dicky dido's and fairy lights. I was more referring to behavioral patterns. Where the robust working class singers would also be a bit less well behaved and possibly as a result, putting off people that will pay a little more for a nicer environment to bring their wives, sisters, daughters and grandchildren.
  8. There are so many reasons for the supposed lack of atmosphere especially since the redevelopment. 1. The turgid football we've had to endure for home games since promotion back. three sided ground in the first season back followed by safety first and try to snatch it up until this season, playing like an away team and constantly under threat of conceding. Very few games have been inspirational to lift the atmosphere, with a few exceptions. 2. The hirarchy at this club don't really want a singing section, they want middle income earners that pay top dollar and behave themselves. That's why the singing were shunted from pillar to post, with no area in the new Atyeo, then to one side, then the EE then to the other side, then one end of the Williams and so on, ending up slotted into the corner where they can be policed/viewed, however you want it. The noise won't naturally make others join in to the Dolman side because it's separated by a wall and there's a gap with gangway at the other side. 3. The people of Bristol are reactive, as opposed to proactive due to their more reserved nature. We've always been the same, outsung by more fervent supporters from anywhere North and East of Gloucester, as well as Wales and Portsmouth. There have been notable exceptions but generally we're more reserved. 4. Many won't like this next one but, the best noise is created when there is a flat sloping upwards roof. Unlike the old East End, which had a roof which made any noise stay mostly within the area of the East End. Very loud when you're in it but, hardly audible from half way up the pitch. 5. Away fans make more noise because they're the more fanatical supporters that can be bothered to follow their team around the country. The same applies to our fans at away grounds. 6. The argument for the Atyeo being poor acoustics has been blown out of the water by the away support proving it can be noisy. The problem we had was because of No;2, we had allocated seating in the Atyeo and as such a dispersed group of singers, much like our trip to Wembley against Hull, when everyone was dispersed and Hull decided to group their singers in the centre section. Our admin decided to let ticket master decide who sat where. Decisions are taken purely on finance and not what helps the team. 7. In my opinion, we need to have the whole of the South Stand allocated for singers, or at least the centre sections, allowing and encouraging those adjacent to join in when suitably aroused, as used to happen occasionally in the East End. What a sight and noise that was when it sometimes spread around the corner and into the enclosure. 8. So in short, remove allocated seating in the South Stand, improve the football and take off the reserved shackles around our throats. It really would help if we had a little sustained success, like that in the 80's after 1982. Something to make us really proud and be able to pump our chests up.
  9. Sorry for late response Dave, been away. I was a GK in my younger days and many times as a stand in but, I've always paid special attention to the art of GK. The biggest single factor in being a GK is positioning, I would say Bentley has good positioning. Yes I do agree, you're on your toes with knees slightly bent, expecting to jump/dive and your feet are not easy to move sideways. The best you can do is move a leg outwards looking stupid in the process. Also played as a striker and found the best place when one on one was close to the legs if they're standing/crouching, as the hands are much easier to react quickly to the flight of the ball, so cover a wider expanse of area. That latter part is a reason Bentley is good at making reaction saves.
  10. It worked a few seasons back, when we had Magn├║sson at LB and Bailey Wright at RB. Not as mobile but solid as a rock until it got changed to accommodate Fammy coming back from injury, when the whole team seemed to change.
  11. How long has this young lady been Ranking the league two fan?
  12. Terry Cooper was instrumental in giving me my then proudest moment, of seeing the old Wembley scoreboard which had shown so many final scores with my team on it. This one read, Bristol City 3 Bolton Wanderers 0. It brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. Thanks to him and condolences to his family. A great manager of this club, a great player and a great man. Rest in peace Terry.
  13. Peter Aitken, them to us, we were in desperate times though.
  14. It gives the capacity in the picture of the first post at 39k. That picture was taken when we were in div1, or at least printed then. We only sold that many tickets for those cup games, or that's all that turned up after selling all the tickets. I remember ticket touts outside for both games as I had to pay over the top for one, so I'd say lots must have been unused. Capacity was increased with the addition of the new family terrace in or about the 1st/2nd season but, then reduced first to 36k, then 32k, very quickly and again down to 29/30k, coinciding with us going down like a stone
  15. "IF" There's a difference to "Did", as in repeat offence.
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