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  1. It's a big what if, I know. But, what if Chris Hughton had been employed as new manager of BCFC within a week of L J's departure but, behind the scenes he's been working with M A on transfer targets to have the squad required for the start of the season, after watching the final games and seeing the squad in training. All the other stuff about Gerrad, Neil, and anyone else being a target/interviewed has been a very clever smokescreen. Would that be the way Carling appointed managers?
  2. Once picked up Radio Bristol on Exmouth sea front. Also just outside Seaton. Wrong coast I know.
  3. I think that's the problem he has Dave, he thinks. When he does think, it's over thought and downright confusing. At the start of his tenure I thought he's doing ok and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that I had. It looked like he was bringing more intelligent players to the club, who could take in his theories and make decisions themselves on the pitch. I think we've seen that process happen during games and then get abandoned in the heat of the moment when players can't react or, don't have time to react /think. Effectively, far too complicated for your average footballer, or eve
  4. Should stick to coaching. His management during games has been awful, outdone by virtually every top coach he's come up against. Has stuck to staying in games for 60 odd minutes and then tries to grab something with an "inspired" substitution. Clutching at straws comes to mind and ******* clueless.
  5. Just go to their profile and select ignore user.
  6. She was great in Bodyguard.
  7. Dear Steven. Having digested your letter and considered the various options for you, I have come to the conclusion that, you can only really trust yourself. That said, you should continue masturbation at every opportunity.
  8. Agreed, I think that's why it appears the majority and me included, don't want either cheap option. Rather have someone with a winning mentality and experienced in that process of winning. There are exceptions I know but, the same applies to bringing players in, I'd much rather have players who are used to success, than those used to failing, or not succeeding.
  9. There is an argument that the cheap option you refer to, would cost us dearly in people failing to buy ST's or not turning up for games and spending at the stadium. There's more to making a decision about the goods being put on offer, than the person managing those goods. Consequently, it could have cost a lot more in real cash terms as well as goodwill.
  10. You do know that my statement was a tongue in cheek one, merely highlighting the disparity between how we as football supporters are treated in relation to the superior rugger fellas. Having said that and with the greatest respect to Julie H, who obviously knows more about the law than a mere mortal like myself. She is an enforcer of the law (depending on who you are). She is not a maker of the law, that's the government. And I was just pointing out that the government have made numerous new laws to cope with the Covid situation, as well as relaxing some others during these unprecedented
  11. I refer to my previous statement about other establishments.
  12. Just like any other establishment, they'll want to have every avenue of revenue open wherever possible. Pubs and restaurants do it, shops do it, cafes do it, Gyms and swimming pools do it, public transport. I know they're all limited but, that's what we're talking about here. Limited attendance in the largest spaces possible with lots of fresh air, effectively outdoors but with a roof on.
  13. They've changed legislation on loads of things recently and very quickly. Just need an alteration to state no prosecutions, for doing what rugby fans are allowed to do anyway.
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