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Everything posted by Rich

  1. Steady on with that sort of terminology, "their promotion video". The sad deluded support base will think they're playing in the championship next season.
  2. Major, I agree entirely with you. Our club are a bunch of pussies compared to others who have a different attitude. **** um, I'd rather see a get up and at them attitude where we don't appear inferior to other so called bigger clubs, you're a goal down already with that attitude. I see Brentford as a smaller club, it doesn't seem to give them an inferiority complex, they love playing so called bigger teams off the park. Unfortunately as has been seen with the other posts on here, it's almost as if we're apologetic for competing in the same division as them. It needs a more bullish attitude right through the club. There's no doubt our infrastructure is improving but, we now have to start thinking we are on a level playing field. Ok some clubs have big expensive squads, with that comes other pressures, such as keeping two first teams happy, after all they can only use fourteen players in any one match, the same as us.
  3. Just had a look at his Facebook page. He is indeed a Typical deluded Gashead. Taking the mickey out of AG when we played F C Twente with a picture of the Lansdown stand sparsely populated. What he doesn't say is, that it was only the Dolman which was open that night with an attendance of 5,330, only about 2k off their average home support for league matches. Wouldn't they love that for a pre season friendly? He even thinks the rugby lot had bigger crowds at their lost/stolen spiritual home. As for wrote off all our debt, I've news for them, they haven't, they just transferred the debt to themselves (Dwayne Sports), which might need repaying anytime soon. They were actually in better shape when they stole the rugby ground and started collecting rent from the rugby club but, it started to go downhill pretty soon after that. The Stefan Payne signing went well! I do think he believes this shit, every profile update on his page, features the ground stealers. The thing is, other pillocks of similar intellect will read it and believe it.
  4. You've been following City for a long time then?
  5. Correct, I was being the devils advocate.
  6. Predicting that we're going to struggle picking points up against anyone bar Wigan and Reading, was being positive? We lost to a very poor Reading as well as Wigan mind. I was only being provocative in my original post. I think we're better now than earlier in the season but still struggle when it's the more important games, as we don't create enough.
  7. But we were nailed on for a home win against Ipswich as well.
  8. Being professional in ones assessment of players is prudent, I would have thought. It would seem that buying players, as opposed to scouting and picking them up for nothing is the route our club has taken and is yet to really bare any fruit, for that level of investment. Seems strange that very few of our relatively big money young signings have actually got anywhere near the first team. Those that did, went in as part of the squad virtually straight away, Patterson, O'Dowda, Brownhill, Elliason is one that is gradually breaking through, Walsh is one where the jury is out. The majority of those gamble signings seem nowhere near and in danger of being offloaded permanently.
  9. He's not the gas manager you know. Ok he's not had unlimited funds but, he's been backed by the owner more than any manager in our history, even taking inflation into account. Marquee signings, for us = Fammy, Baker, Webster and the money wasted on players not making an impact or, so say bought for the future and still to make an impression, is not a small figure either. It's how it's been spent not on whom. We could have invested in recruitment for finding younger players and not spunked out millions on nearly old/good enough players and instead spent on the first team. Just because other teams have spent more on strikers, doesn't mean he hasn't been well supported. Evidently we had deals agreed for top strikers as well, which would have been marquee signings.
  10. Limited resources, really?
  11. Rich

    The Kiwi keeper

    I was referring to your statement : "and he had a game affected simply by nerves". I was pointing out that other factors were at play.
  12. Rich

    The Kiwi keeper

    Not just nerves, terrible conditions. The infamous punch! I watched the flight of the ball on replay a few times and his timing was correct to meet the flight of the ball, unfortunately, the ball moved a little right at the death because of the wind and he ended up slightly more underneath it than he seemed to have planned for. He punched the ball straight upwards from about the six yard line, from where I was sitting we were lucky the lino never gave a corner as Fammy hooked the ball clear from behind the line. So, because of the wind, the ball travelled backwards about 7 yards, not easy conditions. Not over protecting him, as anyone is fair game for criticism, just pointing out other factors to make a more accurate assessment.
  13. Can someone explain why the non development of the training ground is somehow linked to the non development of the new stadium? If you wanted to progress as a club, regardless of the whereabouts of the pie in the sky new stadium, which according to Wael is not linked, why would you not start by improving your playing side by providing better facilities to help develop the playing side, especially as you already own the land? Probably because they have other plans for that land, along with the rugby ground. Sorry but, the BBC have once more given this person an easy ride, instead of pressing him for definite answers, shows how cosy BRFC are with the local media. Could you imagine the time a representative of BCFC would have, if he/she were giving out so much bullshit. Having said that, long may it continue with the ever diminishing threat from the dark side of town plainly obvious for all to see, apart from the deluded blue few.
  14. Rich

    The Kiwi keeper

    Actually a higher regular level than the other option we have. Unfortunately Max is a shrinking violet when it comes to getting down and dirty regards having the desire to stop the ball going in the net. I've seen enough of him to know that he's quite confident with the ball at his feet, the other parts of the goal keepers skills come naturally to some and some have to learn them, he is still in the learning camp. He's played only seven games for us where results aren't too impressive, we've won two drawn one but lost four. I don't think Max is particularly brave, so is more likely to stay on his line than risk getting too close to the striker, two goals have been scored against him at the South Stand goal where he could and should have come out and at least narrowed the angle, the most recent being against Leeds where he should have dived forward to cut out the header across goal, or come forward to narrow the angle, he decided to jump up in the air like a startled kitten. The other was against Stoke, where the bloke had time to bring the ball down on his chest on the six yard line and volley past Max as he stood on his line. I don't think either of the other three keepers would have been as slow in putting their bodies at risk to stop a goal bound attempt. So, rather than write the bigger keeper off straight away, I'm prepared to give him a chance, as I'm very sure that Max aint up to the task of being a 1st team goalie just yet.
  15. Rich

    The Kiwi keeper

    Started watching the same time as me then. You are of course entitled to your opinion, which is based on one match, played in very blustery conditions, in a new team, a new league and put under pressure by under hit passes and quickly closed down by the opposition.
  16. Rich

    The Kiwi keeper

    Three slow bouncing back passes and each closed down quickly by an Ipswich player and a punch out which went straight up in the air. The wind had got worse in the second half so kicking was affected by the wind especially when hurried. We never closed their keeper down, or put him under the same pressure to test him in those conditions. I'll reserve judgement and give him a chance, you don't play at the level he has by being a donkey. He needs to sharpen up pretty quickly though.
  17. Rich

    The Kiwi keeper

    I'll make a comparison. Max won't come off his line when the ball is about to reach an opposition player near to goal. Marinovic seems to like a tackle and comes to collect or kick, even if he's lacking a little pace at the moment. He seems to have the more natural ability desire needed to play in goal. Of course, I could be wrong and that's as good as it gets, I doubt that though.
  18. It's a spade with a D handle, instead of a spate with a T handle. Lanes dictionary extraordinaire
  19. Let's be positive, I'll start. His first game at championship level which is frenetic. This was his first game in months, cut him some slack His kicking was bad but, it was into the wind and others (remember Webster) misplaced passes all night and they didn't have to kick into the wind every time. Ipswich new he'd be a little slow, so closed down really quickly. So many times they reached him as he received the ball. Our players never helped him by playing too slow, or too fast passes back to him. His first touch was bad on two/three occasions, others he was fine, he'll get quicker. His catching was ok and he pulled of some good saves and one very good save. I predict he'll turn into a very good signing for us. Be positive.
  20. The singing section is in the corner, the noise created travels onto the pitch and away from the Dolman stand. The away support by nature is made up of people that are more fanatical about their team, so travel to away games and because of their enthusiasm, make more noise. Home support is a mixed bag of people, not all of the same ilk, some will sing or shout encouragement, others will applaud. I sit in the Lansdown and hear singing from S82, occasionally the Dolman and regularly the South Stand, rarely the Lansdown as I'm singing/shouting when we are pressing as a team. When it's a good game more people enjoy it and join in creating a better atmosphere. How long have you been attending football now? It's not just acoustics, though they can play a part. Equally those singing/making a noise, don't hear others making a noise or singing, because they can't hear them over the noise they and people around them are making. In conclusion, our fans appear more reactive than proactive but, create a decent enough atmosphere when the team are playing well. It goes hand in hand. Put on a good show and the fans react likewise.
  21. Should your user name be Hardy?
  22. Ok, so you say you count your form as a whole, but, you haven't. You are only counting the form from when Coughlin took over and saying you're in play off form while discounting preceding results. If you are counting form as a whole, your form is shyte and not play off form. Your form through Jan and Feb was shyte, March was good. You can't have both, claiming you're in play off form, then claiming form is as the whole sum. You are essentially saying, "ignore the bad results" we're in good form. Coughlin was appointed manager and it was a honeymoon period when he took over, new man in charge, new ideas and the stigma and negativity of the previous boss removed. It's not just when someone gets appointed from outside, many coaches have been handed the role as manager on a temporary basis, followed by doing well initially, then falling short when appointed permanently. Your new saviour will now be a marked man, along with the supply to him. If that's negated keep your fingers crossed.
  23. Rich

    Oh dear

    Equally, it's surprising what one player can do for a team. Just imagine if we could have added one of, a top class striker, a good keeper, or a dominant goal scoring midfielder.
  24. Rich

    Oh dear

    "Yeah, we only have Kelly, Wright, Baker, Vyner and Moore who can step up". Is what you said. Implying that any of those could "step up" as you put it without having a negative effect. I'm saying that even with those players, plus Pisano (who might depart anyway) and Hunt, we'd be weaker at CB. I'm not nit picking, just pointing out how good Kalas is, in my opinion, and he'd be very hard to replace, should we miss out on him.
  25. This is too many posts to reply to. You claim you've been in good form, but seem to think that poor results should be ignored as you've got other good results. When it comes to form, it's only results that count. So as I said, hope that your form in the honeymoon period (December) and March keep up, as in between those months, January and February your form was poor. You seem to have found a scorer, where was he in Jan/Feb? Lets see how the next two months pan out with the special attention he'll now get.
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