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  1. Pretty mad why so many people seem so shocked no new kit yet, I’d be surprised if our deal with Mansion Bet allows us to wear or sell a new kit/sponsor before our contract end date which I assume would be following play off final dates, would be surprised is contracts were based on play off dates with sponsors etc regardless of club etc.
  2. McCallistee is here most weeks often 3 of last 5 home games been speaker in Heineken lounge hospitality wouldn’t read anything into it.
  3. My question also. It always used to include away fans when they used to do this ore Covid. Also agree that if this 20k does include 2.4K away fans it isn’t great/anything to shout about. It it doesn’t include then this is decent and will mean 23k by the day.
  4. I have this feeling we may see Candy and/or Williams start at the weekend especially with Cundy not playing the u23 game last night.
  5. I’d be amazed if part of the transfer agreement didn’t see us get some type of payment if he was selected for the England squad/played? I’ve not just dreamed that up have i? That, that can be part of an agreement?
  6. Are we expecting a decent crowd? Just had a quick look at availability and not as many left as I’d have thought. Dolman 1,200 Lower Lansdown 690 Upper Lansdown 430 (all blocks on sale) Total home tickets left 2,230 Cardiff have sold 3,000 26,500 With around 1,000 empty Atyeo seats that’s 25,500 and deducting remaining that’s 23,270 sold with 4/5 days left to go! Could be largest home gate for a while (appreciate not all season ticket holders will be in attendance).
  7. It’s not just Millwall, Huddersfield at home we had the game stopped for bottles being thrown from S82 and there was also a racist incident in the Lansdown. Bottles were also thrown at Charlie Austin in the QPR match during his over the top goal celebration.
  8. Your issue here is you’re already thinking about play off push! That won’t be this season or next it’s about comfortable mid table this year, the hope of breaking the top 10 next season and then a possible push in 22/23 season.
  9. There was a post yesterday that for me thinking about Nige & his influence for me it feels like there are signs it’s on the up he seems more relaxed and confident in interviews, the players over the last 5/6 weeks seem to have improved desire, commitment and understand the expectation bar Sheff Utd away. I do feel like there are some green shoots of small steps forward. I then started to think why might this be? Initially I thought maybe Nige is and hopefully feeling better following his illness he has more energy and passion for the role which led me into thinking what else has changed… the coaching staff there are fewer with Downing & Simpson now gone maybe he’s starting to become his own man, more involved in the coaching?! He has to be surely? Less voices for the players to hear one constant and steady view. He’s also now fully in control of managing upwards. I thought I’d look at the stats with and without the now departed coaches and as expected some positive signs especially when you consider it’s early days without them the main highlights are below, With Simpson & Downing, P 14 W4 D4 L6 - points 16 ave Pts per game = 1.14 Win rate 28% Goals for 15 average goals for per game 1.07. Goals against 22 ave per game 1.57 Without Simpson & Downing P11 W4 D2 L5 points 14 ave pts per game 1.27 win rate 38% Goals for 15 ave per game = 1.36 Goals against 15 ave per game = 1.54 Overall, We’ve found a way of increasing our ave pts per game, our average goals scored and slightly improved our ave goals against so certainly and improved balance of not conceding any more than before but scoring and creating more. In essence we’ve turned what may have been a few draws previously into wins since their departure and draw on average less. Over a season that’s an extra 12 -14 points. Whilst in recent games we’ve also had improved possession stats (from memory) I haven’t gone through this game by game but have noticed post game that shots and possession are improved certainly feels like progress. Hopefully this momentum continues over as perusing of games and we can secure a position of 12th-14th by end of the season which for me would be a decent effort give the circumstances.
  10. I agree last 4/5 weeks he’s seemed much more into it (the job) he seems more attached and also I see a growing confidence, he also appears more relaxed, we maybe starting to see the real Nige he’s hopefully shrugged off his health problems he seems to be growing into his position as he understands more about the players and the position the club is in. I’m beginning to see signs of a plan and some patterns of play. I think we will continue to pick up points in pockets along with the odd dodgy 45 minutes and a disappointing loss along the way. But the shoots are there, the players seem more committed and comfortable with what they’re being asked to do. We’re also starting to see some strong management he clearly knows and has made decisions around some of the playing staff and is sticking to them Palmer, JD and Wells. The dropping of Bentley e (that was a shock) and Martin (to date hasn't hampered us). He’s also for me making better substitutions right players on/off (people will argue he got it wrong to start yesterday, maybe he did, if he did he put his hands up and changed it, that’s good management. He’s also not been frightened to expose the youngsters and give them confidence and a platform. Yesterday was maybe one too many but the example yesterday was he kept Scott on he wasn’t having a bad game neither was he setting the world alight but when he’s on there’s always that chance he may pull something of the bag surely this will give Scott huge confidence. Towler & Benarous will have learned from yesterday no question. my confidence and trust in NP is growing we’re now creating more (appreciate we’re struggling to keep a clean sheet) something he admitted yesterday it’s just about finding that balance. We’re told that there is a 3 year plan for me this season is year one, last season didn’t count, inherited a squad low on confidence he was understanding that and also the club set up and stakeholders all whilst not being 100% health wise and hames being played behind locked doors let’s not forget that until recently he was also using someone else’s coaches in Simpson & Downing. If we can end well and finish around 11th or 12th even 13th or 14th for me that’s good progress and gives us something to build on in 21/22 and an aim to break into the top 10 and then further push on. In Nige we trust.
  11. Thought he played his role well today, did what he’s being asked to do well. Pearson singled him out for praise after match.
  12. Take out our best player tonight COD?
  13. Might think I’m crazy but can’t be any worse. Need to be solid and include our best defenders regardless. Simpson & Vyner shouldn’t be anywhere near this squad. Tanner needs a rest too much too soon but promise. RB - Kalas LB - Pring CB - Atkinson CB - Baker (if fit) Across the middle id go RW - Wiemann (not idea) CM - James CM - HNM LW - COD ST - Wells ST- Britton ( if not Scott in the hole) solid 442 pace on flanks, 4 strongest defenders/players. Britton to put it about Wells through middle running channels. Naturally when fully fit this wouldn’t be the starting 11. What’s to lose.
  14. If fit on Saturday I’d defiantly start hun left back. Not a clue who I’d play RB Tanner has promise, needs a rest while Simpson & Vyner shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad let alone the starting 11.
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