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  1. You shouldn’t have too, it’s a 3 year plan meaning it should get better year on year it won’t suddenly get to 3 and shite becomes great overnight. We’ve got more intent, more commitment and some patterns of play at periods in the game. The main thing is we’re collecting points and not losing each week so a 15th place finish would be progress. its going to be a long ride but if we stick with Nige and then in 18-24 months we have 11 NP players we should be ok.
  2. Shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad let alone the team. League one player same as Taylor Moore. Hopefully the new lad can settle in.
  3. Thanks tried that and still doesn’t show them for me!
  4. I thought the atmosphere was pretty poor yesterday apart from pre game in the concourse where it was electric S82 we’re on good form for spells but the volume wasn’t great and majority of rest of the ground seemed very quiet.
  5. Where can we see a list of attendances from yesterday’s games? I’ve looked high and low.
  6. Very clear that Baker & Atkinson are his main centre back pairing. Also speaking highly of the presence and influence of Bentley, Wiemann and Chris Martin big positive personalities alongside James and King.
  7. I agree I’d like to see Massengo there that said Palmer has been very sharp in pre season. Whilst AS not fit I think we’d have to play COD there for some natural pace.
  8. In our first league match if we go with Pearson’s preferred 4-2-3-1? I’m truly struggling to get the right balance?!
  9. Completely agree said exactly the same after the game both were poor today and looked uncomfortable.
  10. Let’s not forgot our lads have been flogged for 5 days in this heat double sessions etc. im sure Pompey have worked hard but maybe not had a 5 day period like us.
  11. Spoke to someone at the Gate last week about the Atyeo 100% no plans to expand or redevelop for a number of reasons. There is not much demand for stadiums between 30-38k it’s either sub 30k or 40k plus. The club see no point in improving away fan facilities unless we’re establish premiership club and regularly selling out current. I’m teens if non sports concerts etc it’s it’s either up to 30k or over 40k in demand.
  12. £15.8m for the city training ground. 100% accurate.
  13. Naggy was very good? We on about today? He was dreadful one of if not his worst appearances in a city shirt!
  14. Ah my bad I had that as 1-0 us in my head.
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