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  1. Enjoy the JB circus as Chief Clown, Judas (Who ate all the custard pies).
  2. No, the vandal took care of the CCTV before he daubed that horribly offensive slogan on the wall - it only shows Babestation now.
  3. They don’t like them because they always score against them - last season it was almost comical how many of our former players stuck the knife into them.
  4. Havant and Waterlooville 0 Haven’t a Clue Quarter Vile 0
  5. This is an essential service for us furriners, and long May it continue. Obviously given the pandemic most City fans were introduced to RobinsTV relatively recently; for those of us who’ve been relying on it from its inception in 2017 it is night and day the quality of coverage from four years ago. initially there was no commentary, no score or time elapsed on screen and the camera work was rubbish. I’m really hoping they’ve got new adverts this year though - if I have to see that Thatcher’s Hot Air Balloon or Yeo Valley advert one more time…
  6. I noticed that as well - the majority of the comments I’ve seen from that lot are skewering the club. I did see one FB comment though of the “gET bEHIND hIM FTG” variety, and comparing JB to the Birmingham Six.
  7. Would love to know the topic of conversation that set him off. Did someone ask him if he was looking forward to visiting Gander Green Lane? A fellow partygoer say, “Let’s kick this shindig up a few notches” and whip out the chewing tobacco? or, given it refers to a “family-related matter”, did he just wish to demonstrate that the Gash are an honest-to-goodness family club? Enquiring minds wish to know.
  8. Yes, always found the combined hooligan firm amusing. There was slight remnants of the Dundee Protestant / United Catholic schism as I’d occasionally see Dundee fans with Union flags although as you say nowhere near on the same scale. That 17th Century nonsense isn’t ingrained into the culture there like it is in the (West) Central Belt.
  9. I lived on Tayside for a while in the late 1980s and adopted Dundee as my Scottish team. United were by far the better side then, and had gotten to the UEFA Cup final the previous season. Can’t recall why we chose Dundee but the derbies were always interesting games. The grounds being so close together the crowds were usually about 50/50 at Dens and about 60/40 at Tannadice in terms of support. It was a fairly tepid rivalry compared to the Old Firm or even I’d say the Bristol Derby. Attended countless of these matches given they’d meet four times per season in the league and kept drawing each other in one or other of the cups too, and never saw anything approaching trouble - pretty remarkable as especially in the main stand at Dens you’d have rival supporters sat cheek by jowl.
  10. Problems with the videolink - apparently suddenly Stendel’s image vanished from the screen and Babestation came on instead.
  11. Where did the Gastards finish?
  12. Magnifique. A lot of hard work head, but if anyone can turn this ship around it’s Mr. Pearson. Onwards and upwards, rather be us than the other putrid lot.
  13. Good to hear, and the fact Pearson hasn’t been quite the revelation we thought in his first couple of months at the club is even more reason to tie him up on a long-term deal IMO, the problems are so deep-seated that it’s going to take some fixing. If only we’d’ve gone for an experienced manager when Cotterill left, we’d be in a much better place than we are now and have avoided so many daft decisions. One or two have their doubts about Pearson, but I’ve yet to hear them come up with anything approaching a sensible alternative.
  14. I don’t know what’s worse, watching this capitulation or listening to RobinsTV try to put a positive spin on this utter mince.
  15. It’s either a mischievous “Ted”; in which case it is very clever. Or it’s a genuine Gastard who is so delusional they are making me cry with laughter so much that the tears are running down me trouser legs...
  16. Take a bow, Messrs Widdrington and Starnes. Occupy your rightful places in the FTG Hall of Fame alongside Colin Daniel, Matty Taylor and Peter Beadle.
  17. I love how the scum, overdrawn and quartered are hanging on Jaily Birdon’s every word. Hilarious that they are all putting those three letters at the end of their posts (no point in me writing it as the OTIB filter corrects it to what it should be) when the Gash have literally just done the opposite of “Up”.
  18. As much as things have gotten progressively worse at the Gate since his departure, his teams blowing a comfortable lead are a spooky reminder of one of the reasons patience ran out with him here.
  19. I’m actually (pleasantly) surprised that they succumbed without nary a whimper. I felt sure they’d pull a result from somewhere this afternoon and, if not take it to the final day, then at least make us sweat until 5pm this afternoon. Thank flip for them; it’s literally the only thing that has put a smile on our faces during this grimmest of seasons.
  21. My condolences to all his friends and family. I didn’t know him personally, but OTIK’s posts on here were always a good read. Hope him and Norman Hunter are enjoying a scrumpy and a chat about the old days on the other side.
  22. Have you got some chewing tobacco handy for Saturday?
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