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  1. with his below quote you know he will always give 100%, I don't think his family will let him off the hook if he doesn't there has to be a "hes one of our own" songs for him this season. "I've absolutely loved every minute of it being back in England playing in a competition I know and at a club that means so much to me as well. I've got a smile on my face. Even my wife at home says, 'I've never seen you so happy' and stuff."
  2. Not heard that one, how does that go?
  3. If they players win then its on hard work and merit, nothing to do with brexit, as an English football fan of course I want them to win. From a brexit perspective (as you brought it up) i would imagine both leavers and remainers will be behind England in equal measure. With regards your xenophobic comment I voted remain but know plenty who voted to leave and are some of the least xenophobic you could hope to meet and your comment is pretty insulting to those who through a democratic vote chose to leave.
  4. My wife is recovering after op for bone cancer in Feb and getting back on her feet, you can get through it paul! Get well soon.
  5. To be fair thats against world class players who play for some of the best clubs on the planet. To go toe to toe with them and get a 10/10 performance isn't too shabby.
  6. Winning the euros would make gas fans happy too. I'll go with city for promotion.
  7. Don't have enough likes for this picture.
  8. I thought that's how you get your porn star name?
  9. About 1983, one of my early memories was alan Walsh seemed to score every time we had a free kick
  10. I agree with all that, but that statue....
  11. Started as centre back in Bristol and district Saturday league, then switched to centre forward in Sunday league.
  12. If we can sign sherman then we might even end up challengers.
  13. Just leave junior alone with this game
  14. Anyone else getting issues with pre match pausing constantly on robins tv?
  15. Tbf you try counting to 5 when you have 6 fingers.
  16. Just a thought, if all 6 get busted down to conference with only 2 up 2 of the teams will be there longer than the gas were and be stuck for 3 years, imagine the revenue for the lower leagues.
  17. They do play in quarters so you think they would be good at fractions.
  18. I would love Netflix to do a fly on wall documentary on rovers next season. It could be amazing entertainment.
  19. Could the 6th richest club step in now to save the esl?
  20. Tonights news has cheered me right up, had my first jab at the gate today too.
  21. I think this yime its gone too far though, there has to be huge punishments for the clubs who have done this including relegation.
  22. Normally i agree but with only 2 areas in England and wales benefiting from this to the detriment of the rest im not sure the government can sit back on this, far too many upset voters for them not to act.
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