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  1. There was one food/drink outlet with no vegetarian options I was disappointed that no season ticket discount but burger was OK, parking was good in qeh next door which is a 2 min walk. The view was very good and you could sit or stand around half the pitch.
  2. Caught in possession far too often rather than playing simple ball has cost the half lewes playing diagonal ball which we are struggling to deal with
  3. Not a big thing but you would expect your season ticket discount to work at the high performance centre as well as Ashton Gate. It doesn't.
  4. Decided to go to game today, its really hot with stand in full sun.
  5. True, for me the more shocking fact is that no english manager has ever one the prem.
  6. Thing is with bartons two legal battles coming up I doubt they can afford to sack him unless he is convicted in o e 9f them and they can go for gross misconduct. I think they are in a much bigger mess than everyone realises.
  7. 3rd from bottom but two points from bottom
  8. Robins tv has frozen, if they want our money then the need to fix this as its like watching a dodgy stream.
  9. I noticed someone threw part of a pasty or pie at the Blackpool keeper (who was a total knob) thankfully a seagull stole the evidence.
  10. I had one too, didn't notice the sticker but still here
  11. With our awful run last season we had several key players out who have now returned, they will feel like new signings,I'm more optimistic than most and I we can get another forward then can see a top 10 finish, if we can keep players from injury.
  12. Must admit when I saw the title thread I was half expecting a new statement had been given out on the gas website.
  13. Remember going down city with my dad who was getting tickets for Wembley (freight rover?) And Terry Cooper was behind the desk selling tickets. I was too young to really understand but my dad was over the moon as one of his heroes. RIP
  14. Of course Barton is innocent until proven guilty which doesn't stop me having a very low opinion of him but there needs to be some serious questions asked at rovers to release a statement like that? With the press who are reporting on the rovers statement are omitting parts of the statement for legal reasons such as itv below, will thier statement leave them in a precarious legal position? https://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2021-07-27/rovers-joey-barton-will-not-lead-team-at-pre-season-game-after-assault-charge https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-rovers-release-statement-after-5702864 Refuge have also spoken out about their statement https://www.refuge.org.uk/refuge-statement-on-joey-bartons-court-appearance/
  15. with his below quote you know he will always give 100%, I don't think his family will let him off the hook if he doesn't there has to be a "hes one of our own" songs for him this season. "I've absolutely loved every minute of it being back in England playing in a competition I know and at a club that means so much to me as well. I've got a smile on my face. Even my wife at home says, 'I've never seen you so happy' and stuff."
  16. Not heard that one, how does that go?
  17. If they players win then its on hard work and merit, nothing to do with brexit, as an English football fan of course I want them to win. From a brexit perspective (as you brought it up) i would imagine both leavers and remainers will be behind England in equal measure. With regards your xenophobic comment I voted remain but know plenty who voted to leave and are some of the least xenophobic you could hope to meet and your comment is pretty insulting to those who through a democratic vote chose to leave.
  18. My wife is recovering after op for bone cancer in Feb and getting back on her feet, you can get through it paul! Get well soon.
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