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  1. They should get booted out of ghe prem have to reapply to renter Football pyamid like rangers did for starters if even allowed to compete again. Booted out of all competitions which for arsenal and spurs who have the gall to consider thmselves as football elite is a joke. Its a clear breach of fa an uefa rules. Its far more dangerous to the game not to do anything as football chairman will be queing up to sue for damages and these clubs will effectivly rule football. You only have to look at our 2 main domestic cups where one is a league only closed shop and is shite. The fa cup however is a far better tournament band all the better that a club like yate town can dream of getting to Wembley or pkaying a prem team. Barcelona have an easy way our btw as this was negotiated by their previous chairman so they can blame him and backtrack.
  2. Makes you wonder what all the other chairman think of this, as it stands every championship club is 100 or so matches from champions League and invest with that goal as thier ultimate aim. With thus becoming a closed shop to teams whovseem to think they have a god given right not go have to qualify like every nother team ir face relegation if they under perform. I agreee This is why they have to be booted out. If fifa stand firm this will end up with old has beens who have retired from international football. I would rather go down the mem and watch the gas than give a single penny to these 6 clubs.
  3. If they press ahead then they have to be kicked out of prem, otherwise they will start dictating to the prem and fa what cups to play and wanting to move fixtures to accommodate thier "super League" If they do go there is an opportunity to reset the prem and a return to a proper competative prem which without those 6 teams will be much more competitive and representative. The fa have to have the guts to eject them from the prem though.
  4. Not sure what point kier starmer is making saying it ends with fans becoming spectators. Labour leader Keir Starmer said the clubs involved should "rethink immediately" or "face the consequences of their actions". "This proposal risks shutting the door on fans for good, reducing them to mere spectators and consumers," he said
  5. Does that mean we win the fa cup if man u lose thier titles? Edit: just to add they must be looking at other markets for mobey like the usa etc as i think most british, italian and spanish fans will boycott this in favor of domestic leagues. If they cone back grovellingbto the fa when it fails they should only allowed back be right at the bottom of the football pyramid.
  6. Some of the interviews And questions for nige remind me of an alan partidge interview when he was on radio (skip to 6:23)
  7. Its so one sided its boring.
  8. I was thinking that sort of level.
  9. Where would san marino sit in the fa football pyramid?
  10. Im assuming that itv are using crowd noises from pre covid England games at Wembley judging by the silence.
  11. Those buildings to the right look wierd how they stop at the boundry.
  12. I think the learning point from that game is how easily we were getting pulled out of position leaving gaps for Blackburn. Pleased with the point and we didnt send quite so many bad passes up the pitch, plenty of work to do though
  13. Im against advertising gambling but surely with the mem about a mile from south glous bus stops can be decorated a further up filton road and all over kinsgswood and downend? Also where is the line if city advertise the club and the poster has city players in kit is that deemed gambling ad due to thier shirts sponser?
  14. Has anyone else noticed how downsy always answers anything with "good stuff" no matter what they say.
  15. Swansea look good but thier constant diving is awfull.
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