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  1. Im against advertising gambling but surely with the mem about a mile from south glous bus stops can be decorated a further up filton road and all over kinsgswood and downend? Also where is the line if city advertise the club and the poster has city players in kit is that deemed gambling ad due to thier shirts sponser?
  2. Has anyone else noticed how downsy always answers anything with "good stuff" no matter what they say.
  3. Swansea look good but thier constant diving is awfull.
  4. Ill be paying to watch todays game, first time ive been minded to for ages. 5:45pm will be very interesting on this forum today.
  5. My take away from the interview was how many times he used the word "we" he came across like he had been here for much longer than just a few hours. I thought he made it very clear that he was part of the club very well.
  6. Another option, Walk by the foo fighters, great pickup.
  7. Do you think pre match he walked into the changing room with the wolfs eyeballs put them down and said ill see you at half time?
  8. There is a simple mod you can do to the tv port on ghem to make it composite and work on modern tv.
  9. Gutted at the result but my wife has just had a successful operation today to treat bone cancer on her hip joint so even city cant get me down today.
  10. We seem too soft of late and other teams are pulling out players all over the place with better movement and out lack of discipline. Constantly rewarding players out of form by picking them week in week out isnt helping either. Of course injurys have crippled us this season but we dont help ourselves either.
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