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  1. We should test if he reads OTIB and see if he can drop something in 2nd half
  2. Thais match is like a wet dream for Jonathan pearce. He normally only gets to mention city once or twice a match
  3. Both of them were owned by the city defence.
  4. Thanks for sharing, it looks like he has learned to channel his aggression, reminds me of shaun Taylor.
  5. Tozer looks class for Cheltenham
  6. Great vid but is it just me where it sounds like Mr punch doing the commentary?
  7. Anyone want lotto numbers for my new prediction?
  8. Not sure what you are watching on but I find ms Edge much better than chrome
  9. Good luck to him, if he can stop over thinking the opposition and playing players out of position then he could do a good job for them.
  10. Several players can build on that 2nd half performance, COD was immense, brunt had a much better 2nd half.
  11. We need some fresh legs on pitch, much better 2nd half from all.
  12. He was a great player for west brom, seems to be content to be a passenger this season.
  13. I would sub a forward now, we look far too light in the middle
  14. Can imagine post game the manager saying "ffs Darnell that's not what I meant at half time when I said I wanted to see a decent tackle!"
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