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  1. I've found its much more stable on my win 10 desktop in edge browser rather than Chrome which constantly buffers.
  2. Dunno where their heads are tonight but not on the game.
  3. I would sub a forward for brunt of odowda as being overrun currently
  4. To me he looked like he felt it just before the tackle
  5. Hopefully, maybe carrying a knock? Looks off the pace so far
  6. Mine kept freezing on Chrome first half, switched to edge and logged back on and now fine
  7. I can't imagine all fans of these teams being too pleased with this either. If this happens I assume that it will spell the end of the euro cups as well? With all the clubs in London or lancashire the rest of the country's supporters won't take kindly to this. Looking at redcafe they don't like the idea either.
  8. i just purchased the game on robins TV and the paypal screen tried selling me a credit card which i didnt want, i cancelled and paid on robins tv via my debit card but have now been charged twice. has anyone had similar experience and is refund automatic or do i need to chase for this back? Edit ignore i mailed the help number who have advised they will refund, first thread ive created in ages and good service ruined my moan. Mods please can you delete?
  9. Seriously mate you are embarrassing yourself at the moment.
  10. Misleading angle as both players are in the air
  11. Agree they are there to be hit with the counter.
  12. Refreshed at halftime but started 2 mins later
  13. My dad used to take me to crackers corner hence my user name which got me hooked, I always remember my first match was a midweek game Vs bury late 70s/early 80s where they had 3 away fans and away end (open end corner by dolman) was full of city fans. Also everyone in my school were glory hunting Liverpool fans back in early 80s which was too easy a d wrong unless from liverpool, and as per the new posters on the bus stops state there is only one team in Bristol! Easy choice.
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