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  1. Misleading angle as both players are in the air
  2. Agree they are there to be hit with the counter.
  3. Refreshed at halftime but started 2 mins later
  4. My dad used to take me to crackers corner hence my user name which got me hooked, I always remember my first match was a midweek game Vs bury late 70s/early 80s where they had 3 away fans and away end (open end corner by dolman) was full of city fans. Also everyone in my school were glory hunting Liverpool fans back in early 80s which was too easy a d wrong unless from liverpool, and as per the new posters on the bus stops state there is only one team in Bristol! Easy choice.
  5. Always taken paper ratings with a pinch of salt especially after Twentymans story on the radio the other day from his playing days that the same reporter used to mark him different scores depending on which paper he was writing for.
  6. Apparently we got two spankings when the 27/28 run came to an end so hopefully this current run doesn't match that one, I know we went on a long winning streak of 14 games in 1905 but was that the start of the session or was the 27/28 season our best ever start?
  7. I thought forest looked really good attacking yesterday and were a real test for us and DH. (Thier defence was shite though) Hats off to DH, I was uninspired like most by his appointment but he is looking like a shrewd appointment with a great record so far with a great looking backroom to support him. COYR!
  8. And we all remember how that went.
  9. Fair play Lyle Taylor if hair colour for cancer awareness.
  10. Did tinman just say that Chris Martin pulls people off well?
  11. im probably wrong and hands up if so but i was sure he started a game, apologies if incorrect .
  12. i thought COD looked decent under DH last season, will be intresting to see how he performs in the current team.
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