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  1. Sounds very, very familiar to our recent CEO/footballing mastermind doesn’t it
  2. Hard to say when you factor in how completely negative we were . Italy deserves the cup tonight but I think that is on us not the Italian cbs
  3. Did a great job getting them promoted that year despite losing £50m in the process and having that super agent getting them players that should never of been playing at that level when has football ever been fair though.
  4. Jesus Christ! I bloody hope so!!
  5. Strange. Can’t think of anyone better to get them back up again.
  6. We haven’t had a manager for 5 years who had a clearly defined and settled formation/ strategy of their own. Let alone worrying about tactics changing when managers change.
  7. Our results have exceeded performances for years. I was never convinced by LJs brand of busy bee football bar the 6 month high press when we beat Utd etc etc and how the hell we stayed up this season I’ll never know. We were the worst side in the league from December onwards by a country mile.
  8. Maybe he wasn’t interested in resigning for us and wanted to move on. Just because he had been ‘released’ doesn’t tell us everything!! We might of offered him terms.
  9. To be fair to them they’ve have pretty much been writing their own rules for years and nothing’s stuck to them before.
  10. Hard to say. With this current side we would of been lower mid table at best in league one. But there was always going to be an opportunity for change this summer so with that in mind and our ability to attract the better players at that level and pay higher wages than most I would of fancied us to be in the mix.
  11. I loathe Ashton but I can’t see this
  12. About evens now you have started a thread on it
  13. The only thing English about the premier league is it’s location. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that was to change at some stage, maybe not in my lifetime but one day. it’s not just English clubs though, how many Frenchmen played for PSG last night and how many Spanish for real? Not many I expect.
  14. What earth shattering revelations from this player next?? The earth is round?? Mark Ashton is a fraud? Is it going to get to dark tonight?? tell us something we don’t know FFS.
  15. I remember one game v sheff Utd under GJ at home when Saborio equalised for us to make it 2.2 in about the 93rd minute and literally straight from the restart they scored to make it 2.3 . Absolute sickener. dariuz Henderson I think it was. Fontaine at fault but I may be wrong.
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