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  1. I know where you are coming from but we’ve been on the end of some shocking refereeing decisions as well mind so it is a valid counter argument that we should have another 6 or 7 points at least in the bag.
  2. Jacki would testify allegedly
  3. Would of been brilliant here. When the gate is hostile we are unstoppable. think the atmosphere when we played Swindon at home under cottrell and they were sent packing, imagine that most weeks. He would of got the place going but lansdown wants his nice characters and that doesn’t make for success in this game.
  4. If he shows the same poor application as fam did last few months he’ll more than deserve it
  5. Everything that’s wrong with football and the reasons I’ve fallen out of love with it in the last 20 years, all rolled into one club
  6. This all day long. Which is why the over indulgence of Johnson was sickening. To not make the top 6 at least once with the tools he had at his disposal was a failure in my eyes. just like when we overspent when his dad was in charge it means the next few managers have to work on a shoestring as well.
  7. It was shocking wasn’t it. We really need to sort ourselves out defending in and around our own box. If nige can’t sort that out this summer we are in for a horrible season next time around as there probably won’t be anyone with a massive points deduction next year. only the top 4 teams have scored more goals than us this season yet we are in the bottom half of the table with -14 goal difference. Says it all
  8. Glad we won but that last 20 min was absolutely shameful. Not getting tackles in, not tracking runners. Utter joke. Could of easily drawn that and given reading were abject for 70 minutes and there for a hiding that would of been our most gutless surrender this season and there have been a few. sheer luck on part they didn’t equalise at the end
  9. Can’t say I share that sentiment. plymouth , whilst not a derby on my book are still rivals who we have had our dust ups with down the years. A proper club though so respect for that. bournemouth however, not even West Country, shit club, cheated their way (ffp didn’t apply to their sandbanks oligarch) to the prem and now basking in parachute payments. Prime example of everything wrong with modern day football for me.
  10. Indeed it does. Special prize for anyone who can guess the shared surname of the managers who were indulged to such an extent to create the current and last financial apocalypses.
  11. Massive cheer when Andre Bikey stamped on him in front of the dolman
  12. What makes you say that kid? Lansdown selling up is complicated by the whole Bristol sport model I reckon, unless he sells the whole lot! Possible.
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