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  1. milo1111


    Feels like that doesn’t it. You have to laugh or you’ll cry has never been more apt.
  2. Lucky you. The link to mine in IOS wouldn’t work so I had queue at the ticket office. Woman who served me said a few people had the same issue today. Bit annoying, could only manage 1 pre match pint instead of 2
  3. Anyone had any problems using the mobile ticket option for iOS??? Im clicking on the link In the email from Bristol sport and it’s saying the file can’t be downloaded. I should of known better and selected the print option.
  4. Good job marvellous Marvin Elliot was off the scale that season!!! What a player. Absolute monster in the tackle.
  5. Bit of a myth though isn’t it? Not many teams have one at championship level. Certainly not those outside of the sides contesting the top 6 which we are highly unlikely to be.
  6. I remember Lee Johnson bottling a tackle at the gate with Kalifa Cisse when cisse was at reading. It was pretty embarrassing. Physical mismatch and a half that was.
  7. His Achilles heel. Backing managers with that surname and then judging those that follow with harsher eyes and far less backing . Absolutely ridiculous.
  8. I think we have to look at the marvellous mr Ashton and our superb owners for where we are now. Blame managers all we want but I’m not sure how much influence they had on signings whilst Ashton was here. wev’e messed up the best chance we’ll have for ages last few years. Completed excellent stadium and facilities and a glut of players who we could sell on for hefty fees, vast majority of which Ashton didn’t sign and we squander the lot. We tried to be like Brentford but we’re the exact opposite.
  9. Lansdown is completely culpable in my eyes. He has a mistrust of ‘football people’ IMO but yet saw fit to give the keys to the club to this utter cynt. Give me strength. The guy had far too much influence and on what basis or track record of previous success was this afforded to him? Ridiculous.
  10. When I read the OP i thought this was some sort of parody post but I read the link and WOW just wow. That is absolutely hilarious
  11. RIP TC. Total legend in my eyes. As a kid seeing city win at Wembley was like a thousand Christmas all rolled into one. Such great memories.
  12. Sounds very, very familiar to our recent CEO/footballing mastermind doesn’t it
  13. Hard to say when you factor in how completely negative we were . Italy deserves the cup tonight but I think that is on us not the Italian cbs
  14. Did a great job getting them promoted that year despite losing £50m in the process and having that super agent getting them players that should never of been playing at that level when has football ever been fair though.
  15. Jesus Christ! I bloody hope so!!
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