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  1. Some good tips from my fellow City Fans over the years thanks So - Mrs Markman wants a basic laptop (not phone) where she can shop and email from - it won't be used for games or anything high spec - just shops, gmail and banking etc We just want something that fires up quickly and is easy to use - any suggestions (e.g do we need a lap top or would a fire stick or something do)
  2. Hunting Tigers out in India - BDDDB (as usual)
  3. Noises for the LEG - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
  4. Anyone use this? I have never used it but found a book a wanted - seller seems ok but they have to post it as it is 150 miles away - they have given sort code etc for me to transfer the amount and postage (only about £10) but is this normal on facebook market place? I assume it is buying from seller direct unlike ebay etc?
  5. Saw the Cramps at the Trinity Hall - possibly my favourite gig ever as an aside parking in around the Exchange - anyone know a safe place to park (I don't know as I rarely drive into Bristol if I can avoid it but a mate is heading up from Cornwall to see Follakzoid with me and will be driving (well worth seeing if you don't know them)
  6. digging out some of my old vinyl - bound to be a bit crackly so I am not looking for high end geek kit but it seems you can pay between £40 and £150 for something that looks ok on Amazon anyone got anything cheap and cheerful that sounds ok they can recommend? Cheers
  7. Is there any sensibly cheap way of watching this?
  8. Lee Mac - Would I lie to you?
  9. I love Mousehole - confirm it quick and I will play!
  10. Trouser PRESS - The Bonzo's
  11. with no access to AMC (or whatever channel it is on) - does anyone know if this will be shown anywhere else eventually?
  12. we drove up very early in the morning - nice day out :laugh:
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