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  1. I downloaded this ages ago and there seems to be a conflict around the Swansea game which keeps saying "send and receive error" I tried to delete it and it would let me? Anyone know how I can get this out of the calendar? Thanks
  2. slowly recovering feel like something easy to play on the PC not high tech as doubt my PC will cope but I know there are games where you can potter around solar systems or something and they are FREE (:laugh:) any ideas? Not worried about interacting with others just pottering about a bit on me own
  3. Basic level Doxycyline 100mg - 2 first day then a course of 6 - been on the flat earth 60 years and every time I have needed anti b's when reaching this point - seriously scared Xmas Eve how ill I was and on the cusp of Ambulance coming - feeling better today and it is not a co-incidence - try and get some they will help
  4. Ditto - and I have seen the other replies - in the end it was interesting that that my GP and the Daily CoVID contact I have been assigned BOTH said "Yes - you need anti-biotics to help treat this" and already I feel better so I would argue you should try and get some they do help - and if people want to pretend they do nothing then why are they working for both me and my wife with the same lung infection and why would a GP say in the end - "yes - you need them" if they are pointless?
  5. :laugh: - that really is the most sad and pathetic response I could have expected to see - God willing your parents or family don't suffer in the same way - but oh well people are busy if they people die or are hospitalised so what - I suspect my ill health has made me reply because frankly your reply is just a disgrace and insulting and normally I would ignore you for what you are
  6. indeed - but as they said today - this wont shift without them - but we BOTH knew that 10 days ago in which time I have been almost taken into Hospital 3 times - just knew it would happen and sometimes they need to use a bit of common
  7. ok - love em to bits under pressure etc etc I had COVID have had it real bad for 10 or more days now - underlying Asthma and Bronchial Issues - Day 1 of illness told GP I was having the usual endless phlegm cough - only goes in my 60 t=years when I get some anti-biotics. 5 days later same - daily COVID calls and oxygen tests - told sounds like a chest infection I need more - still nothing - yesterday oxygen plummeted told ring Dr urgently today Today - Dr says "I will give you some antibiotics" FFS I knew that10 days ago - why do they drag it out???
  8. Moved house and now have a sky broadband - so lost my old BT broadband one with free Mcafee - keep getting messages about renewing and with my C-19 I am too ill to think I used to use bullguard but do I need to pay anything (I don't mind) but never really got on with AVG free Main message I get is about unsecure provider or something but I seem to have windows defender running quick easy suggestions?
  9. well - I had £20 on Max to win so I thought it was a very satisfactory outcome (for me anyway) (I did watch it and thought Lewis still had it in the bag but duffed his re-overtaking chance)
  10. Markman


    Cheers - thanks - have to say as an emergency option Proton (I think it is Proton not Photon) email was a GREAT shout - dead easy to set up and really easy to navigate - on a basic level it does what I need with options to pay a little and get more should I need to - really good shout thanks
  11. Markman


    One for the people that know computers and email! Somehow I have an obscure email address ending btconnect.com - it is a Business email but I had it 25 years ago, I have no business or even BT Broadband but it still works fine set up in a Microsoft outlook set up which I know and like. I move house next week and worry that it might not be recognised (it might be who knows) but all by paperwork is in there and so if I lose access I will be in a pickle! I am wondering if I should open a gmail account or something and ping what I might need there just in case - but I don't know if gmail or Yahoo or whoever it is is the best alternative email option - any thoughts?
  12. Gentle Giant - another of my obscure but quite liked bands - was playing Octopus only the other day
  13. was it Rival Records in Yate as well?
  14. My brothers and I did World Cups, All the European Leagues, All the English Leagues all with 4 dice - if teams were evenly matched home team rolled 4 dice first half and second half and away team rolled 3 dice - each 6 was a goal, roll 4 "1"s or 3 "1"s then it was an own goal. League below you had either one extra roll home or away first or second half - more than one league (or ranking whatever) you could have 2 or 3 rolls v just 1 of the the weaker team - literally filled tonnes of full scap books with these leagues and tournaments and LOADS of arguments about "cheat" rolls :laugh:
  15. Mine is a 1983-4 version - I now use the tabs and move the teams to cover the grounds I have seen City at - had to make a few new tabs myself and still have 18 or so to knock off
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