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  1. Cecilia - Simon and Garfunkel
  2. Cheers Ziderhead - we were just going to start up at the Village and amble down over the afternoon to meet others around College Green - your line up looks pretty sensible cheers
  3. So if starting at Clifton Village and heading to College Green anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking if starting at the Albion - where next? Cori-Tap (not very far :laugh:) if its open and then a short walk to ...where...key objective wandering down and getting to College Green in 6 - 8 drinks starting about lunch-time
  4. Not the game I saw - first 20 mins we were good - then Italy got a grip - and second half totally bossed us - I watched with me old Mum who knows football but that's about it and her words were "why do the white ones just defend all the time and let the others attack" - we lost the plot (IMHO) I think Italy had us in their pockets after 20 mins and IMHO Gareth did not know what to do - we did well but the best team won - might be 50 years of watching City have damaged my rose tinted glasses (levity)
  5. Better Team won - thought we were poor last night - Italy bossed us for 75 minutes and Gareth did not know how to change things - ET was a bit of a dirge - life goes on
  6. I agree with some of the other posts re this was a dodgy pen. BUT - I have always said we don't want VAR - let the decisions happen and if they are wrong live with it - as I football supporter I can even if it is against my team. If we lose the final to an Italian penalty similar to this one most of our supporters will apoplectic, the media will have a frenzy. we will probably start a war and Boris will send in the Gunboats My point is - we don't need VAR - just accept that decisions sometimes go for you and sometimes they don't - I laughed when we got that Pen - the other way around I would have been furious initially but after 30 seconds I would think - it happens, it is football and I would not want it changed VAR can VAR off - get rid (and I know it has worked quite well during the EUROs I just don't think we should have it) but I do not like diving and it was a bit of a dive - like I said in the Final and against us no-one would say "that's ok"
  7. Stuck £20 on Italy at the start with enhanced odds of 18 - 1 - so if we lose to Italy I might not be too upset (or at least may have some consolation)
  8. Born Bristol = GLOUCESTERSHIRE - boundary changes don't impact on history Can't be anything else even if Zummerset have more success (and unlike with the Gas - I quite like Zummerset but it is always Gloucestershire)
  9. Always had a soft spot for Torquay - they were the first bunch of supporters that I heard at a game chanting "you dirty Northern Bastards" at US :laugh: - some 40 - 50 years ago (Not saying they were the first just the first I heard at a game)
  10. I empathise - just with 3 live games that day I quite fancy a little more atmosphere than at home - bound to find somewhere
  11. so - with C-19 not much chance over the last year to frequent the pubs etc up in Brizzle and of course the 18th is pre the "full unlocking" if that happens. Just wondering about any good places to watch the game with outside screens - any ideas? Score prediction England 2 - 0 Scotland
  12. Funny thing is - we ALL keep saying how great it is to have football back, and fans etc - and yet an honest comment from Red Alligator prompts such a sarcastic retort - of course it isn't what upsets him compared to the issues in the "world" it was a view, right or wrong, about the "all England final" is his comment what upsets you....................... with all the things happening in the world?
  13. Sheff Utd - for some reason one of the 15 grounds I have not seen City play at - not sure why just something always seems to stop me getting there - looking forward to it this time C-19 permitting
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