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  1. Markman


    Blimey - one wonders where this thread is going - different views but I knew (know) some CSF and all the ones I know (apart from enjoying a ruck with a rival firm which some find odd) were/are good people and enjoyable to share a beer with - never looking to impact on innocents/bystanders - I followed City for 45 years, I still don't see it as an inconvenience - yes football had a bad rep but to me at the time and now it was part of the whole experience - I have stood at away games with hundreds/thousands of City away fans when a rumble happened and a chant of CSF went up and pretty much everyone of us applauded and cheered - I did not see many sneering or growling with disdain
  2. Markman


    I have said before - Leicester away - two of us were in the vicinity of the ground and I think they were the "baby squad" or something - they did start to provoke an incident and we were in danger of a bit of a beating - when the CSF arrived (hurrah) and the Baby Squad legged it - I am not condoning anything but still grateful to the CSF to this day. BUT - in my time home and away that is the only time I ever saw it (exception Italy 1980 I think - that was a bit rough at times)...
  3. Wotcher - I know you collect a lot of City stuff - I am moving house and found a load of my original cartoons that used to find a home in the OTIB Fanzine. I know not works of art and I thought shall I keep em, or shred em or - I wonder if NTTDS juts might be interested? If you are ping me an address I can post them to They are of there time but made me giggle once or twice on re-reading Phil (Markman)
  4. same for me - I know no-one likes anything new but I prefer the RED
  5. if some nutcase like that was coming at me at night - the last thing I would have the foresight to do is take a picture? I would be running
  6. Markman


    well - I have always said my musical taste is quite eclectic so I was intrigued by the return of ABBA - although I started as Prog, Blues, Rock, Punk (and most other things bar Jazz) I always kind of doffed my cap to ABBA as they had something from what I have heard the new songs are what they were - but not bad to listen to and probably what the ABBA fans want - any others with thoughts on the "return"
  7. Moving from a non fibre Area to fibre soon. Currently have BT Sport and Broadband through BT - but have to have Sky (all Channels used Sport/Movies/Kids/HD/Multi room) through Sky (don't bother with Netflix) On moving BT say they can do the lot and cheaper - but it seems to be using a box (or two that you can record on) and the NOW App - what on earth is that :laugh: Basically question is does anyone have all the above through BT and is it any good and easy to use? They quote me £100 a month inc phone rental and about 70gb broadband more than fast enough for me
  8. Thanks Phantom - I have tried this unsuccessfully Funny thing is it is only recent stuff - old documents I have stored open fine - I am wondering if I should uninstall the last few windows updates
  9. this is driving me nuts! I am not sure I can link it to the last windows update anyhow my email is a Microsoft Outlook version (not gmail etc) emails work fine and read well BUT - over the last month or two EVERY email that has an attachment (receipts, tickets anything at all) when I go to open the attachment I get a box appear headed select the encoding that makes your document readable - this is on every attachment Now - I can save them and then use adobe or something and they open in a readable format - but if I save them and try and open in word I get the same gobbledygook I have been on-line and can see this is a sort of known issue but I cannot resolve it - any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. I was perhaps one of the few who did not want Mr Pearson - just not sure I like him I still don't think I like him (possibly unfair but based on stuff I read about him and I don't think I would sit and have a pint with him). Agreed, I have not seen much by way of improvement however we have to give him longer than this to turn things around. Many on this forum would have a new manager every 3 months and yet must know that will never work. By Xmas we will know if we are on an upward trend, stagnating or getting worse - it would still be pretty quick but that might be the time to ponder if we are indeed getting worse until then we should all be supporting him and the Team 100% - City till I die
  11. This all seems very un-green. Surely we could cycle to Swanage or Bournemouth or Plymouth (3 days?) then get a Ferry around the coast to Hull (or some other Northern Port) a few days perhaps and then hire a bike up to Smoggytown - another 3 days? Nice and green - possibly healthy, quite expensive and we should have left last week seem to be the only drawbacks...
  12. shouldn't this be in the past few years?
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