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  1. Saw the Cramps at the Trinity Hall - possibly my favourite gig ever as an aside parking in around the Exchange - anyone know a safe place to park (I don't know as I rarely drive into Bristol if I can avoid it but a mate is heading up from Cornwall to see Follakzoid with me and will be driving (well worth seeing if you don't know them)
  2. digging out some of my old vinyl - bound to be a bit crackly so I am not looking for high end geek kit but it seems you can pay between £40 and £150 for something that looks ok on Amazon anyone got anything cheap and cheerful that sounds ok they can recommend? Cheers
  3. Is there any sensibly cheap way of watching this?
  4. Lee Mac - Would I lie to you?
  5. I love Mousehole - confirm it quick and I will play!
  6. Trouser PRESS - The Bonzo's
  7. with no access to AMC (or whatever channel it is on) - does anyone know if this will be shown anywhere else eventually?
  8. we drove up very early in the morning - nice day out :laugh:
  9. Markman


    Ah - but I think that is my point - if your finances are such that you need expert advice you possibly have money to worry about - if you don't have much money does it really matter. I have never earned enough to think I need an expert in financial advice (unless it is free) but a generic bit of feedback might be helpful. My research over the last 2 days indicated end March but then said if you are fed up and want to leave - leave it would matter that much so although I could hang on - I think I might go and risk losing one of my islands
  10. Markman


    just a normal average income no additional tax paid - like you I think worrying about it is for those that have money!
  11. Markman


    paucity of (apologies)
  12. Markman


    does it REALLY matter if you retire mid year, at XMAS or end of Tax Year? If you have no savings and are not in the high income bracket does it really (I don't mean you could save a few hundred quid) matter (i.e. would you lose thousands)? (I appreciate the paucity if information presented here - :laugh:)
  13. Markman

    Kurt Zouma

    see - I would suspend him right now - pending anything else - but society has changed and he will almost certainly be picked to play and his own fans will cheer him
  14. I now have gas and first time ever (good timing as the prices go up and up) anyway I spoke to British Gas and asked how can I roughly work out my gas expenditure. The answer was some sort of mathematical masterpiece! I wondered if anyone knew a simpler way. What I was told was:- 1 Read meter and deduct current reading from the last one - nice and easy so lets say the difference is 50 2 Multiply this by some random figure they gave me which was 1.02264 3 Multiply this by the calorific figure (in my case) 39.1 pence then divide all this by 3.6 so I think this comes to £5.53 - so I guess it means I have used 5.53 plus whatever the daily standing charge is - I don't know seems very complicated I thought I could just take the difference (50) and times that by the KW rate of 7.42 = £3.71 or close to it Confused Markman!
  15. Not sure that many to claim that really - I know I was there as I can see me on the grainy video I have :laugh: - I also had (still have) a ticket for the Pistols when they were due to play at the Bamboo Club - which sadly never happened sob sob
  16. Individually - the win at Mansfield was pretty special
  17. any recommended shops to try and upgrade my PC - I can see a few shops on line just wondering if anyone has used any and can recommend?
  18. I downloaded this ages ago and there seems to be a conflict around the Swansea game which keeps saying "send and receive error" I tried to delete it and it would let me? Anyone know how I can get this out of the calendar? Thanks
  19. slowly recovering feel like something easy to play on the PC not high tech as doubt my PC will cope but I know there are games where you can potter around solar systems or something and they are FREE (:laugh:) any ideas? Not worried about interacting with others just pottering about a bit on me own
  20. Basic level Doxycyline 100mg - 2 first day then a course of 6 - been on the flat earth 60 years and every time I have needed anti b's when reaching this point - seriously scared Xmas Eve how ill I was and on the cusp of Ambulance coming - feeling better today and it is not a co-incidence - try and get some they will help
  21. Ditto - and I have seen the other replies - in the end it was interesting that that my GP and the Daily CoVID contact I have been assigned BOTH said "Yes - you need anti-biotics to help treat this" and already I feel better so I would argue you should try and get some they do help - and if people want to pretend they do nothing then why are they working for both me and my wife with the same lung infection and why would a GP say in the end - "yes - you need them" if they are pointless?
  22. :laugh: - that really is the most sad and pathetic response I could have expected to see - God willing your parents or family don't suffer in the same way - but oh well people are busy if they people die or are hospitalised so what - I suspect my ill health has made me reply because frankly your reply is just a disgrace and insulting and normally I would ignore you for what you are
  23. indeed - but as they said today - this wont shift without them - but we BOTH knew that 10 days ago in which time I have been almost taken into Hospital 3 times - just knew it would happen and sometimes they need to use a bit of common
  24. ok - love em to bits under pressure etc etc I had COVID have had it real bad for 10 or more days now - underlying Asthma and Bronchial Issues - Day 1 of illness told GP I was having the usual endless phlegm cough - only goes in my 60 t=years when I get some anti-biotics. 5 days later same - daily COVID calls and oxygen tests - told sounds like a chest infection I need more - still nothing - yesterday oxygen plummeted told ring Dr urgently today Today - Dr says "I will give you some antibiotics" FFS I knew that10 days ago - why do they drag it out???
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