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  1. Is the manager/coach obligated to do the interviews or can he send out the assistant(s), Keith D for example? If he really does not like doing the post match interview then why not let someone else do it.
  2. This is a great analysis and a great assessment. But then to continue with my original thoughts, if you can see this was happening, I hope that NP could also see what was happening and would make in game changes. Is it as simple as that or do you think it really is that the players lack so much confidence or an on pitch leader who is directing the team to push higher? Is it the team, NP, the lack of a leader or all of the above?
  3. So I could only listen to the game on radio, not watched it. What my concern is, did the players just perform crap in the second half or did NP get out coached at half time? Maybe the Luton boss seen our weaknesses and exploited them in the second half and the players and coaches didn't do enough to react to Lutons changes?
  4. I think that maybe some of the ooc players are not playing at 100% commitment because if they get a serious injury (as we know is a high probability this year) they will be screwed on trying to secure another contract. IMO, maybe Fam has not been giving it his whole effort so that he doesn't get injured. Same with Baker, why risk a injury setback for 3 games that mean nothing to City. This is why I am a fan of giving youth an opportunity during these last few games.
  5. Just curious, is Taylor Moore injured or just not preferred by NP?
  6. Surprised that Moore makes the starting line up again. Always feel that there is a mistake in him which can often lead to a goal or chance
  7. Not working for me, nor the app. I thought that we were still able to listen to games even if they were not on Robins TV?
  8. So is Palmer injured? Surprised that he isn't even in the squad today
  9. Anyone think that we may try to sign Ashley Williams again if the injury to AM is a long term injury?
  10. If NB is out for concussion protocols, does this mean we can use Moore next game?
  11. Didn't take long for the problems to start. Tried logging in today and although my account states that I have subscription until December 2020, it will not let me listen to the game. I keep getting sent back to the Buy options for the game.
  12. one minor change I would like to see is throw-ins. It pisses me when a player walks up the line looking for someone to throw it to, and everyone is in close range and man marked. It slows the game. I would like to see that the ball comes in to play any style by hand. This can be two handed, one handed bowling style, one arm launch. This could speed up the game, allow longer throws bringing more of the field in to play, and also more excitement as all players should have the ability to launch it into the opposition box creating more box entries and scoring chances
  13. Is this Walsh you are on about? Don't think Walsh ever went to Germany. Are you mixed up with Ryan Kent?
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