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  1. Wasn't basso in a tweet about renewing season tickets a few days ago. Subversive information?
  2. ThOmO

    Could we?

    Yeah 80 to 1 for top 6 also for 15 quid, with a "get stake back" bet on top12
  3. ThOmO

    Could we?

    I jumped on at 750/1 for a tenner, that will be nice.
  4. To brave for me 4 days ago pre boro and NP
  5. Well happy with a tenner free bet at 750/1, its dropped to 250/1 on skybet so looks like a few have stuck some on. Top half at 7/2 looked a massive price
  6. Did the same on a sky free 10 bet @750-1
  7. Just had a bit of that, 7 points, 15 for a grand would be lovely, wont miss 15 would of hated missing the grand.
  8. Bet365 are showing it , no commentary
  9. I'm sure our FFP experts can comment on this.
  10. Didnt even need a hook to catch the master fisher :laugh:
  11. 16 meg broadband and no issues on pc, hdmi to tv on chrome , win 10
  12. Or using a rubbish providor - free for a reason.
  13. Come off the page and reload gets past tins saying great header of the ball
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