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  1. Same in the last World Cup against Croatia.. The talent we have and we are bloody awful to watch.
  2. He's actually struggled to settle before last season. His breakthrough season hopefully rather than a one off.
  3. Or the quality we have available. Lets be honest, with the attacking players we have the last 3 games have been shocking. We are so boring and predictable. Not going to comment on Southgate as its been done to death.
  4. Damn missed it. If anyone comes across a replay point me in the direction please.
  5. Hopefully our first decent RB in god knows how long.
  6. Don't know much about him. Like how we are going about things and hopefully he can be the right back that we have been crying out for for years and years. That said I'm not going to get overly excited. Reading the FGR forum some don't think he'd hold down a place straight away. Fingers crossed he lives up to the hype on here.
  7. Hideous was my first reaction. Now its not that bad but certainly not a fan. Instantly thought fleetwood for some reason......how strange!
  8. It wasn't obvious? It looked stonewall to me
  9. This sport does itself no favours sometimes. Can't start due to a little bit of rain. Should be glad its come to add a little excitement. Pathetic!
  10. I'm knackered just watching this
  11. Because SL has no idea how to run a football club. It is pretty simple really.
  12. Doing a great job in cracking down on flares ect
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