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  1. Been saying it for a while. Leadership starts at the top. And quite frankly he hasn't got any when it comes to this football club.
  2. 100% not. I personally think the way we have been run since promotion has been amature at best.
  3. It's not even crossed my mind to want NP sacked. But let's be fair, this football does stink. I dont buy the funds argument. It shouldn't stop you being able to at least compete. Look at Coventry, Luton , hell even Blackpool are above us. It's a lazy argument. There's something deeper......
  4. I wouldn't be overly surprised We look really bad, and Pearson isn't having the response I hoped. You're right though, this whole mess is down to SL letting Ashton and Johnson create thus mess. How people backed Johnson on here to the hills even at the end was ridiculous. The mouthy one being the main culprit.
  5. Seems I was a bit premature on this occasion ........the Mrs would say reguarly but thats another story.
  6. And you being a mouthy *** on the Internet doesn't change either. One day it will catch up with you.
  7. Takes time sometimes. Keep trying. It comes round after a while.
  8. The keyboard warriors on here . Hold my hands up and it seems to be serious today. Doesn't change the fact he goes off far too much injured
  9. Ok let's give him today. Tell me he doesn't have a serious issue when it comes to coming off injured.
  10. Baker off again. He is ******* pathetic. Expect him to be fine next week.
  11. Seriously **** this football club. The sooner Lansdown ***** off the sooner we will see progression on the pitch.
  12. Playing a decent team.....can't expect anything......play a shit team......can't expect anything its the championship blah blah ******* blah.....
  13. At least he chased back to win it back right......RIGHT????
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