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  1. And there it is. People continually shot down on here for criticising his negative tactics. Was always going to catch up with us in the end.
  2. I agree. First half I thought the game passed both Rice and Phillips by. Second half improved although that may have been due to the Danes tiring. Henderson looked positive when he came on.
  3. This. Ecstatic we scored. Slightly sour though. Joke of a decision.
  4. Amazing eh. After 80 minutes in the last game he was dog shit and not even worth 20million. Coming into form at the right time. I'm not Gareths biggest fan but I can't fault him after that. Brilliant. Really starting to believe.
  5. Two defenders completely standing off him, while marking absolutely no one. Baffling.
  6. I miss the old days when you could actually tackle without getting a red card.
  7. Like for like.....pointless. basically someone pull something out the hat.
  8. Dull as predicted. Grealish would thrive in this game.
  9. This is Southgate! Saka over Foden. Give over. Still can't help but be buzzung for this afternoon.......fool.
  10. Watching the game on mute. ******* awful. Two minutes before the goal ot made sense to push on, after the goal suprise they took that tactic.... She just needs to shut up for a minute. Speaking ******* Spanish now.....
  11. Where as taking the knee eve.......ah forget it!
  12. I asked for clarification of the rules as it made no sense.......Clown.
  13. Exactly right..... Can someone please give explain why two goal keepers were named on the bench rather than one of the two really good players that were left out? Secondly, today was decent but I feel some are hyping it more than it was ( especially the BBC) . It was a start, nothing more. Improvement definitely needed, although we never really looked like conceding.
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