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  1. Exactly this. I was going to say how poor we were again but **** it. My hearts still trying to get out of my chest. What a moment.
  2. Did I hear 16000 on the tv or have i just made that up?
  3. Problem is higher than Pearson. Not to many people like to look there though.
  4. There's women's football on. What channell? May tune in second half. And thats coming from someone who can't bring himself to watch it normally.
  5. Shambolic first half. Borderline embarrassing. I see no improvement.
  6. Wells and Palmer may aswell just call it a day. If you can't get in the team after not scoring at home for four hours, and against Luton. You never will.
  7. Both full backs with constant aimless balls forward. Constant long throws. How about passing the thing for a bit.
  8. I got that back four against Cardiff. I don't understand it against lesser opposition at home. Should be solid atheist.
  9. Another home game without a win and one of the first posts after the final whistle. Sad really.
  10. Anyone who likes to appreciate good goals, just tune in and see Romas second goal tonight. Catch it from the beginning. Great play from Tammy.
  11. I was pretty positive after last week even though we lost. The signs were there.
  12. You are pretty ******* boring too. Imagine getting a win and bringing up a reasoned post before the game to try and point score. Sad ******.
  13. Yeh, well I've always thought you to be slightly strange......... Anyway just finished work, time to sit down with a can. Let's hope for three points.
  14. Stop looking for something that isn't there. Does that team excite you? Honestly? Offcourse it doesn't. That's all I said. For the record the fact you are using those two to back up your point speakers volumes.
  15. A bit of excitement would be nice though eh Dave. As I say, I'm not the least bit surprised. We know they are an ariel threat. Jay's been poor and well we haven't had a decent right back in years. Vyner won't be any worse that's for sure. I just like to see full backs bombing on. Baker struggles with a 5 yard pass and still not convinced Vyner is good enough. FFS you've turned my observation into negativety. ****
  16. We don't have a right back in the team. We don't have a left back in the team. Does that team scream exciting flowing football? Its not a critism more sn observation. His hands are tied.
  17. That's a depressing looking line up isn't it. Don't get me wrong, with the quality we have that's probably the best chance of getting a result but you wouldn't catch me tuning in if i wasn't a city fan.
  18. Jordan makes that show. Jim White is a clown.
  19. Lee Johnson a success? Give the **** over.
  20. Isn't there two Hampshire reds? I swear one would see a positive in a apocalypse? To be fair there's not been a lot to be positive about when it comes to Bristol City for quite some time
  21. So when does the owner start taking responsibility? The mess this club has become since that United game is remarkable. And not one of those players still here. Johnson, Holden, Ashton, and now Pearson.. ..I know who is to blame but people don't like to look at the top.......
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