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  1. I went there around that time for a 0-0, Im sure the gate was lower than the 13k, thought it was 11k. As you say, thick and thin, yeah right
  2. How can you blame them, when they are doing exactly what they have been instructed to do !
  3. This was brought up a while back. Referees were given a directive at the start of last season to not book players for ( what is classed as ) petty offences. The reason given is/was that a small kick of the ball away etc isn’t as serious as a lot of yellow cards given for fouls etc. Previously players were getting two yellows and getting sent off for these ‘petty’ offences and managers were kicking up big time that this wasn’t warranted. So, rightly or wrongly the FA put pressure on the refereeing authorities to be far more lenient. Referees then get the blame, as always!
  4. From what I heard on the radio yesterday. The ball was actually where the Swansea player was, Lansbury was going to take a quick free kick just as the Swansea player came and moved the ball away.!
  5. Yes, because they are allowed to watch the game while drinking!
  6. Agreed, but Man City fans would have mostly been from Manchester, not Cornwall,Devon and Somerset Everton we’re another club who had the whole open end.
  7. I clearly remember Man City being one of the very few clubs to fill the whole open end in the late 70’s, this when we were in the first division. Their support has always been top class Imo. As for these CL crowds, from what I read, a lot of their support would rather save their money until the knockout stages of the competition, ( we all know they will get out of their group) personally I don’t blame them.
  8. But….. I often see posts on this forum complaining about “where did the referee get the 5 minutes added on time from” . No football fan complains about game management/time wasting when their team wins!!
  9. Surveys in the past have shown that the ball is in play during rugby matches for as little as 35 minutes!
  10. Yes, it used to be a league where money didn’t absolutely dominate it.
  11. It was a highly entertaining 2-2 draw, a really good game with some classy stuff played. Merthyr we’re deservedly 2-0 up at h/t. Yate got one back early in the 2nd half, then the game became so open and exciting. Merthyr had several clear chances to wrap the game up, but Yate scored late on and nearly won it. Cracking game of football, over 400 there, with about 150 travelling from Merthyr!
  12. I’ve come up to watch Yate v Merthyr. Two hours to get here from Bridgwater, avoiding the M5!
  13. He could not have taken a 75% pay cut, that’s my point. It’s against Spanish employment law.
  14. It’s a red everyday of the year!
  15. Oh dear, where did you get this from. He didn’t call anyone’s bluff, he was out of contract, wanted to stay, but because of Barcelona’s debt they were unable to sign him again. Even though he was to take a 50% pay cut, La Liga and Spanish employment law would not allow it to happen. If you don’t understand the actual situation it’s best not to make things up!
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