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  1. They do understand the game, I can guarantee you that. They know a damn sight more about the game than the people who watch the game from the stands. Its fine for everyone to slag of referees, but anyone can take a referees course and show us all how easy it is, perhaps we have a few on this thread who would like to show us!.
  2. Dave, any idea where I can listen to this interview please
  3. Leicester’s looks like a pram when it’s raining!
  4. First game was actually away at QPR in 1967. Starting going regularly from 1976.
  5. It can’t be them. We struggle to ride bikes in Bridgwater, let alone speedboats!
  6. Re the City Gas pitch invasions ( yes two), one was when they equalised and both sets of fans came on the pitch. The second was when City fans chased their players off the pitch!.
  7. Pitch invasions have been going on for over 50 years, lots of incidents have happened in that time ( City Rovers 96 anyone!). The big difference nowadays is that every game has tv cameras picking up every little incident. These assaults have always gone on, we ourselves have done it in the past ( during our pitch invasions), and opposition players have got punched. There are always a few idiots who do stupid things, and that will never change. But extreme ideas like going back to fences are way over the top. Going to football nowadays is like going to a crèche compared to the 70’s and 80’s, where you literally took your life in your hands going to some places. Violence was an every Saturday occurrence back then.
  8. They are a “giant” club though! So are Sheffield Wednesday. These two clubs are bigger than ( in my opinion) 8-9 current money league clubs. But we’re playing in a league one play off game, just goes to show how they have both been miss-managed.
  9. Clearly a red, denying a clear goal scoring opportunity, I don’t understand why anyone would think otherwise.
  10. Totally agree, such a shame LJ came in and took my love of the club away for a time.
  11. Lewy is to be seen watching Bridgwater Town every Saturday, his two lads play for Bridgwater.
  12. Why don’t they stipulate that 2 of the subs must be under 21 or come through the clubs youth system.
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