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  1. Very sad day for everyone connected with our club. What TC did for our club in his time was amazing. The club meant so much to him, and in his days the camaraderie between him and the fans was the best I’ve personally ever known. I am seriously upset about hearing this news, he deserves so much praise for all he did for our club, and I hope the club give him the send off he so deserves. RIP TC never to be forgotten
  2. I haven’t seen it, so can’t comment on the goal. But I’ve constantly said for two years that Dasilva can’t defend. For a left back it still amazes me!.
  3. Portland, his grandson has dedicated tweets to GG over the last couple of years, especially when he helped Weymouth get promoted to the National league.
  4. Or if people stop paying the extortionate prices of today’s game. I personally won’t pay these prices anymore, I’m more happy paying my £6…8 for Western league, or nothing for county league football. It’s far more enjoyable as well.
  5. Paulson had more attempts on goal in that game……than we did last season!!!!
  6. Agreed, but…. Where do you want to go with this, Quater and the neighbouring countries are running European football as it stands. The champions league a prime example, most clubs in the last 8 are sponsored by those countries, or the airlines. Even ITV’s euro coverage was sponsored by Quater. So, unless we go the whole hog and tell them to shove ALL their money, I don’t see the point of a boycott. As for England’s chances, until we get some real creativity into the side, I don’t see us getting past the last 8, the South American sides will be there, and I’m sure the African sides will thrive in the heat. I think some have got a bit carried away with this competition, remember we played 90% of our games in our home stadium with 90% home support.
  7. The fact that a club as dull and boring as Reading already use it, sums up my feelings on it!. No thanks.
  8. Nothing to do with contact, by the laws of the game a penalty is awarded if a direct free kick offence is committed in the penalty area. Contact with an opponent is not necessarily a direct free kick.
  9. I’m not denying any of what you say, because your correct. Im just someone who hates cheating by any player, whether he plays for City, England or Outer Mongolia.
  10. I’m struggling to comprehend why you are aiming this at me. All I have pointed out ( as a lot of others have) is that Stirling cheated last night. If you can’t see it, your the one with the problem.
  11. Who the f@@k is hating , why be in denial if a player dives? I don’t get the denial. We all know England deserved to win, and I’m as happy as you and everyone else, but I would never deny the fact a player cheated.
  12. No they didn’t, they accepted the fact that Maradona cheated, something that a lot can’t accept that Stirling did the same!. Its not that hard really!.
  13. No they aren’t! People are embarrassed about a blatant dive to win the game. We all know England deserved to win the game, that’s not the debate.
  14. You know and I know that Stirling was already in the process off his dive when ( the little brush of the leg) this happened. Why are people still kidding themselves!!.
  15. Oh, I’m not questioning the fact we deserved to win, or how well we played, or the fact we are in the final. It’s a great thing to happen. I just find the dive for the penalty that got us there embarrassing. We can’t continue to knock other countries for cheating ( Argentina for the last 35 years etc) when last night Stirling and Kane spent more time doing it than many other countries players. That’s what my point is.
  16. Stirling anticipated contact which didn’t come, and dived, we all know it, we all saw it. Nothing to debate really. If a Dane had done the same thing up the other end, this forum would be in meltdown!.
  17. Err, couple of beers then drive home
  18. I was working 2-10 yesterday, I can’t believe uefa didn’t consider this when deciding on 5pm and 8 pm kick offs. They are so out of touch!
  19. If the Germans score first, I’m not convinced we have the nouse or creativity to break them down Personally I think as per normal, the England side is overhyped. I hope they can prove me wrong!.
  20. I’ve seen England fans on the tv singing this, whilst drinking in Irish bars!!
  21. He couldn’t have caught it off any of the England team………
  22. The problem is that the once every two year football supporter ( whose only interested in tv tournament football) believe the hype. Whereas the regular football fan knows we aren’t good enough, like 99% of the other times. England’s International tournament record for a supposed top football nation is abysmal. I’ve never understood why others just can see it, and why this crop of overhyped footballers are any different to the ones gone before!.
  23. If memory serves me correctly, it was for dissent, kicking the ball away, plus things like not retreating the 10 yards and walking off with the ball etc.
  24. Yes there are 4th officials at conference level, I have someone very close to me who actually does the job at times in that league! He has told me numerous times how it’s the worst job of all, he would much rather be out in the middle. The shit that goes on for 90 minutes between dugouts, and just general behaviour, beggars belief he has told me. Every tiny little challenge, offside, foul etc is challenged to the extreme by both dugouts for the whole game.
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