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  1. https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/2122-season-review-with-chris-honor/ Dave P is joined by former player and local media pundit Chris Honor along with regular contributor Neil [@ncnsbcfc] in looking back on the last campaign. Wasn't so bad really was it? A generally positive chat which meandered on to talk of transfers in and out and the shape of the team in 22/23. An "Ian Free" episode ! All views expressed are purely our own opinions - just saying!!
  2. Bakinson has the physique and ability that Marvin Elliott had if only he applied himself. That said, Elliott's first season was his best he wasn't so good thereafter.
  3. This is just an opinion ffs! William fitness record is questionable and James's legs are already looking heavy. Do you see Scott in your 1st XI? If yes, where? Nige won't break the front 3, I accept that.
  4. Thanks for the positive comments and those of others including @Tafkarmlf & @richwwtk From the critics, these caught my eye ... @View from the Dolman "reactionary, petulant, ill informed waffle" - @billywedlock "worst podcast by a country mile, talk total bollox & misinformation" @Numero Uno "it's a *hit podcast and the contributors need replacing" Nothing stopping any of you coming on to give an alternative view - I'll do a pre-season piece with you as a trio if you like. @Sir Geoff "leaving out Martin, breaking the front 3" - sounds mad in a single sentence but how do you accommodate Scott who can only play in a 3? @David Brent "no listeners" - published data would suggest otherwise. Nothing I can find on the "irreverent" OSIB but comparing us with the "increasingly safe, nigh on official club pod" that is 3 Peaps, this tells me our following is growing: Sample: match review podcasts: the 5 up to Huddersfield at home in December vs. last 5 to this weekend: pre-Christmas 3 Peaps had 18% more downloads, for the more recent period FBC has 14% more downloads, a big swing. It is all about opinions and, as I have said before Ian is a Piers Morgan type who will attract comments like that made by @Robboredin this current thread, "the negative shite". @NcnsBcfc & @Curr Avon provide a suitable antidote as many have commented. Love doing it, maybe I should be looking at finding a sponsor if this growth continues!!!!
  5. He must be feeling quite sour about that decision - doh!!!
  6. We were berated on the FBC Podcast for being obsessed with Mark Ashton - looking at the length of this thread we weren't alone!!!
  7. I agree 100% re England: Lampard or Gerrard, not both. Using the same criteria of my selection, which excluded Martin, what would be your 11? Btw, as someone else commented on this thread, Martin needs a rest but I fully expect him to start our final two games
  8. That's not strictly true. Naming a best 11 for the opening fixture of 22/23 Martin did not feature in any of our preferred line ups as it was purely a case of trying to shape a formation using our best players, assuming we get no one better than what we already have as we cannot afford them and that all our stars remain. Bentley Kalas / Klose / Atkinson New signing / Williams / Scott / James / Pring Semenyo / Weimann The above assumes the one ESSENTIAL new signing at RWB and accommodates Scott in a much stronger midfield [how many times in games have we been overrun in this area?]. Based on form that just leaves space for Weimann & Semenyo. One comment on Martin in this thread concerning Martin's heading ability in defending corners - I might be blind but his headed clearances are not in the same league as Fam used to do when helping out. I agree with all the posters on here re. COD and I will challenge Ian in our next episode that we can get some value out of COD by offering an extension to his contract in order to get a fee for him. Totally flawed argument and a further waste of money - no one came in for him before he signed his latest deal and they are even less likely to now. A TOTAL disappointment over 6 seasons bar less than a handful of champagne moments. I don't see a single word of support for him on here which I must admit I find amusing when on those rare occasions he featured on the pitch I was slated for "having it in for him". Where are all of you COD lovers now?
  9. Mooted as an idea several times on FBC Podcast, a good one at that.
  10. McAllister has been sat in the Lansdown, suited & booted, for the past 2 home games.
  11. Wrong on that score @GrahamC - our review is out now, not that you listen these days. https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/JD-wonder-strike-gives-city-all-three-points-in-a-gritty-display-at-stoke/
  12. But I never said it claiming it to be right - just an opinion based on perhaps with hindsight an over inflated guess on NP's salary; somewhat different to Ian's assertion that "Mark Ashton told me" [that City don't pay loan fees]
  13. I wouldn't say it was an assertion but simply an opinion made to trigger debate. If NP starts "poking the bear" [in this instance the Lansdowns'] with truthful, provocative comments it will bite. Cotterill did similar and look how that ended.
  14. We recorded this morning with 100 listening live on the Podbean platform: https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/peterborough-h-reviewed-are-you-with-the-in-crowd/ [also on Spotify, Google & Apple] Ian, Neil, Mark and DaveP go through the match action as City failed to get max points against bottom of the table Posh who were a man down for the final third of the game. Is it player mentality, coaching or both that are the root cause of the problem or does it go right to the top and the benevolent and benign dictatorship that is life under the Lansdown dynasty - SL is undoubtedly a winner in business but not when it comes to running a football club; others have achieved a lot more with a lot less. Are NP's veiled criticisms of policy and attitude evidence of him trying to orchestrate his own sacking [he's ain't walking away from the £2M balance owed on his contract] and if that happens who would we be happy with to lead us forward into 22/23
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