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  1. He [Ashton] hasn't actually said it but it would make sense if he did say "judge ME on Holden" much like SL said "judge me on Tinnion", difference being BCFC is Lansdown's train set and Ashton is expendable!!
  2. www.foreverbristolcity.podbean.com - launched it late June to vent the frustration that supporting City had become since JAN 2018 [with the odd game an exception]. 15 episodes up so far - give it a listen, feedback welcome. DaveFevs an excellent contributor plus others. Great fun when we do it live and then recording uploaded next day.
  3. If we sign the midfield powerhouse / Gary O'Neil type character then he will probably be captain. I think Moore could do it. Just seeing you mention O'Dowda's name and I don't recall any of us in last night's FBC podcast giving him airtime as being in our starting X1 or, IIRC, as a substitute - says it all really!
  4. I like that comment - it did feel a bit like that!!! i'd recommend listeners to jump forward 30 minutes into the Pod as we start looking forward to next season; the early stuff on the whys and wherefores of Holden's appointment have been done to death this past 72 hours!
  5. That's pretty much what we said in last night's live Podcast which is available on www.foreverbristolcity.podebean.com
  6. https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-pz63u-e68689 Recording of Monday's live Podcast in which Adam, Steve, Ian, Les, DaveFevs and myself discuss the confirmation of Dean Holden as Head Coach, his choice of Assistants, how the board have managed and spun the recruitment process. On a more positive note we discuss the composition of a Dean Holden starting 11 in his preferred 3-5-2 format - who starts, what are the must strengthen positions
  7. Listening to Holden you can't fault his passion to do well but would Lansdown put a novice in a key role in his own business?
  8. Ashton added: “Dean has a clear vision of how he wants to take us forward and we believe that, along with the addition of Keith and Paul, we will have a coaching team that can deliver that vision. Everyone involved with the club should be excited about this next chapter for Bristol City.” Do we as fans accept this?
  9. I am sure he does. If he'd said when firing Johnson that we may have to go through a period of consolidation because of uncertainty linked to Covid-19 he wouldn't have suffered a fraction of the abuse he has received.
  10. We have ITV Sport's Steve Scott joining us for part of tonight's podcast. A committed City fan he'll offer up his opinion on recent events at Ashton Gate and we've lined up an In Conversation piece for a later date like we've done with his brother Angus and Phil Tottle. https://www.podbean.com/lsw/voj3TKjf6G GMG is suggesting there could be formal announcements imminently
  11. I thought Air Jordan's were? ..... I'd settle for a 69 year old Joe Jordan !!!
  12. Here is the link: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/voj3TKjf6G Join us live tonight as our panel discuss Dean Holden's appointment and the rumours of his assistants being Messrs. Simpson & Downing who are the England U19 & U20 coaches respectively. I don't think anyone saw that coming but then we have Gregor writing this: CEO Mark Ashton's contacts, experience and networking have been integral to the recruitment of the England coaching duo, as the Robins have patiently - to the ire of some fans - finalised the right trainers to take the club forward.
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