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  1. 1976 - was there, stood quite close to it [the clock].
  2. Listen Live: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/voj3TKjf6G?lsid=8G0kyt2NIOG [this link is only valid 4.00-5.15 PM today - recording on a new link later]. We knew Williams would be out but this was another performance that ranks amongst the worst we've seen from City since June 2020.. Ian, Mark & DaveP will discuss the match action and read out any comments you make on this thread. We hope Bakes is OK. Who would you have as a 33 year old striker: Eddie McGoldrick or Chris Martin. Didn't you just know Sharp would make it 4 in 5 against us after he came on!!!
  3. Listen link: https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/some-improvement-a-c-performance/ also available on Spotify etc. In our centenary episode Mark, Ian & Dave P debate an improved performance against Blackburn which would have earned a higher mark had a refreshing first half of energy & attacking football not been followed by a 2nd half drop back towards a standard we've sadly grown accustomed to. For 70 minutes Williams was outstanding and when he's fully fit he's so good that we can forget about relegation. Great to see Scott & Benarous start, shame about the individual error from Kalas and if it had gone in and we'd held out for 11 minutes that header by Wells that brought a stunning save from Kaminski would have given City 3 points they may have just about deserved. When was the last time we restricted opponents to a single digit shot count? We also preview Stoke and discuss Nigel's controversial pre-match presser Higher than a C+ or was it a B- ??
  4. How many clubs, even in the PL have what you term "a real football man involved at the highest level"? There is a guy in Bristol that could play an over arching role at the club on a part-time basis and that is Richard Scudamore. Richard Gould is an exemplary administrator without the football wannabe traits of Mark Ashton. With neither he nor Pearson wanting to deal with the characters who dominate the shady world of agents I fear for City's recruitment going forward until we get an experienced head in that position.
  5. Ward - 96/97 won 6 of last 7 to put us in play-offs where we lost to Brentford 1-2 [h] then 1-2 [a] Podcast [FBC] - thanks, glad you like it. Ian isn't everyone's cup of tea, he can be quite bombastic! He's our Piers Morgan - you love to hate him but you still listen
  6. Good for you / your company! I guess they are operating in a steady state - assumption by me but let's say its your Production Manager who's off. One of the Shift Manager could probably step up to cover? In City's case if they just go with the flow and take a similar approach there's every chance it could cost them £10M if they got relegated
  7. When I recruit interims for client companies you tend to over recruit. Yes, there are many out of work but you go for the best which in football terms means you start at Warnock and move up from there. i.e. Flynn ex. Newport would be a budget option [no record at this level].
  8. OK, maybe I was being over zealous in saying NOW but do you have confidence in Fleming and Ball to improve our form if, say, Nigel was given until January 1 [opening of transfer window] to regain his strength? Many have said on here about the impact of long Covid - we could be talking about 6 months, not 6 weeks. Also, this health issue has been bubbling since his last absence which was reported as contracting Covid for a 2nd time. The diagnosis this time has not been spelled out but suggests the debilitating symptoms of long Covid or issues linked to his bout of rheumatoid arthritis last year - from an article written by Henry Winter 7/11/20: Pearson takes a mix of steroids, pills and homeopathic medicines to strengthen his immune system, to keep him moving.
  9. Right here and now there is no time set for Nigel's return. OK, its a free weekend coming up but then City face 3 tough games in 8 days. Just 1 or 2 points from those and the spectre of relegation will loom larger. City must have a footballing leader at the helm. Nigel will not be fired as that means paying off his contract. I am sure like any employee there is an occupational sick pay scheme such that it is likely he would be on full pay for six months and then half pay for a further 6 months. After that is when the negotiating starts for agreeing a sum to terminate the contract based on inability to continue work. With SL in charge you can rest assured City will do the right thing. The optics of relieving him of his duties would not look good. A normal business would take stock of the situation and if, say, their FD was going to be absent over a testing period [for year end, company acquisition read relegation battle in football terms] an interim would be hired to address the issue. I know this as I have helped companies do this in my day job! I suggested Warnock over the weekend as an interim but, not unexpectedly, that bought hoots of derision on OTIB although one or two are now coming around to the idea. A less contentious, and dare I say more popular choice, would be Joe Jordan who could call on Harry Redknapp to sprinkle some stardust on matchday [they worked together at Spurs]. There will be no clarity on this until we know just how long Nigel is going to be absent for and then there will be those that say even while he's been here results suggest he's not improved things so why have him back? One final point on Warnock, his win % over the past 5 years is not too shabby compared to Nigel's.
  10. How long would you say is acceptable for him to be away from day to day control?
  11. Gould has the media presence of a politician - vague non-committal. Should go far!
  12. As the OP on this thread yesterday morning so much has happened!! The 5.00 PM press call is going to be very interesting and it could be one of three outcomes in my opinion: a] Nigel has resigned through ill health b] Nigel is taking a couple of months off to recover from long Covid and Craig Shakespeare is joining the coaching staff c] Nigel is taking 6 months leave of absence but remains very much part of the Project; Neil Warnock has come in as interim Manager with the sole objective of preserving City's championship status If Pearson has gone, gone then who do we trust to keep us up? Craig Fleming, Michael Flynn [local & available] or Neil Warnock for 6 months?
  13. If we haven't reached 26 points by the half way stage we are in REALLY DEEP *HIT - that's 7 points from 6 games, how do you see that total being achieved on a game by game basis? How long is Nigel going to be off for? If he's back for the two home games and we get 4 points then the pressure monitor eases off a bit. Anything less with him continuing at the helm and the toxicity that was brewing vs. Barnsley may become even more intense.
  14. C'mon be specific - who's not playing for Nige? Is it a cabal of Kalas & Bentley, are James, King & Simpson not being supportive of their former boss. A Rams supporting friend said up there he lost the dressing room so maybe similar here
  15. It would be for Richard Gould to tell him it is in the interest on his own and the club's future well being that he take a break. If he threw a hissy fit and walked away he's forgone the £££ from the remaining 2+ years of his contract. We asked on the pod whether his style of management is too abrasive and caustic for the modern footballer - players not showing up were the reason behind his downfall at Derby. This is a VERY worrying situation - Lansdown won't pull the plug as it would represent another loss of face
  16. That is what we all want but right now that appears unlikely - desperate times call for desperate measures
  17. This latest episode of the FBC Podcast reviews the Coventry shambles: https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/city-achieve-a-new-low-coventry-a-reviewed/ Shoot me down by all means but the sudden, unexpected [?] availability of Neil Warnock, aka Colin, presents City with an opportunity that should they take it is not as daft as it seems. Nige, despite a shocking record in the 30 or so games he has been in charge, still garners a lot of support from many City fans but clearly he has some health issues - in over 50 years of watching City I can't recall a single time when a manager has missed a game through ill health. Can anyone put me right on this? Nigel is now on his 2nd spell of sick leave in less than 4 months and it makes one wonder that when he took the job was he fully recovered from his bad health issues he experienced in Summer 2020. Is it Covid again? If it is then he's had it 3 times now - unlucky or what? As Ian suggested on the podcast he could well be suffering the debilitating effects of long Covid. My suggestion is this - the club allow Pearson to take 6 months off on sick leave and bring in veteran boss [at 72 he's 14 years older than Nige] Neil Warnock to stave off relegation. Give him a £1m bonus if he does it - the cost of relegation would be at least 5 times that. On the podcast some said "but Lansdown doesn't like Warnock" - that's not the point, you are bringing him to do a specific job. In my day job I have parachuted in to companies many executives who would never be the CEO's choice for a permanent role but when there is a specific job to do you hire the best available to fix the problem on an interim contract. Come the summer Nigel should be fully recovered and he can resume the project - I can see him taking a job upstairs with a new young coach and an experienced Head of Recruitment who can deal with the slime ball characters that he doesn't want to deal with - the agents!! Anyone got a better idea? No-one loses face with this suggestion and who else has the experience to get a performance out of this bunch of wasters! We must be on 25 points at the half way stage so that the transfer window allows the 3-4 signings necessary and to achieve that we should actively be looking to move on one or more from Bentley, Kalas or HNM.
  18. It ain't going to happen. Join us for a live FBC @ 6.00 PM : https://www.podbean.com/lsw/voj3TKjf6G?lsid=w3KoMUqgu83
  19. 54 years for me!!! Fitness ...... improved, really - how many late goals?
  20. We'll discuss this and more in the FBC Live Podcast @ 6.00 PM: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/voj3TKjf6G?lsid=w3KoMUqgu83 A half time lead and opposition down to 10 men yet we still contrived to throw it away. Where is the weakness, is it a mental thing? This latest international break can't come soon enough.
  21. This is a recording of last night live FBC Podcast: https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/more-of-this-and-a-whiff-of-relegation-will-become-a-stench/ Ian, Mark & DaveP discuss an appalling 2nd half at St. Andrews and assess City's chances of avoiding the drop. We may have won on Saturday but as many have said this merely papered over the cracks of what is looking like becoming a season which will see us roller-coaster towards relegation unless something changes. Pearson's going nowhere unless SL acts in similar ruthlessness to how Levy treated Nuno at Spurs. Our experienced manager is doing himself no favours in some fans eyes by remaining in the directors box which he did for the full 90 minutes last night. The bottom line is City need 10 more wins that give or take a point or three more should secure Championship status. Can they do that? Can anyone see 6 points from the next 6 games taking us to 25 by the half way stage. Even that right now is looking a big ask!!
  22. Listen live: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/voj3TKjf6G?lsid=Le2KWTJrcwN So poor it almost beggars belief. Where has the spark gone? Did it go out on December 29 2017 with only the odd flicker since?
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