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  1. That could well be the starting line up in 14 days time. They need to be getting minutes as a unit even if its just for the first 45. I've watched both friendlies so far and for large parts there were echos of last season - no real pattern of play. Its concerning and anything less than a win today will see the concerns of most City fans step up a gear IMHO.
  2. http://www.grandmastreams.club/p/blog-page_99.html?sport=soccer - THIS IS ROGUE CELTIC TV Join us live at 10 to discuss the action and the latest cluster*uck from RobinsTV: https://t.co/tkwAGpt9Da?amp=1
  3. I'll give you that one. How about Lee Johnson and Jake Gyllenhaal - never seen together in the same room!!! Any more?
  4. He's [Ashton] in good company - NOT!! Howe [formerly Reading] and Pearce are hardly exemplars in how to run a football club on a financial perspective. My view on Ashton is that he's mugged off this club for the past 12 months since his head was turned by Ipswich - I predict either he or Paul Cook will be gone from Portman Road within 12 months!!!
  5. Much as I have been an advocate of Joe coming back to Ashton Gate we now have a manager of sufficient stature that makes his all round knowledge more than what we need in my opinion.
  6. 25 June last year saw the first episode of Forever Bristol City podcast - within the next 24 hours listeners of this latest edition will see us pass 30000 downloads in total!! I'd like to thank Ian, DaveFevs & Mark in particular for their regular contributions plus others that have joined us and all those who have given positive and constructive comments on the content.
  7. Dave and I recorded our hour log tete a tete for this special episode on the Forever Bristol City podcast [also on Spotify & Google Podcasts] https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/summer-on-the-city-davefevs-and-davep-talk-euros-squad-rebuild-and-fixtures/ We look at England so far, the performances of Kalas, Nagy & Morrell. What we think of the close season so far in terms of staff & player acquisition. With no further additions how might we line up on August 7th ..... who's in & out, what formation, who may leave? Fixtures 21/22 - only 9 home games after the New Years Day fixture with Millwall
  8. DaveFevs and I discussed likely line ups in the latest Forever Bristol City podcast which will be uploaded to all the usual platforms on Saturday
  9. It was a major blow losing McCombe on the morning of the game but when Bradley went off the obvious team change was to push Carey to full back and bring on the impressive loan defender Tamas Vasko alongside Fontaine in the centre. Johnson made the grave mistake of pulling Elliott out of the midfield to play at full back and allow Junior Johnson to come on in the middle - that grates with me to this day!!!
  10. This latest episode of the FBC Podcast features that giant of a man who captained City to promotion in 1997/98: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-cp55i-105565d At age 23 Shaun was a late entrant in the world of professional football when joining Exeter City in 1986. He played 200 games there winning the [then] 4th Division Championship before a move to Swindon Town. He was an ever present in 92/93 season scoring a Flintesque 13 goals as that lot down the M4 secured promotion to the Premier League. Again an ever present in that one season in the top flight, two successive relegations followed before he led the side back to the Championship. Shaun's move to City for £50k came in September 1996 and although missing the last 10 games of the season through injury he'd already established himself as a firm favourite with the fans with his tough uncompromising style. 97/98 is the season he will be remembered for as he captained the side to promotion under John Ward. Had Goater not been sold and Shaun not suffered injury in the top of the table clash with Watford with 3 games remaining City probably would have gone up as Champions rather than runners-up. That injury against Watford perhaps more than anything contributed to that single season [98/99] in the Championship as he did not play until 8 games from the end and by then City's relegation was all but secured. Shaun hung up his boots in 2000 but stayed on the coaching staff until 2005 then followed spells with FGR ,Exeter and Torquay. Still living in his native Devon, Shaun is now a Maintenance Manager for a local care home group. How we could have done with someone possessing his character and commitment in recent years!
  11. I can see Cook on his way early doors if Ipswich aren't top 4 after 10 then what price Lee Johnson to renew his relationship with MA after falling short at Sunderland. Also noted in the interview at ITFC he mentions Werhun but doesn't say he is a relative [is it his nephew or cousin?]
  12. And we would take that in a heartbeat.
  13. I thought De Gea was a disgrace last night making barely any attempt to save any of them. That said, they were well struck with that of his opposite number being one of the best. You just knew he was going to miss his attempt. As an earlier poster said, maybe he should have been swapped at the start of the shoot out with the appalling record he has.
  14. Expertly put Nick J - your catalogue of LJ the player and manager deserves framing!!!
  15. Fair amount of criticism on here for my interview skills on this one and it is justified - must try harder!
  16. You are correct. That win was well deserved. Benny's first two games were 0-5 at Bradford City and 1-6 at home to Wolves. I guess that was the players way of showing how they felt.
  17. He was shafted more than once in this short time here. Firstly when the board decided to cash in by selling Goater and then in the summer transfer window when they signed one striker too many - Tony Thorpe [to add to Akinbiyi & Andersen]. If you listen around the hour mark in the interview he says Thorpe was not his signing and he wanted to keep the money in reserve to see how his defence held together at the higher level. It was brave [perhaps naive] to say he needed help and Harford, as someone else has commented, would have been a sensible choice. What possessed Scott Davidson to get Benny Lennartsson I will never know!!
  18. Latest Episode of the FBC Podcast is this interview with former manager John Ward: https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/in-conversation-with-john-ward-manager-bcfc-1997-98/ [ Also available on Spotify] John Ward's managerial record at City for me, as a fan looking back, is defined by three things: a marvellous season that brought about promotion back to the [now] Championship after a 3 year absence, a questionable summer '98 transfer window and asking for help after a 9 game winless run at the start of the 98/99 season. Wardy is a top man and to my mind should have been here longer than 84 games. He would have won the league as opposed to being runners up to Watford had top scorer Shaun Goater not been sold with 8 games remaining. As you'll hear in the interview, the summer transfer dealings were, in part, not down to him and no one would have argued with Ray Harford coming in to provide the help he perhaps naively admitted he needed. John made his name in football as a player with Lincoln City [91 goals, 240 appearances] which is where he met the late Graham Taylor whom he later served under and enjoyed considerable success with at both Watford and Villa. Prior to City he managed the Gas for a period and again 16 years later. In between he took Cheltenham from League 2 to League 1. He turned 70 last month and his involvement in the game sees him act as a mentor to young coaches through the LMA. One of football's nice guys, I can't think why anyone would disagree with that.
  19. The role that Gould would have aspired to had he stayed in cricket would be CEO of the ECB and that job holder at present is Tom Harrison who last year earned £700k, an uplift of £100k on the previous year due to setting up the 100 competition My instinct tells me that the minimum for Gould would be £250k and a max of £500k which would put him on a par with Ashton. If it is at the lower end of that range it would reflect Gould's lack of football experience and free up cash to hire a quality director of football.
  20. OK, but why not let them sign off from U23 commitments by helping win a trophy and for that matter, why not see if any of the first team fancied playing with that goal in mind or have they all gone on holiday
  21. As it was a cup semi-final why did we rest Scott and others with no first team commitments on the horizon?
  22. I'm never one to claim to be ITK but heard from a reliable source that this appointment will be announced soon. Would be a good choice IMHO.
  23. Recording of last night's live podcast [thanks to the 100+ who regularly listen live and to the 600+ who download each recording]: https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/no-more-excuses-1620538266/ City closed the door to the 2020-21 season with the not unexpected defeat against high flying Brentford going down 3-1 with the visitors Ivan Toney grabbing one of the goals to achieve a Championship record. Ian, DaveFevs, Mark & DaveP discuss the action from a match where for the opening half they matched their opponents in every department but in the second, particularly with goals 2 & 3 the Bees displayed a standard of forward play that City should be aiming for. We debate that although only 17 Alex Scott has the ability to be a player for the present and perhaps too goalscorer Louis Britton and that means staying in Bristol rather than going out on loan next season. Who will be shown the door in the coming days and who might be retained are other topics we discuss along with speculation that Dave Rennie might reunite with Nigel Pearson within days to sort the medical shambles at the club and cast his eye over the players before they go on holiday. No wins in the last 10 and although 25 defeats fell short of the record [27] set in 2012-13 a paltry 51 points just isn't good enough. It's down to you Nige going forward - we know you can do it and accept it may take a while!!
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