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  1. Britton only makes the bench. I'm guessing in Nigel's eyes he is light years away from being seen as the go to player if Martin is injured, i.e. we lose our big man up front.
  2. https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/hoops-destroyed-by-nahki-s-late-strike/ Having already been victims twice this season to stoppage time goals it was City's turn to mete out the hurt and experience the joy as sub Nahki Wells sent 2000 travelling fans into raptures with his stylish late winner. David, Lezz, Mark & Ian celebrate the win but at the same time consider City's overall play which allowed 26 shots [11 on target] to pepper the goal area. We marvel at another all action display from Massengo, several top class saves from Dan Bentley, a competent debut for Gordon Tanner in the troublesome right back spot and a successful return to the first team for Bakinson. The main cause for concern is the 44 shots allowed to opponents in the last 180 minutes. Lezz makes the interesting point that 19 of Weimann's 26 goals have come away from Ashton Gate where his on the counter pace can be used to greatest effect whereas at Ashton Gate his threat is reduced as teams sit in, this latter point being one Ian disagrees with. The Fulham game is previewed as City look for their first home win in 15 games.
  3. Good enough to keep his place in my view. Will be discussing his debut in tonight's FBC Live Podcast @ 6.00 PM: Listen here: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/voj3TKjf6G?lsid=qyOmghxwuW9
  4. We'll debate this and review the game in our live Forever Bristol City Podcast at 6.00 PM: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/voj3TKjf6G?lsid=qyOmghxwuW9 What a 90 minutes!!!! Nahki - clinical finish / Massengo - more energy than the Duracell Bunny / Bentley - top drawer saves atoned for Tuesday's error. The last 2 games could easily have produced NIL points, agree? But they have yielded 4 - does this side have what it takes to push on from here
  5. Others have spent a lot less and achieved so much more. if he'd done a Bournemouth and broken the laws to achieve the Premier League dream the amount of any fine would dwarf what he has wasted
  6. To do so is a sign of not wanting to lose face IMHO
  7. Lee Johnson's football philosophy from his infamous power-point presentation that no doubt secured him the job with the impressionable SL:
  8. Companies House showed O'Leary registered as a director at Gamechanger20 on 23 July last year so that is the first documented evidence of Ashton's involvement with the Americans at ITFC even if that is by Proxy - i.e. O'Leary is his longstanding business associate. Did he breach his fiduciary responsibility as a director at Bristol City? Cannot be proven unless there is the smoking gun of an email trail somewhere. Was his heart in BCFC from last summer? I think not. I wonder when interviewing Cook as Holden's replacement IF he blew him out for us knowing that his credentials in lower leagues might help ITFC? Should he have had more of a grip on contractual matters ABSOLUTELY. SL offering praise to MA for HPC is all a show to deflect from the naivety he and his son showed for not being on it. Appleton in at Portman Road before the end of the month; ITFC have Lincoln away next I think
  9. I think you have to add in the 2nd half of 2017/18 season from and including the Wolves game as for me that is when the decline started; would it have been different if Fielding hadn't got sent off to make it 10-a-side? 17/18 Played 11 W4 D4 L3 Goals scored 22 Goals against 17 18/19 Played 23 W8, D8, L7 Goals scored 28 Goals against 26 19/20 Played 23 W8, D7, L8 Goals scored 29 Goals against 32 20/21 Played 23 W7, D3, L13 Goals scored 18 Goals against 30 21/22 Played 3 W0, D2 L1 Goals scored 1 Goals against 2 Overall record Played 83 W27 D24 L32 Goals scored 98 Goals against 107 [Home win% 32.5] At least that 2nd half of 2017/18 had some goals including the 3-3 against Sunderland & 5-5 vs Hull. Its a sorry state of affairs but I feel the corner is being turned!
  10. Another Ryan Kent situation developing at Portman Road: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-told-take-action-21550756
  11. Our own Lee Johnson was an aficionado of tactical matters - just do a Google search Lee Johnson Bomb Alley you come up with this image and a whole load of other *ollocks:
  12. I seem to recall Zak Vyner can throw quite far. In any event I don't think we should use this tactic EVERY time. Since the opposition have time to position themselves in readiness for the big one how about throwing short and whipping a cross in?
  13. Will be interesting to see this week's gate vs. Luton - I reckon sub 16k. Luton are not a great draw so soon after PNE and won't bring many. Different story had it been PNE followed by WBA
  14. https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/unwanted-home-record-extended-but-we-are-getting-better/ [also on Spotify & Google Podcasts] 13 games now without a home win but the general consensus from yesterday's 0-0 draw against Preston was that we played OK in a match that last season we probably would have lost. For a game without goals it had its fair share of goalmouth action and a share of the points was probably a fair outcome if you were a neutral observer. We debate whether Nigel made the right call in starting with the side that won at Cardiff and Ian in particular challenged DaveP's view that playing Baker at left back is NOT too defensive. We pick HNM as the best of the midfield trio in which both James & King were not at their best and we question the long throw routine which has become an unwanted part of our game. Why Kalas every time when Vyner can do similar, then again why at all when no clear cut chances have come from this tactic. With Luton next up at Ashton Gate we speculate what changes Nigel might make to the starting line up to improve the goal threat. DaveP echoed the view of some of the live listener text messages that COD is NOT the answer but in form Janneh might be. We agree Scott should be recalled, probably at the expense of King and surely Louis Britton is worth a place on the bench if only to east the strain on Chris Martin.
  15. https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/early-term-report-in-conversation-with-dave-fevs/ In this "bonus" episode of the Forever Bristol City Podcast DaveFevs and I discuss the early season games, what we have playing wise now the window is shut and what would OK look like from the next 6 games before another international break. For me it's a C+. How would you rate it?
  16. Click to listen [also on Spotify & Google] https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/the-shape-of-things-to-come-1630189493/ DaveP, Mark, Ian & Lezz wax lyrical about City's performance at the CCS as the second win of the season was secured with a 2-1 success. Nigel opted for height with Baker in as a straight swap for JD as a left back rather than in a 3. Baker alongside the increasingly impressive Pring gave City a particularly strong left flank. Two superb strikes by Weimann would have most saying he was MOM but we thought Massengo ran him close with an energetic display and a sublime back heel which allowed Semenyo to cross for goal No. 2. This was arguably City's best showing since Pearson took over and a few more performances like this will see his "era" getting up to speed after a stuttering start. We chew over the likelihood or not, the latter being more likely, of significant transfer activity before the transfer window shuts as it seems Pearson is true to his word of not buying for the sake of it.
  17. So said Nigel Pearson in yesterday's press briefing. How refreshing it was to hear that when you look at the clubs in the bag approach adopted by the Gruesome Twosome: Lee Johnson / Mark Ashton. The list of players that most on OTIB would regard as no better than what we already had is immense and I'm not going to construct it here but I have to question those who say Johnson was personally accepting of ALL who came through the door during his tenure when you look at how many of them he gave a run in the side to to show what they could do. In Pearson I trust [even if we lose tomorrow and after 5 games have just 4 points!]
  18. Thanks for saying we're your go to pod. Podbean is a pretty good hosting platform IMHO. When we record live it is possible, as a listener, to dial in and I can admit you to the virtual studio which can accommodate me plus 4. Listeners can also text comments and I try to read out as many as I can with Ian and DaveF [when he's on] often responding by text too so we are quite good at letting listeners feel involved . When its me plus ,say, Ian ,Mark & Lezz there is room for one more but I think this is why I interrupt as I am trying to give everyone their share of voice. If you listen to Geoff 20man on SOTC he's usually just talking 1-2-1 and is perhaps more subtle than me when cutting them off and moving onto the next caller!!
  19. Not a fan then !! I bow to the greater tactical insight of DaveFevs and Ian is more right than wrong but I'll challenge you to a Mastermind type quiz on the depth of knowledge of the club from Fred Ford to the present day.
  20. IIRC the only time I have been behind the goal in that stand was for the FLC Semi-final vs. Spurs in December 1970 .... ffs, I can remember that but not something I did last month!!!! Having forgone corporate in the Lansdown, [W15 / R28], I am now in that stand W13 / R18.
  21. I don't know who you are OBJ [just in case someone thinks its Ian Gay] but thank you so much for those comments - you've summed us up perfectly
  22. I think we call it as it is and for the past 3.5 years there hasn't been much to be positive about has there? If you've listened you will hear we have been very supportive of the youngsters and remain so for Nigel. I guess the club don't like us as we're the only podcast that hasn't been invited to the HPC. Thing is though, once you start down that track it is difficult to be critical
  23. Latest episode was recorded live yesterday so some time after game - give it a listen. https://foreverbristolcity.podbean.com/e/pring-odowda-left-side-combo-this-and-more-in-swansea-h-review/ Easy to do straight after when all games were live on RobinsTV ; home games will probably all be the next day from now on
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