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  1. My HT assessment was about to be this could have smash and grab written all over it..... that'll do for starters
  2. I think that comment sums up about 15 years of watching city for me. Walsall, Wolves, West Ham, Newcastle (?). God I hated that bloke, still do really... Blackpool was the worst for me. Long drive to watch half hour of utter c*** and then turn round and go home again. I think we needed to win and Cardiff needed to lose and we made the play offs. Can’t really remember but we looked like we couldn’t give a toss, utter spineless performance.
  3. I think it was the other way round wasn’t it? Didn’t Utd wear a greyish colour that they couldn’t see against the crowd so they changed shirts at half time. Really interesting topic this - I don’t suffer myself but have a friend who came close to making it as a pro but had real problems as he was colourblind. if you listen to the price of football podcast there was an excellent interview with the head of colour blind awareness which is absolutely fascinating. They even made the point of in the Euro final the referees kit potentially being indistinguishable to Italy if you’re colourblind and two Italian players were noted to have passed the ball to the referee during the game. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/reading-points-deduction-colour-blind-awareness-interview/id1482886394?i=1000536339483 Seems to me it’s an easy fix for the game to sort this - just isn’t the necessary level of awareness.
  4. I don’t think you can question Jacki’s ability. His attitude and willingness to deploy that ability on anything approaching a regular basis - absolutely, his ability no.
  5. Where do you sit? I buy a coke or water every game, and don’t remember having a lid removed since sitting in the Atyeo, probably 15+ years ago. And I think that was only after some d**khead threw a bottle at the ref once. Had a ST in the Dolman and SS since then and never had the lid removed.
  6. Just imagine how exciting it’ll be for them though to go to such a modern, sparkling stadium like Loftus Road though. Compared to the dump it’ll be like a palace for them, they’ll think they died and gone to heaven.
  7. Sorry but i don't see the point in him going if theres no-one around to take his job who's any better. For all the comings and goings over the summer the one glaring ommission (aside from a proper winger right or left) was the absence of the experienced hand that was going to be brought in to help Tinnion through the next few years. Since there was the huge outcry over it last year all has fallen silent on this point. Now does this mean that we've decided we arent going to bother or we can't afford it?? Or, and here's a way off base theory, perhaps that was just mooted around at a time of discontent with the manager to shut us lot up and the club never had any intention of finding anyone. Either way as Tinnion position beocmes more an more precarious might this be the one signing we all regret wasn't made?? I'm sure none of us want Tinnion to fail and would love nothing more than to be successful under a great servent of the club - but you gotta ask that for all the players coming and going is this the trick we really missed?
  8. I think Tins probably noticed his clinical finishing - which is why we bought him in the first place. What was it Tins said again - something like don't care what he does during the game as long as he scores. I thought his overall game looked off the pace a bit but the service to him (and Miller) was frankly abysmal - when he had a chance to shoot though i thought he looked pretty sharp and was unlucky not to get a second
  9. Agree he was impressive - him coming on seemed to spark us into a bit of life cause up until then we were crap. Then in true city style we get a great equaliser and sit back and lose all the initiative and momentum - it was like watching one of Danny's teams all over again. What Brown did that no other 'fringe' player did tonite (except poss Heff) was take his chance to stake a claim to the first team. None of the others did at all.
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