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    RIP Tinners

    So sorry to read this. I can remember him at so many away games. We Never got beyond nodding terms but I had a great deal of respect for the guy as he was always there. Condolences to friends and family!
  2. I agree that pitch invasions are not a new phenomena. However for many years they have become a lot less prevalent, but this season/recently have become much more prevalent. There are even threads on here about pitch incursion at AG. I’m not sure what happened at PV last night, however what happened at Nottingham has resulted in a severe prison sentence and pictures of what appears to be a player kicking out at a pitch invader. This is serious stuff! Without going on about the Gas toooo much, the invasion there was before the match ended, a throw back to the 70s where supporters would try to get games stopped. Bizarrely Nottingham Forest I remember we’re on the receiving end in a game v Newcastle. As we both remember. The fencing was taken down around grounds years ago as this behavior was deemed no longer an issue. The EFL, THE FA, police and government need to curtail this BEFORE we are all penned in again and we all remember what that lead to!
  3. Squeaky bum time on Sunday.
  4. Red was very harsh there
  5. Pope is keeping them in it
  6. Where is Thatch35 when you need him!
  7. Your assessment of 12 is probably about right in reality!
  8. Just read this on the Derby forum. Answering someone on here called Luke I guess. Apparently MM and his mates at Derby get the same tax pass as whatever organization or industry Gee Screamer decides is somehow not paying their taxes. Was Derby not a simple case of not paying employees PAYE payments for several years? If HMRC are prepared to sacrifice 65% of the bill to keep Derby alive, as a taxpayer I’m prepared to sacrifice 100% of it to make sure they die, to discourage others. What an alarming precedent. Well Luke from Bristol, can I Also suggest that the higher rate of tax that the exchequer has missed out on from PAYE would not have stayed there. Lots of loopholes on a tax return to offset . Maybe Bristol City should die alongside sport to stop this happening. Perhaps you should also destroy your TV and stop channels broadcasting with all those pesky buggers getting determined taxation instead of sending in tax returns. billions overpaid on tax credits a few years ago when it started and written off. Hunt then down and shoot them. All those directors taking loans from their own business then going bust next for the chop. All that s*** you buy online from business not playing the game - stop them trading. Any business suffering and getting the benefit of not paying some tax they owe, close em down and get a 1000 staff on JSA. Finally, stop Lukes upcoming bank holiday, it won't be needed when we get rid of the monarchy and seize Charles duchies that he pays ridiculous level of tax on. One dimensional bitter nobber
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