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  1. I don’t know. Here we are again. im completely behind Nigel Pearson as I think he is not the problem, but the nearest thing we had to a solution since Steve Cotterill fell out with SL, which after months of pouting ended withSC being fired and Lee effing Johnson being installed to piss everyone’s money. However 18 games without a home win quite rightly gets people’s blood up. Particularly as we keep throwing away winning positions. Its not disloyalty, its just an effing fact! Bollox about patience is just that utter bollox. As a group of supporters many many have lived and died being patient for this club. Perhaps a little bit of impatience is what we need. Turning in school boy performances and then reading horse shit on here about, premier league club/s in waiting and effing rebuilds is galling. We have have three games of utter gutlessness (I couldn’t bring myself to watch today, so I will go by anecdotal evidence) utter utter garbage. More sackings at the club this week make it pretty clear we are going to be shite for a while longer. But I no longer have the band width for gutless capitulation and that needs to stop by next Saturday at 2-59pm!
  2. Scot Parker means Bristol City were utter pants garbage pathetic capitulators that couldn’t win a match against Forest Green Rovers. But in order to make us sound good Bristol City were a difficult away game!
  3. I have watched every game this season, until today. Today I had a lovely afternoon watching Stelling and final score while kickin back and not worrying about this utter bollocks. I will point out at this point I don’t blame Pearson for this utter shit show. I do blame, those that had the power to install a bloke that pissed money away and a numpty who apparently was our best candidate. However I will be controversial about one thing. We are bound to lose with HNM playing. The boy is decent enough with little drag backs and neat skills, but if we need to score or defend a lead he would be the last player that should be on the field. The stats speak for themselves. Flip side is, who the **** else is there? Anyway today I haven’t had a lousy afternoon followed by a lousier evening. I quite enjoyed that.
  4. That last bit is quote of the week. I’m not sure some under 50 realize how good a player he was. FFS he actually scored from midfield just for starters.
  5. How many sides do we have? Atyeo Dolman Lansdown. Maybe the High Performance center the Heineken lounge etc can be renamed. GG statue would be good. Where abouts?
  6. Yes I have some sympathy for that. If Paterson is 4 in ten the best you can expect from odowda is 4 in 20 and Palmer has been crap since the day Afobi got injured. Pearson is screwed by the sins of those that went before him and the utter waste of resources spent on nothing. My disdain for Lee Johnson gets worse by the day, but SL JL DH and Ashton are the root of the problem. At least SL seems to realize it and JL is no longer on perpetual vacation. Three of the five Pearson has bought are decent regular starters and two give us experienced back up. That compared to the players we have let go and the mediocrity we have in the squad on long term contracts makes my blood boil. Particularly after Tuesday!
  7. The less possession we have the more chasing we do, it does catch up. Its October and we look tired after 70 minutes that will be 65 minutes by EO November. It did for our hopes in the league under LJ every time
  8. Our passing and ball retention in the second half of any game at home is utterly ninth rate. We are weak and tired of chasing the ball out of possession. NP got one thing right. We are embarrassing. Particularly in front of the defense. Kalas Baker Tanner and Atkinson are not the problem. But the ******* in front of them let them down. And yes that includes HNM. Passing and retaining possession is the minimum you can expect. Giving the ball away constantly and then expecting the back four to get you out of it constantly is nothing short of dereliction of duty. Bentley keeps keeping us in it, but is prone to a soft goal which keeps happening. Christ alive what I would give to have Gerry Gow in there scaring them into not being awful!
  9. Yes! Its the Alan Whittle moment!
  10. Sigh. Yes instead of retaining possession we pumped long high aimless balls for ODowda to jump for rather than long high aimless balls for Odwda to chase into the corners.. We did one or both because we could not string three passes together anywhere on the pitch in front of the defence. WE looked leggy, because as someone said on radio Brizz we were chasing out of possession the entire game and they were all knackered by 70minutes. AS PER USUAL AT HOME!
  11. Wells played well tonight and looked pissed off about being subbed. Tanner was excellent as was Baker and Kalas for the 90. We dropped deeper and deeper and let them beat us on the wings despite at one stage going 541/451. Our midfield carried no threat once Scott was subbed off and we had no ability to retain possession for 90 minutes. Of all the **** ups at home that was the biggest kick in the balls. Soft little Bristol City yet again F F S!
  12. So who should we have kept? Webster was subject to a Huge bid from a Premier League club as was Kelly and Brownhill. The issue is once players heads have been turned by a big wage it's game over. Our U23s really haven't done as much as many would like until now, but a few are getting games now. LJ spent huge money on Palmer Wells the list goes on with others that we ended up letting go for nothing. In fact how many lower league players have we bought in that have failed, we actually have not bought poorly from League 1 or 2, but have with others. I suspect looking at LJ SL JL and Holden would be a good start, as many have already said we are following a Brentford model up until now, but not particularly well. Our biggest issue is over spending on proven Championship players picked by a rookie coach at this level and not bringing in our own! LJ and his five years to the Europa league was a massive millstone only an inexperienced man would have put round his and everyone else's neck!
  13. Tanner was great. Utterly exposed by waht was in front of him. The ball was constantly coming down that side but he did everything he could have done.
  14. REDOXO


    Unless this is a mega whoosh. I would suggest no home wins since January does not suggest that was a freak!
  15. Heartbreak!...Scott was immense....Otherwise I don't know what to say or think. But I'll try. Everyone loves HNM, but we look like conceding when ever he comes on! We were getting done down the flanks the entire second half. Tanner did well but he was constantly in action. But the biggest thing is with half an hour to play we CAN NOT KEEP ANY POSSSESION. stupid passes intercepted constantly, headers in midfield when there is time to bring it down and panic ensues!
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