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  1. Louis Britton has been injured. He will be looking toward some first tam action. If I remember correctly he scored our last EFL goal!
  2. For my tuppence, I think we have more of a chance of doing something than many think. The wildcards are, who we will get offers for and who we bring in, if anyone, and what does that do.
  3. Personally. I think this is fair and accurate. I just wonder if there is a bit of tit for tat going on or maybe Gregor got a bit over excited over NPs no show. I guess we will see what happens next!
  4. I had to smile today reading Grogors piece. No conclusive news but I saw Semenyo jumping a few seats so he looks to be overcoming his injury. Etc etc!
  5. Not sure it’s people looking for something that’s not there. But GMcG made it clear he was. The something being Nigel Pearson.
  6. Yes. I agree fella. It is noticeable that NP laughs after every media question before he answers. However that, to me, read like a warning!
  7. I’ve just read the GMcG post Portsmouth article. I thought the last section read like there is an issue between NP and our esteemed Journo. anyone else think that or am I way off base?
  8. Yep! Arthur Fonzerelli visits occasionally!
  9. I broadly agree. Sure if we can get another forward that’s better than what we have at the right cost ok, but my personal opinion is we have a plethora of forwards, if we continue as we have, blocking the pathway, the club policy begins to implode and we end up with a bloated squad playing crap football. Which we have. The wild card is, is there anyone interested in Semenyo or one of the youngsters.?
  10. Most would agree. Personally I think the team will be picked around James and to some extent Weimann. Bentley, Kalas, Nagy among a couple of others may well be the subject of enquirers/offers so I guess we will have to wait and see.
  11. They do. The brewery is amazing. Cases of beer moving so fast you can’t focus on them and they give you a couple of pints for free at the end of the tour!
  12. I live near Milwaukee. Strangely I’m not the only City supporter locally. In a state where The Packers rule everything it’s nice to have another team do well. Party time here!
  13. Bucks Win. City boys we are here!
  14. Bernard Cribbins City ledge! He had the same problem, apparently!
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