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  1. It does seem that simple. Doesn’t it? But hey maybe we will all get a surprise!
  2. Hi @AnotherDerbyFan yes on the balance of probability not entering accounts to the EFL for several seasons and continuing not to, was not the action of a club that were acting within the spirit or the letter of the rules, most would suggest. However the administrators and/or independent accountants will now attempt to prove that this flouting of the rules was not related to the eventual entering administration, which was solely losses from Covid? Is this a fair summary?
  3. Ok so Derby County’s administrators are mounting an appeal based upon no accounts for previous years. In your words transactional data that has not to this point been seen and the idea that this ‘data’ will show that they were never in financial difficulty despite never having produced accounts for the several years in advance of Covid. Is that a fair summary?
  4. Six years of financial data? So not the annual reports for those years themselves? I know you two guys follow this stuff closely. Are there any other Championship clubs that have not submitted reports to the EFL over the same period? @Hxj @Mr Popodopolous


    Can a couple of blokes from The CSF bang a few posters heads together Thank you!
  6. So. If I am reading the latest reports correctly. Derby County’s administrators are going to argue that COVID-19 is a Force Majeure and as such going into administration was out of the control of the club. While simultaneously not supplying the three previous years of accounts that would prove or disprove their case!? @Hxj @Mr Popodopolous is that a fair summary?
  7. Some shocking away days. Some as in the 70s you were there by the time it was called off. The one that still gives me nightmares is Forest away in the cup. 1/0 up with 5 minutes left list 2/1. The dodgiest penalty in history given by a homer ref. Wallace scored in injury time. At least the four Forest fans that decided it was a good idea to come in our end and take the piss got the living shit kicked out of them. Worse day for them I guess!!
  8. Always fiesty. Got hit with a whiskey bottle and a shoe once!
  9. Another that stands out for me in a cornucopia of away games was Aldershot away on a Tuesday the week before the Forrest games. Carl Shutt scored a brilliant scissors kick about five feet off the ground. A real cracker. There were about 20 of us there. Any of the other 18 still with us??
  10. Arsenal 76. It hasn’t even got a mention. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! And repeat!
  11. Yes. It’s fascinating the depths people will go to ignore the obvious and blame someone else! Cognitive Dissonance at its finest. We wuz framed by The EFL and a cabal of deep state football chairman lead by someone named Gibson guv!
  12. REDOXO


    Everyone has a platform in the internet age! Having supported this club home and away right through from the late 60s until I emigrated, I can say un-equivocally there was a couple of times I was bloody happy that they were there. Self fulfilling prophecy maybe but there have been some real nasty attacks. FFS Millwall went as far as to drop concrete blocks on us and turned up on a Friday night looking for trouble not long ago Yeah it is a bit of a shit article in a week where there is no football as I implied earlier. But there it is. There is still a group that call them selves The CSF but does anyone really care outside of a bored journo at the post!? Has starting any violence been attributed to The CSF in recent years? I honestly don’t know!!
  13. REDOXO


    I hate International week too!
  14. Forbes Phillipson-Masters was always a fave of mine. Did he not appear on Skinner and Badeil wearing a top hat and monocle
  15. This thread has cease and desist all over it! For the record. I met Jackie’s first Mrs dozens of times. She was a Pan Am flight attendant. Lovely girl!
  16. Chris Martin is an international footballer and a very good player. Anything written on here that’s negative about the fella just emphasizes the amount of numpties that this place gives a voice too!
  17. Didnt know he was Irish? I guess I have a few years on you!
  18. I like the clock there. It explains why we drive on the left!
  19. Yep I agree with all of this! Wells dropping out before KO worries me!
  20. I had no idea. Ian was Bristol Boy. I must keep up. I must keep up! I call it the lad mans poddy. A reflection on me rather than it. I’ve had a few problems posting comments during the show lately so I’ve deleted Podbean and will give it a miss for a while. As I mentioned somewhere else some of the other poddies can come off as a bit smart arsey, but one or two of the interviews have been quality. The Wilbo one was excellent!
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