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  1. Wrote about it many times. What a waste of money. :laugh:!


    Careful, you realize Vyner is the route of all of our problems and is no better than a <insert dodgy league here> player. Massengo miss kicks a ball straight to Cardiff’s winger who chips it to their center forward and I’m listening to arse hat crap about how Vyner was at fault, because he was caught out of position, of course he was Massengo just shanked it to their bloke unmarked on the edge of our box. However At least I’m not listening/reading the same shit about Weimann/Martin/DeSilva et al at the moment. Luckily Pearson doesn’t dislike Vyner and has said as much and personally I think he is a decent player, who will have a good career, and in three weeks it will all be someone else’s fault!


    I don’t dislike Ian. He says what he thinks, even if I don’t agree he’s not scared to have an unsubtle opinion. In this case it reads a bit Dickish but it got the response that we we would hope for.
  4. It was the cost. LJ and Ashton threw money down the toilet on dross , while SC and to some extent GJ picked up players at low cost. LJ screwed himself with the hubris of Europa League in five years then spent that time throwing money after his own bullshit which the hierarchy had already bought into. I’ll take a decent challenge in three years with SL keeping his money in his pocket.
  5. I agree certainly up until now But players develop that’s the point of the player development department. Last chance saloon as I said earlier for Britton but if the point is to give him a chance a preseason in Ireland is a good move.
  6. Exactly. The hope is we can keep Scott, Benny, Semenyo, Pring, (who is doing very well) etc and maybe Louis meets his burden of evidence for Pearso. But I’m not holding my breath that at least one of our kids will be off for big money freeing up space for another.
  7. I agree Derby or not ‘gone’ and neither are Barnsley. However I think what the original poster was getting across badly was 19 points behind us is a hell of a gap to make up. Personally I’ve been seeing signs of improvement for a long while. We are now playing some decent attacking football. The idea we need a striker or should fire the manager is becoming a memory from a podcast and our kids of which there are many are getting a really decent go. Tuesday is a bigger game than some may think. Does Williams start and if not do we start Scott in the middle, it seems overlooked that we were so much better with him in the middle yesterday. Do we start Williams and Scott in the middle , a real possibility if Williams is fit and James and King are not. Our back three four five is open for debate with the injuries and in availability, and does Max continue in goal?
  8. Exactly what I don’t understand. Although he may have been advised his contract is not likely to be renewed but who the hell knows..as someone says the LoI season is just starting, he needs a run of games, this might be the perfect move for him and let us not forget he scored yesterday. There might be a few on this thread writing him off a bit quick for completely the wrong reasons. Britton now goes into what is effectively a preseason, so we will see if they can get his fitness levels up and he can score some goals! Although this could be last chance saloon at City no doubt.
  9. The bloke had pretty much an unchallenged header that skipped up off the turf. I’m not sure too many would have saved it. Mac has done well and has his place n merit. As the bloke above says, our playing out has coincided with Max being in. If anyone thinks that’s a coincidence, then I would suggest you think again.
  10. I wouldn’t say that….Exactly! I’m a fundamentalist. I always think we can win. I see nine points from our next three games and a late play off run! Pubs open!
  11. Two very smart finishes and a first class all around contribution!
  12. Changed everything when he moved there. What a talent!
  13. REDOXO


    Semenyo was MotM. Poor old Flinty didn’t have a prayer. Hit the post twice played a part in all three goals. The kid is worth a lot of money at the moment. Pearson is building a team in the image of the Leicester team he built and more power to him.
  14. 30 mil for no ground 28 mil in HMRC debt no prospect of a deal with Gibbo and Wycombe and a wedge load of creditors, Laughable. There has to be something more.
  15. For a short order answer. Again this is an old claim that has been ignored and not got into the relevant body for a decision because the administrations at Derby (MM and Quantuma) have done everything they can to avoid it. BUT one thing is clear, The EFL will not allow Derby County FC to obfuscate to their advantage again. The EFL have been dragged through the mud by Derby County, I would suggest there is no one on any board at the EFL cares less anymore about the outcome particularly at its other member clubs.
  16. Quantuma will have a lot to answer for if County go under. Every bloody week they were on the verge of a preferred bidder. We only have their word for it on pretty much every issue until now as Middlesbrough, Wycombe and The EFL have had to give statements of position due to the deluge of garbage stemming from Pride Park. Middlesbrough’s action was started 18 months ago. How the hell are MPs arguing about who has a case or not 10 days before the club go under. Morris did everything to ignore getting before arbitration and Quantuma have used the same rationale. But now you have Wycombe who are owned by a renowned lawyer into the bargain as well. Sigh I feel for a lot of Rams supporters, however some of the abuse Rob Couhig is getting on the Derby County fans forum is not only wrong, nasty and I’ll informed but if I were him I would let Derby go under. Hopefully for the more sane Rams fans he is a better man than me!!
  17. The last line sums it up. However now the administrators are being thoroughly inept to add to the malaise as you imply. I’m not sure how they get out of this unless they find someone who is so wealthy the 65m mentioned yesterday by Courhig is irrelevant.
  18. There is more than likely more than one case here! Couhig was excellent. Kept his head, kept on point, brought in Mel Morris’ part in this and gave the interviewer nowhere To go other than ‘the heart strings’ approach. The administrators have been shown to be wrong at every turn, there are no preferred bidders or it seems no agreements with any creditor on what emergence may look like. Couhig obviously feels he and Gibson are the Scapegoats not only for Derby County supporters but the administrators and now dumb **** MPs out for a cheap vote win.
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