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  1. Who is out of contract Dave?
  2. It has been but…We don’t concede from dead balls anymore so there has been massive improvement notably since Kalas has been injured. The back three has two guys that had never played in this division before this season one of which hadn’t before about ten weeks ago. The improvement is self evident. However you defend as a team and we have got to be more aggressive in midfield!
  3. For the love of god @phantom correct the spelling of the title before I go crazy!
  4. The opposite of love is not hate. It’s indifference. I am indifferent to them and this thread and any comments good or bad about them.
  5. Yes it is all a bit sad Sport! Today our final pass/cross/finish was way off. and some of the passing errors in possession were reminiscent of beach football. However we have been way worse, which is says a lot about us. My personal opinion is that we have made massive progress with our home grown players and the future is bright, but supporters need to be patient as we we bring them through. The model has changed as the money was spent under previous administrations, but austerity is no different anywhere else!
  6. I think that’s an understatement. He will have more effect sitting on the bench.
  7. God bless Crawley. A global search for a new manager. Job for LJ? On a slightly more serious note I have got to believe there is way more to this than meets the eye. Training apartheid Over an extended period…Really….the staff and the club must have been aware of that. Crawley must be expecting an investigation into the club itself!
  8. I mentioned this a few times earlier in the thread when The talk began about local councils kicking in loads of money. The conflict of interests of effectively paying off an employee/political appointee are staggering!
  9. The cash was running out then that’s why the players were sold to ensure you continued to have cash and stay within the rules, was my understanding. (and in one case to stop the cash depletion in wages but ignore the continued debt to the former club) I still don’t follow, are you telling me that the players weren’t sold for cash and to stop cash depletion, there was some other nefarious reason?
  10. Am I missing something? The players got paid the ongoing suppliers got paid the staff footballing or non footballing got paid. I thought that was why the players had to be sold for current cash flow purposes and to comply with the rules that effectively say that?
  11. The Major is quite right. We have stock piled kids before and they never or hardly made it. I have a particularly good feeling about this boy, but he is developing late as many have done before him. However City are not in that position anymore. You are in the team or in the squad at 21/22 or you meed to develop somewhere else. Give it three years and the kid I hope will be tearing up trees, but to quote Fat boy slim, it’s right here right now that matters!
  12. Send him my regards. Not that he will have a scooby. But nevertheless! I miss seeing his stuff.
  13. A great character. I’d have him back any day!
  14. The Mall is a good choice. Was the previous shop all Bristol Sport teams I can’t remember. I seem to remember a hundred years ago Bears had a shop in town is that right?
  15. If we can keep Scott and early indications are we might be able to, then we would hope to have a choice of Williams James and Scott, behind Weimann Martin and Semenyo in a perfect world. That is a lot of Talent. I'm not sure we would need another forward even if Wells goes, (and again I am not sure anymore if that will happen either). It seems Klose and Cundy are close to new deals and now we have DiSilva playing a bit again, the need I see is for a right back. Of course Tanner will be fit again soon to play at the back, so what do we have coming through to be first team competitive and who is OOC in areas where we suffer from higher than average injury rates is the key? The lad who played centre back for 20 minutes against Derby looks very composed for a youngster and Conway, Bell, Benny, Pearson and Owers will all be pushing. Pring and Towler will also be fighting for places, so I certainly feel that Mr Pearson will not be strengthening using actual pound notes unless we sell. HNM is all but gone I would say and as much as it may irk one or two, Pearson just doesn.t like him as a player a great deal. The wild cards are going to be big offers for Bentley, Scott Weimann, Semenyo and sell ons for Brownhill (who scored yesterday) Webster Kelly etc. We are in a pretty good position compared to most clubs I would say.
  16. Possibly. I haven’t been to the City Center in a while, so don’t know how much un used decent space there is to at least take something for a decent test. With multiple brands sharing what is clearly too small a spot at AG as remarked upon in this thread a town presence is the obvious solution. But if I guess as you more than imply if it’s not a goer financially and the publicity out reach and ancillary benefits don’t weigh in much I guess we Best Buy our stuff online, ensuring we have/Bristol Rugby/Bristol Sport don’t have a focal point inside the City center.
  17. It seems a bit strange that Bristol Sport do not have a Superstore in town. You could buy match tickets make club enquirers and sell lots of shit too! Player appearances would be great and little charitable events and any amount of community out reach. I think we are still restricted even now with a small town small club culture and attitude. The place only needs to pay for itself any profit really is a bonus.
  18. Don’t be silly. Giving the bloke who has replaced Kalas that has never played in this division before any credit at all. Are you smoking something or simply don’t come here very often!?
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