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  1. I’m glad someone has finally said it. Joe Jordan FFS bloke has been out the game for to long and is about 100
  2. Do we actually have any organised??
  3. You know things are bad when people start agreeing with me
  4. Spot on. This was exactly my train of thought yesterday The issue for me isn’t Holden getting the job. It’s the way the club has handled it over the last 5 weeks . The lies, the false promises, the delays, the lack of communication....the sheer contempt shown towards the fans in recent weeks. I still fancy there to be one more twist in this one though. I really do
  5. I think the feedback they are getting is pretty well known. I’ve never known such a reaction to a manager before
  6. Because now was the time to appoint a coaching team with a track record, and coaching staff who had experience Not someone because “they have premier league experience” Why does Lansdown and co continuously wish to appoint novices
  7. Not really. If people posted things all over your photos you’d probably delete it to
  8. Get ready for lots of cliches next season
  9. He only employs yes men. Pretty simple explanation really We will never make the Premiership under Lansdown. Great businessman...but clueless when it comes to football . Absolutely clueless Let’s hope he doesn’t accept
  10. Its a guess based on probability The fact is he was the assistant to a head coach who ran out of ideas two years ago. If he had the answers....he would have worked with LJ and fixed the issues Listen to his interviews. He is a walking cliche. Get ready for a season of “we go again” and “the lads are an honest, hardworking bunch”
  11. I don’t think it’s as daft a thought as you think
  12. For me, as absolutely gutted I am by this appointment, and by the lies that have streamed out of Lansdowns mouth....I would never take part in any form of protest I will however vote with my feet. I wasn’t going to renew this year. First time in 25 years. I renewed the day after LJ was sacked .... Fans won’t be allowed back in the ground any time soon. We will be entitled to a refund come September. I will certainly be taking it I still love this club and will follow from afar....but I just can’t bring myself to blindly follow the liars that are in charge of the club. They ha
  13. I would absolutely love it if he turned the job down
  14. Lets pick up this conversation in 6 months when we are in a relegation scrap
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