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  1. We cannot keep blaming LJ. He’s been gone over 12 months As someone who was over the moon with the Pearson appointment, at some point he has to start taking responsibility. I didn’t expect anything this season, but the one thing I expected was for us to have improved on last seasons performances....and we haven’t. It really is absolutely dire I get it that he has inherited a bit of a mess, but we have enough quality and experience in this squad that we should be doing better then we are.
  2. Imagine being away from Ashton Gate for 18 months and one of the first things you do when you see the players is boo them luckily it was just a few muppets
  3. I didn't realise they had screens in there?
  4. Agree with this Many who know me on this forum will see me as a negative poster, but the fact is over 46 games we have been good enough to stay up. We have to now look towards next season and I just cannot see it being as bad as this one Do I think it will be tough? yes. Do I think we are going to see this huge turnaround in fortunes in time for August and we will reap the benefits next year ? No, but I think Pearson has the experience and ability to start turning things around in the summer The one real good point is so many of these players will be leaving and he gets the opportunity to replace them with his type of player. The most important thing is we have to get the right backroom staff in. In some ways that's going to be more important then the new players I'd be breaking the bank now for Steve Walsh and Craig Shakespeare or Chris Powell
  5. There's an end of seasons "awards" ..... Award for what?!
  6. Even if we could afford to pay his wages....there is absolutely no reason why he would want to come back to us
  7. Yeah my mind is not made up on Walsh yet. I can see him moving on this summer through choice if I'm honest
  8. We are going to need to see a dramatic change in fortunes right from the off next season I don't think Pearson has ever had such an important transfer window
  9. It's his fault we are in this mess!
  10. I just don't see it. He's ok, but certainly not someone I think we will miss What does he actually bring to games?
  11. Why the **** would anyone keep Baker??
  12. This squad of players are an embarrassment
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