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  1. Best way to describe Pack is he is not what we need if we want to kick on over the next 18 months - 2 years, but he is better what we have right now It was the right time for him to move on when he did, but we simply haven’t replaced him. Nagy was meant to be the upgrade but was an absolute disaster Stay up this season, and hopefully we will continue to move in the right direction
  2. I was actually complimentary a few posts up. Just not about Vyner and King
  3. I will happily criticise King to Complete waste of a wage
  4. Regardless of how this game ends up, we are finally showing a few shoots of progress. Two great counter attacking goals defensively we are so bad though. Vyner should be no where near the first team squad let alone in the team
  5. I personally think I’m a ray of sunshine …..
  6. The Millwall game was a prime example of that. Ball into the six yard box and he was rooted to his line He has done very well though
  7. Really hope so Pearson has to start getting the selection right though. Towler had no right being in that starting line up today….he is a talented young kid but he isn’t ready for this level yet I’d say the same for Benarous to Hats off to the second half performance . As you say let’s hope it’s a season changing win
  8. Hats off to them second half so far. And fair play to Scott and Massengo
  9. They are not though. That’s the thing We got plenty of talent on the bench or frozen out. For whatever reason Judging by those accounts….I’m going to say very little
  10. Just out of interest….at what point can we start holding Pearson responsible for some of this debacle?
  11. We look poor most games let’s be honest. We are in genuine dire straits at the minute I feel so sorry for these kids. The responsibility being put on them is not fair We have some talent there but Scott aside, very few of them are ready for this standard of football.
  12. People celebrating the fact we have all these academy players in the team….when the reality is it’s going to be the reason we go down Towler and O’Leary way out of their depth at the minute Our defending is pathetic
  13. We really need to win this game today. We don’t have the guts for it if we get dragged into the deep end At the minute we have just enough breathing space I think. It won’t last long though if we don’t start picking up points in games like these
  14. You do realise the game I watched on tv was the same one you all watched right? You don’t need to ‘be there’
  15. Hardly bawling our eyes out. Just not making excuses like 90% of the people on here who are blaming the ref or knocking one out because the players ran around a lot The cold hard facts are is when it mattered, we made the same costly errors we’ve been making all season.
  16. I do like Scott. He’s going to grow into a fantastic player and the one positive of this season
  17. I did renew yes but you’re right, I don’t bother anymore. I did watch the game on tv tonight as there was little else on, but got no interest in wasting my time going down there these days. Judging by the empty seats tonight, I think there are many more like me to
  18. Negative agreed….but the truth hurts sadly.
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