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  1. Always amazes me how football fans like to insult injured players. I'm sure no footballer wants to be injured, not least because they're probably in a lot of pain ffs but also because I'm sure 99% of them just want to be on the pitch.
  2. You could be right, it just came across as odd to me to say they hadn't spoken. How many managers haven't checked in on one of their best players getting injured so early into a game? Agree he likely wouldn't have given much away so early anyway
  3. I thought the strangest thing about his interview (on RB at least) was the comments about the two injured players. He said he hadn't spoken to Joe, and he only "passed" King in the corridor? How has he not spoken to either of them? Surely he's at least asked them if they're ok or what went wrong? Just seemed very weird, as if he wasn't in the changing room at half time or after the game?
  4. I’d rather win games though
  5. MarcusX


    No chance, they only do that to like minded individuals
  6. MarcusX


    Not that this thread is about taking the knee... but I get the point, but you can always provide a "what about" statement. I hope you don't use Facebook, Uber, Disney+, never got on a Boeing plane, or voted for the Tories if you are that opposed to Saudi investment, just to name a few. We as fans, especially City, have little control over what happens in Newcastle or the World Cup. I've been to the last 3 tournaments but won't be going to Qatar, I don't plan to go to St James Park anytime soon either. What swerve? This thread is specifically about the cenotaph. If you'd like to discuss the Newcastle take over, start a thread on it... Again though, if you're that upset about Saudi investment I'd love to know what else you boycott in life to avoid their funding?
  7. MarcusX


    I never said that though, so not relevant to me? Ok, leaving it there, apparently 1 can mean something else to other people but the other can't. You can't see the double standards of your opinions on these two matters.
  8. I agree, for as good as Foden & Grealish currently are, they just can't do it against better opposition or with consistency. Grealish has started to be found out a little at City this year IMO, he's performed poorly in some of the bigger games. He looks exciting but often runs into dead ends or loses the ball. He does well to win free kicks, but often doesn't get the free kick and loses possesion. I think he has potential to be something dangerous but he needs to improve quickly at the highest level. I like Southgate, I think for all the criticism about his tactical nouse, he's done a great job bringing that dressing room together. They look like they actually enjoy international duty and because a lot of them have known each other a long time they are friends who enjoy meeting up again - as opposed to in the past when we've had club rivals meeting up and not mixing with each other. I don't think the importance of that bond can be underestimated, but Southgate does lack something. I agree with the comments about Italy, they were there for the taking and especially in extra time I was so disappointed with the approach to subs and penalties.
  9. MarcusX


    My point was that privilege isn't a good word for it because a white person from a poor or disadvantaged background (one I came from I'll add) won't see themselves as "privileged" in the traditional sense of the word. Anway as I said, it's moved away from the point of the topic
  10. MarcusX


    No you've taken the facts of what the players have said about why they are taking the knee, and said that's not true it means something else. You're now taking the facts of what your friend said about using "all lives matter" on a banner and there's no way it can mean anything else to anyone.
  11. MarcusX


    I think people like yourselves get too hung up on the word priviledge. Taking it too literally as having advantages or special rights. The poster who used the term Black Disadvantage put it better. It's not about all white people necessarily having an "easy" life, it's just we don't have that specific disadvantage that some people do. Anyway, that's away from the point of the discussion - threads like this were always going to have a political edge, it's a political topic. Not sure why it's still in the football chat tbh as for my mind the CSF has very little to do with football, I am sure many will disagree.
  12. MarcusX


    Why does distance matter? Black Lives Matter is an american political movement, so the knee here has no relevance to it then... but you insist it's intrinsically linked? You want to enforce your rules of speech / action.
  13. MarcusX


    You’re missing the point of context, it’s been explained many times. People started saying all lives matter as a direct response to BLM. I don’t think it can be explained any better than @IAmNick already has. Particularly the example of criticising say a breast cancer charity because all cancers are important. Or turning up to someone else’s funeral to tell them that your loved one died too. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/why-is-it-so-offensive-to-say-all-lives-matter-153188 And just to clarify again I don’t think everyone at the cenotaph was racist. No one has ever said they all were, probably just ignorance towards the meaning of the phrase on the banner in the context of a BLM protest. Add that to getting drunk and singing chants that didn’t really have a purpose, whilst “defending” something that didn’t really need defending they just look silly IMO
  14. I remember lots of people wanting only one defensive mid instead of two, especially against Scotland. Who else would play there? Henderson wasn’t fit. So maybe not specifically Rice but that was the only real option for 1 CDM
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