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  1. Careful what you wish for...
  2. Ah I missed the correlation, as I didn't watch the game! I saw the tweet he did after the first game
  3. Was it also funny reading the responses on the Hughton thread after telling everyone it was just dotting the i's and crossing the t's ?
  4. That happened yesterday I think? Someone said Murray has left twitter, I'm sure Tinnion also posted about leaving twitter soon last week
  5. Thanks, it’s Tuesday and my legs still ache but I had football training again last night. Rest day today Training starts to ramp up this month, back to back weekend runs and about 200 miles in total all being well. Did 138 in July and 75 in June
  6. That's strange, someone posted the Oldham shirts and they've been removed?
  7. You could tell from the way he spoke about it that the PO Final hurt for him as much as it did the fans, and I always find that interesting to hear as a fan. We assume players are just robots that don't really care but that's not the case - even for someone who clearly didn't get nervous very often and didn't have much emotion to the pressures of playing. I loved Nobes, and really enjoyed the podcast. I think unfortunately he's wrong if he thinks his off the pitch life didn't affect his performance, it's very well known how alchohol can inhibit recovery so going out drinking on a Saturday
  8. I don't understand why past performance has any bearing on future? Expecting promotion is probably not fair because it's not fully within our control, but to challenge for it should be the aim else why are we here? We're worlds apart from the team I grew up supporting when we were in the same situation but a league below. We'd spent only 4 seasons out of 27 in the 2nd tier when we finally went up, so why was promotion expected every season then? We've got a stadium fit for the Prem, we're in a good financial position, we're established in the Championship (11 of the last 13 yea
  9. There's definitely been an increase in deliberate shit posting since the negative responses were taken away
  10. I assume any pro-BLM athletes that are anti-slavery will avoid these olympics? in a similar vein I wonder if any will refuse to compete at the football World Cup in Qatar?
  11. They didn’t, this has been addressed on Twitter. The award goes to the TV production rather than the actual event (agree or disagree with that as you will) so it’s not saying it was a better sporting moment.
  12. Got a good long session in today 18.5 mile run along the canal. Walked in places where needed. 3 hours and 10 minutes then 90 minutes of football training and a round of golf! 47.3k steps 6 weeks til my ultra marathon and time on the legs is looking good, and feeling less painful than I thought it might
  13. I thought we played alright first few games but results may have clouded my judgement! that said I remember watching the Reading home game and being absolutely bored to tears despite winning. I don’t know how we didn’t concede at the end, I was texting my mates telling them to bet on Reading to score so maybe you’re right about the luck aspect
  14. Don’t forget we had a fantastic start, if our first 10-15 results had been in the same vein as the rest of the season I think we’d have been close to the relegation battle
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