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  1. One of the strangest comments posted on this forum
  2. Whilst I think I'd probably agree with the intention (for most people), the reality is that it's not just "banter". You wouldn't accept it as banter if the subject of the chant was race or colour.
  3. He's absolutely right, and I say that as someone who was on the pitch at Rotherham (if I remember rightly our fans actually went over and clapped the away fans that day) and again at Palace. Just look at the Billy Sharpe incident. Players and officials are put at massive risk during a pitch invasion and no matter what you think of a player you have no right to attack him (or her!) The only way to ensure players are protected is to clamp down on pitch invasions - there's not enough security to do that though, so whether that means a return to fences, or distance between stands and pitch I'm not sure
  4. I didn't feel the need to go anywhere near the Rotherham / Palace players though. Again, what McBurnie did is disgusting and there's little justification if any, but if you put yourself in a situation or location you shouldn't be in then you may get treated in a way you didn't expect I think it should be investigated to see if the fan did anything to goad, or antagonise the player - however the player should receive full punishment because he's still behaved appalingly
  5. Definitely. I’m sure drug use has always been fairly high but it’s so much more brazen now. When I was younger none of my friends touched it, and it was very hush hush amongst the people who did - now it’s a brag. The lads at football go out every Saturday, just to the pub or into town. Large majority of them coked up every Saturday and that’s mostly young lads, 20-24. Can’t do a night out without it. Worst thing is they all become much worse people after taking it, either act like *********, get violent or just chewing their face off unable to talk. Im not particularly anti-drug, I’ve done a bit now and again but there’s definitely a shift in society - people rely on it for a night out, even if it’s just in the local pub.
  6. Warnock? Simon Jordan? Wasn’t there an incident in a Rovers game too? Agree it doesn’t make any difference most of us would condemn a city fan doing it too
  7. Hard to judge from a short clip, and I’d hate to defend him because his actions are disgraceful. That said, fans shouldn’t be on the pitch and this is precisely why. Sheff Utd players and officials have every reason to be fearful in that situation. Again not defending him because he has previous, but it’s an emotionally charged situation and we don’t know what the fan has done before hand. 2 wrongs don’t make a right of course.
  8. Seen this argument about Liverpool fans at Wembley at the weekend. Even people on the lowest income / breadline deserve to have fun and do things they enjoy.
  9. Incredibly brave lad. We all know what some crowds can be like, Brighton still regularly receive homophobic chanting. It’s refreshing to see the support he’s receiving and I think it’s obvious that society has moved on dramatically since for example Fashanu came out. For those saying who cares or why’s this a story - it’s not about declaring his sexuality, it’s about being able to be comfortable with who he is. I’m glad he feels he can do this and hopefully he’ll inspire many other people. A lad in my team came out a couple of years ago. No one has treated him any different, he’s still the same person. I’m sure most teams up and down the country would react the same these days.
  10. Im glad Liverpool won, wouldn’t call myself a supporter but definitely have a soft spot for them. A proper football club steeped in tradition, passionate fans, a knack of winning big games with some highly memorable performances - Istanbul was the first for me and I loved Gerrard, West Ham cup final, Barca etc. There’s only two cities in England that have the passion most clubs can only dream of - Liverpool and Newcastle. Spend a match day in either of those cities and you’ll understand just how much football means to a community and to fans. All my opinion of course, and I’m from a younger generation that didn’t witness Liverpools earlier glory days. Some of their fans are knobs, but find a club that doesn’t have them. I’d love to see them do the quadruple but I think the leagues gone.
  11. I know the same, yet seeing so many of them trying to get tickets for todays game!
  12. It’s been the last game of the season most of the last 10 years ?
  13. Spoke too soon I’m glad the jury’s didn’t all just plough their votes into Ukraine which made it more interesting. Of course the public did their bit, almost every country giving 12 points to Ukraine. Really happy to see them win and even happier to see the right wing meltdown on Twitter
  14. What is going on?! Apparently not…
  15. I'd be utterly embarrased if I was Jamie or Wayne
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