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  1. The people at the very top of the flat earth theory are getting very rich from promoting this ideology. There's an interesting documentary on netflix, people paid thousands to go to a convention to hear there flat-earthers talk
  2. Would you say the same to a girl in a hotel room with 3 attractive men?
  3. In fairness, from the pictures available, it's plausible There was a screenshot of instagram messages too but no idea if that was real Can anyone tell me what a "snapchat model" is? That a job now? Such an odd statement
  4. It looks like a bit of a setup, she could have just been leaning in to talk to him as its a very bad photo It's still a bad look from him to be caught like that because of his fame/status, he should be wiser to this.
  5. Just imagine a couple of men take a clearly very drunk / half asleep woman back to their hotel room like this, would it still be funny? Edit: not aimed at you, just the situation in general
  6. Here’s another. How many have died from this “gene therapy” out of interest?
  7. FWIW I don’t wish to impose vaccine passports, my position is that I understand why some venues might want to and personally have no problem flashing a QR code or taking a test to gain entry to somewhere for the next couple of months. It’s nothing compared to another lockdown if we get this horribly wrong
  8. Yea but he probably meant “healthy” people because we know those with health issues or disabilities don’t matter
  9. Well the point was more about backing up random statements with some evidence so it can be discussed, you know, the point of a forum?
  10. Personally I’m sceptical that’s all. He’s THAT much quicker than anyone around him in history, people who are also genetic outliers and the best of the best (and been popped) Who knows, take nothing away he’s still the best of the best. It’s like the dark arts of football, it’s part of the game and if they’re all doing it then you’re still the best
  11. It'll all come out one day Not taking anything away from Bolt as I think it's still a fairly level playing field, I imagine it's rife at the top level of all sports. Same with Lance Armstrong, he was doping, but I'm sure he wasn't beating 100% clean athletes. There's even PEDs in e-sports these days lots of top level gamers were taking adderall Not caught any of the olympics so far, hoping to catch some of the weighlifting this week, been following Sarah Davies for a while. Took silver at the commenwealth games 3 years ago in her category
  12. Again, do yourself and your case no favours when writing things like this. Who is "sitting in front of the bbc" (probably taken straight from a social media meme)? Please, find someone, anyone, that believes, trusts or otherwise supports this government in this thread? Spouting utter nonsense repeated from your rabbit hole youtube videos, and because you've got no further substance than those intial soundbites you can't actually participate in a reasoned debate. Some things that are questioned by the anti-vax / anti-gov / truth seekers whatever you want to call yourselves, are valid but you dont seem able to debate them. As I said in a previous post, it's all or nothing with you guys. At least some like @Baba Yaga and @LoyalRed who have differing views are able to debate, and at times they might get picked apart (often by several people at once unfortunately) if they post something that's factually questionable but generally their opinions are respected (they may think otherwise ) and they make some fair points.
  13. Thanks, yes you're probably right. Don't "have" to as such but certainly encouraged to dig deeper
  14. Funny how you leave after being proven wrong though, without response. You'd have gained far more respect if you replied and said actually, yes I was wrong the BBC did report it
  15. I'm fairly sure any report of domestic abuse / violence is now followed through even if the victim tries to retract their statement so i don't think she'd have any comeback on her I had a friend go through this (honestly believe he did no wrong given the nature of events, long story) and the Police continued to investigate despite his Mrs taking back what she'd reported and insisting it was her drunken rage (the situation was all caused by someone else lying to her). Luckily there was no further action as she didn't have any signs of abuse, because he didnt touch her, and there was simply no evidence. Obviously suffice to say he did not stay with her much longer
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