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  1. I don’t think so, it ended with a shot just wide or blocked from Massengo I think? Guy interviewing Tommy Conway just confirmed 38 passes
  2. Think I agree, that’s certainly the best full 90 minutes I’ve watched since Pearson joined (I’ve missed a few games admittedly so someone may correct me) Have to go back to Holdens early games for anything remotely as good for the whole game.
  3. City have been fantastic tonight. defending has been solid, we’ve passed the ball well and quickly when needed. At one point we held possession for what just have been 30 passes? Felt like a good couple of minutes. Reaction to the red has been perfect, we’ve kept our heads. Pearson made the right changes and shored us up. Alex Scott is special, enjoy him while we’ve got him because he won’t be here next season at this rate. and to top it off an incredible reaction save from Bentley there!
  4. He’s been outstanding tonight, bet some people have been itching to have something to moan about him
  5. What the actual **** It was an aggressive tackle from Sykes, but red seems harsh. How freeman escapes without the same though is beyond me for that reaction! edit: couple more replays and I can see why the ref has sent Sykes even if I don’t agree. Freeman is very lucky though And how did we not get a penalty before that?
  6. It’s fine margins. In the play off final season we put out some poor performances it’s just more often than not we got the bit of luck or the right side of that fine line, late winners / equalisers seemed quite common. Dont get me wrong that team had a lot of fight but a lot of luck too. No one really talks about performances when you win though, certainly not years later
  7. I couldn’t go past this without commenting, no way are we worse now than when he took over.
  8. And unfortunately some of the replies on social media show why they may not feel comfortable doing so Luke's always seemed like a decent bloke, the Cheltenham incident was blown out of proportion IMO
  9. Why do you say China wont do something? They are expected to overachieve their target of 65% reduction by 2030 and have shown reductions 3 quarter-year periods in a row now (given this is in the air following the Ukraine war) It's easy to pick on China, and I used to be guilty of that, they are starting from a very high point so there's a long way to go but they appear to be commited to it so far. Don't forget how much of their carbon footprint is due to western countries outsourcing production. We've hold responsibility for smoe of that footprint
  10. Obviously there's ways around it as we're doing it, but a lot of this is because of health and safety laws. It's the reason if you go in say a Tesco express just before closing they are clearin the fresh food but they aren't allowed to let you have it they have to dispose of it. We used to have the same with our catering, there's quite tight rules on how long food can stay out etc
  11. Because that’s further for them and gives us the home advantage?
  12. I’ve replied, sorry I’m not close to you so now way of getting ticket over to you - I’m not attending either just got out of work so had to opt for the refund
  13. You're welcome to it but not sure how, where are you based? Coincednetally the ticket office just called me and said I have to let them know by 4:30 if I want a refund and I have to send them evidence of the destroyed tickets before they will process it - so I wont be going tonight now as I can't be sure until after 5pm
  14. Sorry if this has been discussed, I landed back in the country last night and heard about the game being moved I was going with a friend who lives in Coventry, he cant get to Burton so I need a refund on one ticket. I wont know until about 5pm whether I can make tonight, Burton's about an extra 30 - 40 minutes away from me so it depends how my first day back at work goes as to whether I get away in time. Has anyone received a refund yet? i've emailed customer services but not had a response yet. I want to know if I can apply tomorrow for the refund if I don't make it tonight
  15. Far from shit, pen was harsh and one mistake otherwise had a solid game so far
  16. Given that it’ll be Xmas as well, I think you’re right! Really enjoyed that game, thought it was very physical and that young German centre mid probably could have been sent off in another game (should have been booked way before she was) Game management at the end was fantastic too. I don’t know why people have to compare to men, just take it for what it is and that was a very good performance and throughly enjoyable. Congrats girls
  17. Anyone know if / when the full game will be available to watch back on robinsTV? At a wedding today (and out of the country) so could probably avoid the score quite easily and watch back later
  18. Yes, just choose a non UK region and it’ll work
  19. I was waiting for China to be mentioned…
  20. I mentioned this higher up, they aren’t “fitted” but they do come up slightly smaller than a traditional size.
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