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  1. Not being funny, but city fans were like that with LJ when we were knocking about the play offs probably well above our station in most neutrals eyes.
  2. Not the entire truth though. there is ONE count which is any death within 28 days of a positive test. This was done to simplify daily numbers and bring us in line with how other countries reported deaths. this 28 days was based on data that found the large majority of people who died from covid did so within 28 days, there are quite a few who day between day 29 and 60 but also some people who coincidentally contract covid and die because of the hypothetical bus or other obviously unrelated condition. for the sake of getting a daily update it’s fairly accurate and misses more actual covid deaths than including non-covid ones This is easily evidenced by the fact that of thr 3 counters, 28 day, death certificate and excess deaths - the 28 day count is (or was last time I had to correct someone on this) is the lowest of the three. it’s a piss poor argument to talk about the very tiny amount of people who are included in the daily figures (but not the official death certificate records) who didn’t die of covid to try and pretend the numbers are largely wrong and over-counted. The truth is, the daily count is under 145k vs 169k and you’ll find that on the deaths page on that very government website https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/deaths
  3. This is a poor argument tbh deaths are counted officially by death certificate and that count is HIGHER. There's no one getting hit by a bus going down as a covid death on their certificate
  4. Dont forget many were upset about Rafa's appointment after his time at Liverpool. It might be different if we appointed Holloway
  5. “Could be” related to 264m people have had covid
  6. Why is the immediate assumption vaccine? We’re in a pandemic involving a virus that causes heart problems Eriksen and Wyke weren’t vaccinated so that default position by some is just odd.
  7. @PHILINFRANCEthis subject Has been discussed a bit on the politics side with various suggestions from vaccine / covid related to increased exertion levels in the modern game and/or lack of rest period with the disruption of the previous season, followed by a summer tournament. It could even be that it’s just being reported more, someone shared a link that suggested the numbers of footballers suggesting heart related issues is no higher than usual in a year. Definitely concerning in regard to fans but again, is it just coming to light more with games being stopped etc?
  8. Utter nonsense as usual
  9. I know the situation around AD and his early years, of course I wasn't around to experience it. I agree with the sentiment, I just think we've been lucky for the last 30 years our "good" seasons have probably outweighed our bad and a lot of us as a fan base don't know what it's like to experience this level of shit for so long. I still hope Pearson can turn it around, he was my preferred choice even when we appointed Holden. I'm disappointed he hasn't had more impact though so far, I thought he'd at least make us hard to beat
  10. I could be wrong, but one thing I find rather unique about our situation (in my 30 years as a supporter) is I dont ever remember us being so shit and avoding relegation (except where we've changed manager and been saved) At least in the past when we've been shit it hasnt tended to last too long. We have one or two bad seasons, go down, make big changes and come back up. We've never been this consistently shit for this long in the last 30 years, and I think we're going to survive this season because of Derby and 2 teams being even shitter than us! This is probably where someone corrects me
  11. I don’t think there was much play acting to be fair, we just got stuck in for once 2 of the lengthy head treatments were blood related, Fletcher you could tell was in discomfort - you could see him wince when he struck a shot shortly after
  12. It certainly wasn’t perfect but I think that’s harsh to say it wasn’t a “good” performance.
  13. Really came across loud and clear on the TV, incredibly proud tonight. Well done all of you
  14. An absolute delight to watch them play. for all the negatives of the last few months/year, there’s some positives growing. Some young talented lads coming up through the team
  15. Yes this, that was impressive too. Well done to all of you there
  16. Well yes, you can’t be offside from a goal kick
  17. Benerous has been outstanding. The intelligence there to buy a free kick and relieve the pressure
  18. Pring way too deep I think Might have been Atkinson actually?
  19. It was a goal kick unless my memory is failing me?
  20. Someone will whinge about him going off though
  21. I dunno, I think Scott’s entitled to go for that For once we look up for the fight, just have to avoid being rash
  22. Isn’t there a rule about it deflecting off another body part?
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