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  1. I'm not sure "just getting on with it" defeats a virus during a pandemic That said things look a lot better than they did last time this was discussed a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Thanks, I did see your previous comment after actually and found it interesting Personally I feel there are risks in life and we weigh up what we deem worthy. It's useful to know there might be a link, and we can choose to continue to do so knowing that risk. I'm at the end of my footballing "career" now so any damage is likely already done!
  3. I haven't caught up with the whole thread but I heard someone talk about this yesterday and they were saying although the balls are lighter, they are kicked with more force now so the extra speed and power behind a shot/cross/kick almost counteracts the advancement in ball technology. Not seen any actual study or evidence of this just going by the words of a spokesman for one of the charities
  4. I'm not saying he is worth that much, but he didn't start in part because he appeared to be nursing an injury and in part because Gareth's plan involved utilising him as an impact player. Also, a transfer fee is about the worth of that player to the selling club, not necessarily how good he is. How or why Gareth used him has no real bearing on his value to Aston Villa
  5. Why do we always compare footballers to doctors and nurses but never movie stars or musicians? It's entertainment, they bring in money, millions of people watch football every week. That's just life unfortunately.
  6. I think a few of us said from the start that she wouldn't "dominate". Obviously just being born a man doesn't mean she will beat every woman ever. Wenwen is an incredible lifter, she was always going to take gold. She set the World Record a few months ago and just set the Olympic Record. I doesn't prove it one way or another IMO based on one performance. She could easily have out lifted half the field in her warm up - is that because she used to be a man or because she's a better lifter? The abuse of her has been disgusting though. Completely unfair, she hasn't done anything wrong. Glad we managed to take silver though
  7. I wouldn't say it's proof of no advantage, she needed to hit 120+ to be in contention for a medal. She could have gone "safe" with a 115 maybe first (and I dont know why she didnt) but clearly she thought she could hit 125. 116 still would have beat half the field and I dont think that would have been any issue for her
  8. I didnt have commentary on but didn't understand why the 2nd lift didnt count I thought she made it? 125 was a brave choice rather than going for a "safe" lift. TBH no one is troubling the chinese lady for Gold
  9. Laurel Hubbard today... get the popcorn ready, the fall out is going to be epic if she wins
  10. different times though, most fans havent had a chance to get to AG in 18 months. I guess some may just wait a week though
  11. I'd have thought in the current climate it wouldn't as they may want to know who is in the ground etc That said, the OS article suggests it will be it's just not preferred. I can't imagine it will be that high an attendence so makes sense to give people as much chance as possible to get a ticket
  12. Fair point. I might be being a bit harsh but I get the impression the sort of person who objects to having to do these things to enter a ground are the types of people likely to circumvent the rules to get in. Probably a small minority, but it only takes a small amount of them to be positive and if they've already done that to get in, I've little confidence they'd be wearing a mask, keeping their distance etc. Another issue you raise there, if you've got a ticket and you tested positive last minute what would happen. Would you be entitled to a refund? If not, again there's another decision to make, waste the £40-50 you've spent (or more if you're taking family). We saw that with England games, though may have been more a case of it being such a once in a generation type game that people wouldn't want to miss it. With regular league games there's always the next one.
  13. My understanding was that if you test positive on a LFT it's pretty likely you are positive (but PCR to confirm) whereas a negative test doesn't necessarily mean you are negative. I think it gives out more false negatives than false positives, but I could be wrong
  14. They dont train very hard anymore?
  15. Yea that's what I mean, you do the LFT go to the site to report it and you tell the site whether it was negative or positive. Choose negative and you get your text / email. There's no way of concluding that you actually did a test so IMO proof of a negative test via LFT is pointless really. PCR would be better, but a bit more hassle plus the risk of taking 2 days to get results
  16. LFT is pointless for this, you dont even have to do the test just scan it and say it was negative
  17. Thanks for explaining, like I say I just seen the headline and thought that was poor but given what you've just explained it makes sense now I'm glad you've got rid of Power, got a few good mates who are Swindon fans and I'd hate to have seen the club go under. I hate Swindon more than Rovers, mainly because of that rivalry with friends, but no one wants to see that Of course, shirt is still smart. Over the years I always felt you tended to out do us on shirt designs, although we've got better the last few years. The away kit seems a bit marmite from seeing comments but I like that too, reminds me of early 90s Swindon, the Burmah away shirt
  18. I couldn't believe it, we were in London all weekend and the weather said to expect rain the whole time. We commented several times how lucky we'd been and it started to rain just as we made our way to kings cross to head home Must have missed this by minutes really, saw the news later and was stunned.
  19. Some strange comments here
  20. Had Sarah hit the PB attempt she went for after her successful lifts she'd have took home a medal. Fine margins in weightlifting, joint 4th, 3kg from a medal.
  21. Tbf I thought that victimless crime comment was obvious as to the context, though may have been better left unsaid The comments about violence are odd, he’s been convicted at least twice of violent crimes and his career is littered with violence. If that’s their stance and their values why did they employ him in the first place?
  22. I read that you only sold 600 STs so far but that makes sense if they couldn’t get them online. That shirts nice btw, preferred it when it didn’t have a sponsor though. It does look a little bit like 2002 Man Utd though now, one with Vodafone sponsor and the black bits under sleeve
  23. The people at the very top of the flat earth theory are getting very rich from promoting this ideology. There's an interesting documentary on netflix, people paid thousands to go to a convention to hear there flat-earthers talk
  24. Would you say the same to a girl in a hotel room with 3 attractive men?
  25. In fairness, from the pictures available, it's plausible There was a screenshot of instagram messages too but no idea if that was real Can anyone tell me what a "snapchat model" is? That a job now? Such an odd statement
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