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  1. Yeah of course it is, maths isn't my best suit we don't play all our matches at home (thank God!)
  2. What's the League record for most home games without winning, there can't be many more than 16 surely, only half a dozen away from half a season's worth
  3. Looks like one of Elton John's old suits (congrats at being No. 1 this week by the way Elt....)
  4. Pulling the plug out also makes the water decrease, I think he’s onto something
  5. I think it would be obscene to have access to that much money in one fell swoop - I agree with @Super's idea that you get so much a month or a regular basis. I wouldn't even entertain going public with my winning ticket either (obviously people you know would get to know about it, but can you imagine the begging letters, etc. one would get every day (not that I'm averse to donating money to worthy causes, however I'd rather do that off my own back). I did read somewhere once they give you counselling or something to prepare you for your windfall, but how could anyone possibly prepare for that?!! Once I'd bought a decent house, sorted out the family / close friends and got a couple of nice cars that would be all I would need really. There is such a thing as too much isn't there?
  6. And still nothing on the win line
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