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  1. Barton, the kind of bloke if you saw him getting filled in and stopped to help, once you realised who it was you'd say 'carry on' and walk off
  2. Bloke is a total weapon - always was and always will be.
  3. John Eustace set to be appointed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57942276
  4. Do those pants play an “unlucky da shit” sound effect if the wearer follows through (asking for a friend)
  5. What it doesn't show on those pictures is that on the inside front on the underpants is a picture of Dean Windass
  6. Vile shirt for a vile club, in a battenburg style but for them its twattenburg
  7. "He didn't get enough purchase on the ball"
  8. I always get confused about this xx years amount of hurt, did everybody around then hurt straight after they won it in 1966, surely the hurt was when they went out in 1970
  9. Sleep well Sir - when I was getting into football he was at Portsmouth
  10. Keep seeing the phrase “saltiness from our friends North of the Border” - surely it’s Saltireness
  11. This is blatantly Zola isn't it?!!
  12. that winning penalty was pure filth - fair play
  13. Watching an England tournament match totally relaxed from start to finish, what kind of witchcraft is this?!
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