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  1. Fools and their money are easily parted - you'd think what happened down the road would be a cautionary tale on not overspending, they might regret it at some point
  2. Another flare incident on the weekend, at Valley Parade of all places https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62540778
  3. not sure if it would have made one jot of difference but they could have waited a few weeks for Pochettino (although anyone sane wouldn't touch it with a barge pole)
  4. looking forward to the half time thoughts of Roy Keane
  5. Thank you for that, reading this on holiday and I’ve just spat my cider out laughing
  6. Olivia Newton-John, aged 73
  7. Judith Durham of The Seekers, aged 79
  8. An incident at Rochdale as well on Saturday I noticed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62275052
  9. Arveladze needs sectioning if he thinks that's a penalty, Jesus wept
  10. The only thing that’s limited is his IQ - an absolute mess
  11. Massive club - 10,000 less than Bradford got in League 2! today, 19,368 (and even Stockport had 10,011)
  12. My daughter is adopted, we had IVF / egg donation procedures about 15 years ago and none of it worked so we pursued the adoption route, and literally three months after she came to live with us my wife miraculously became pregnant despite 'experts' telling us it was impossible, so we have an adopted child and a biological one and they are both treated exactly the same (she knows she's adopted). Adoption isn't easy though, not only all the intrusive checks and processes you have to go through, but the effects later on.
  13. Got the grey / orange shirt for my boy today, it really is a thing of beauty, so much so I’ve got one for myself (the first one I’ve got since our Adidas days). The sizings are questionable though aren’t they?! 99% of the time a large will fit me with a bit of wriggle room no problem, however it’s almost skin tight on the replica shirt and XL was required
  14. When you had to wait 10 minutes for it to load then it crashed - grrr
  15. Can remember seeing him most days stood on the corner of Ridgeway Lane / Wharnecliffe Gardens on my way to work, with the customary mutual thumbs up, or in The Yeoman. Not sure about anyone else but he didn't have to say anything at all to make me laugh, just the way he swanned about was enough! Can't believe he's gone, thought I'd go before him and I'm only 47. My memory might be playing tricks, but I'm pretty sure he read out the teams once at Ashton Gate over the PA, would have been early 90s and I'm certain the opposition was Tranmere. There I was sat in my seat waiting for the teams to be announced, then his tones came over the PA instead of Phil Tottle's "in gawl, Eric Nixon" etc.
  16. I can almost hear Brian Moore on The Big Match reading out the referee's name before kick-off - "and today's referee is George Courtney from Spennymoor"
  17. Gutting news, saw him most days in Whitchurch, sleep well Sir
  18. It gotten ever so dark outside all of a sudden
  19. I’ve just walked home from the office (it’s a 15 minute walk), absolutely boiling
  20. In the office today and its absolute air-con bliss, I am actually tempted to kip in here tonight. I went outside just now and the heat hits you like a brick, its very noticeable compared to 'normal' summer days
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