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  1. What to do with Baker, Wells and Palmer...?
  2. Sorry to be contrary but I disagree with most of this post. He joined us of his own free will and probably had other options. He/his agent were well aware of what expectations and plans we had for him and we on the forum have no idea what those conversations were. Right from the start Wells looked like he was lacking in quality and other than a few (not many) goals, he never looked like the lethal finisher we expected. No manager in their right mind would play Wells out of position, or even bench him, if they thought he had the talent. But three managers in succession found him to be lacking. I've got nothing against him, but I really don't think he was good enough for us and it goes down as poor recruitment in my very humble opinion.
  3. I thought he had a very wobbly first couple of minutes then looked comfortable.
  4. I never thought this was possible but Weimann has somehow recovered from a serious injury, long term layoff and bounced back by not just scoring 20 but a variety of goals, some really good finishes, and of course his trademark endeavour.
  5. Continue that trajectory and we'll win the league in 2030
  6. mozo


    The fact that we haven't already secured a major investor suggests to me that the terms of the proposed deal are unattractive. Otherwise, this club should be an easy sell.
  7. Just protecting your sources now. So transparent...
  8. Is there not an opportunity for the club to put all of the clips together and paste it all over its socials to taise awareness of the situation? If the club complains loudly enough refs will have it in their minds next season. Is that ethical?
  9. You realise that within hours the LJ back at City rumour will have spread across the farthest reaches of the Internet and will be doing the rounds at every pre-match pub for the coming weeks!! The Chelsea option on Massengo rumour has only just died down ffs and now you bring a new one out!
  10. We're being denied penalties so frequently it's just comical. I've never known a season like it.
  11. What we haven't mentioned is that we're to some extent up for sale. So while it does seem that City are going to trapped in bottom half purgatory for the foreseeable future, things still could change. That might involve spending power (or just a promise of spending power!) It could involve a new management team, or the support NP needs. There could be a new buzz of excitement at Ashton Gate but could also further desenfranchise the purist City fans. But surely the Lansdowns will eventually find a buyer, albeit they may need to change their own terms of that deal to get it done In the meantime, with the current state of our squad and finances, I don't see much point in changing the gaffer. Edit: literally just got mentioned above!!!
  12. Yeah don't worry, my return journey plans are easy and sorted. It's all good. I like an adventure. OTIB meet up at the cider bus maybe...?
  13. I'll give you a clue...its not Hove In fact, I'm going to be on a train travelling through Somerset to get to Brighton only to then get a coach back to Somerset the next day. I'm not really complaining though! I'd have been willing to travel from Glasgow if those were the first tickets presented to me. Ironically, my friend got through on Sunday and could have got me a general sale ticket but hey, it's just a privilege to go this year. Having said all that.... Covid numbers out of control again!
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