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  1. Exactly. This thread is forgetting that we are openly seeking investment. So a lot will change in the coming years.
  2. My outlook now is that every point towards that goal is sacred.
  3. Please don't refer to Northern people as monkeys.
  4. No, but I did expect us to beat Blackpool, Luton, Preston and Forest Green. Sacking NP not the answer, but I hope NP has the answer.
  5. To be fair, this is a much better second half. If you take Simpson's stupid error out of the equation we might even have edged it on the balance of play. But we're still shit.
  6. That just makes a mockery of the substitution. I'm really opposed to first half substitutions and I hate that NP does it.
  7. Where do we deserve to be because that seems to be further down the table every week...?
  8. I'm glad we demoralised Tanner because now we're much better set...
  9. Baker goes off injured. We concede the same goal we concede every week. Nige hooks a player on 30 minutes. This is just classic 2021 City.
  10. It's so disheartening to seeing Luton and Coventry look so much more competitive than us.
  11. mozo


    Sorry who's this "Vyner" guy you've included in that line up...?
  12. mozo


    Yes I agree with that. I do think Martin will get the nod over Wells (if they don't both play) just because we face a physical team.
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