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  1. As we learnt last season, don't expect goals.
  2. Dave, I genuinely don't think I'd seen that thread so I'm pleasantly surprised that I'm not the only weirdo that saw that resemblance! I also like that he has just the right amount of arrogance and swagger for a young striker. He doesn't look like he struggles with self doubt which I like. The key now is does he have the football intelligence, physical resilience against powerful defenders and can he put his chances away in front of big crowds with big pressure.
  3. This is probably me being a bit odd (very rare, I know...), but there's something about Conway looks-wise that reminds me of a young Alan Shearer, and now in my mind I want him to be the new Alan Shearer!
  4. I missed the game, would anyone care to summarise? PS I have read the thread but that doesn't give the most coherent summary!
  5. What about his amazing sliding tackles though?!! He looked the fittest player on the pitch today. Interesting to hear Wells say how creative Palmer is but that we don't see enough of that from him. Meanwhile Wells said Moore hasn't been given enough of a chance yet.
  6. He's been brought in to a Foxes first teamer, hasn't he?
  7. If I made you chuckle Tone my day is complete Next time you hear that from a pundit (pretty much every match) you'll get the same mental picture as me!
  8. Most footballers are quite slim and wiry. You don't get many beefcakes. It's mostly the centre backs who can carry muscle because they don't have to do the endurance running. Ade Akinbiyi was surely the most muscular player ever to play for City? Tomas Kalas in the top 5.
  9. That was a very polite way of telling me to get a life and I thank you for that
  10. "Asking questions of the defence..." Infuriates me. What questions? Trivia?! "Okay Slabhead, that was a good tackle but can you name the longest river on the planet?"
  11. I see that HMHB are playing Frome this year. Not an easy place to watch a gig for anyone other than the inhabitants of Frome! Got fam in Sheffield so might try to see them there in Feb 22
  12. I posted a similar message when people were excited about Walsh and Williams returning. Weimann didn't look any rustier than the rest yesterday but Williams lay off has been Weimann x2, back to back with a brief moment of fitness in between. Ps I'm glad I spotted my autocorrect changed rustier to tastier, which would have been a strange observation...
  13. That's half our squad isn't it?!
  14. Yeah I'm only basing this on my guess that NP would want physical presence up front, and would see this as a compromise in order to squeeze a variety of forwards in there. You could have Wells at the top, O'Dowda on the left and Martin on the bench.
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