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  1. I've not really taken Benn seriously since his chaotic early fights, but he really looked the business last night. He worked off the jab nicely and the accuracy of the body shots was a delight. His head movement and footwork is so much better now. Hopefully he will take his time and not think he's world class yet.
  2. Yeah I'd prefer to watch the Swansea style. We have a tradition of playing football the right way. The fans used to demand it, and it's a sign of the times that whilst we're positioned exactly where a club of our standing belongs, we've had to accept a more pragmatic, arguably flawed style of play.
  3. I like to hear that NP would prefer us to fail being positive rather than be tentative. Part of our problem is the psychology of our squad. Even Semenyo, one of our most dynamic players, seems like he doesn't fully believe in himself. We need to recruit a couple more 'winners' to help lift the mentality of the group.
  4. I'm surprised you are so critical. I thought we were the better team for large periods. Not top level Championship by any stretch, but it was only in the final third that we looked a bit clueless and yet we still scored twice. We all see different things I guess. Plus I was watching on my phone with a bad connection! The way we lose 6 on the bounce now is if we suffer an injury crisis, which wouldn't be wholly surprising!
  5. I always enjoy listening to Mark and he probably doesn't get his fair share of airtime.
  6. The thing I found funny about Ian's Massengo rant is it has changed from "I don't know what he is. He don't tackle, he don't dribble..." To, now: "I don't know what Massengo is. I mean yes he tackles a lot, and he can dribble but..."
  7. So we're guaranteed to beat Hull then lose to Huddersfield?
  8. Exactly If we can push for 30 points by game week 24 or 25, then we're well on track.
  9. If anyone was playing 'Ian bingo' I hope you took a drink when he said he doesn't know what Massengo is and also when he said that if we go long ball we need to recruit long ball....oh and an abrasive comment to Dave too of course. It's a shame he didn't have an opportunity to talk about Riley Towler and his sweet left foot.
  10. I don't fully agree with that. I think they were drawing us in to then play the ball low through our forward lines to Shinnie and Thompson who were then supposed to spray the ball out wide. They seemed to only go long reluctantly when the keeper had no other option and his kicking was pretty poor under pressure.
  11. They kept pratting about passing it between defence and keeper hence they clocked up lots of passes. Nothing to see here.
  12. mozo

    Young guns

    The great thing is now that opposition players will be told that they can't make contact with him because he buys fouls, which in turn gives him space. They can't win.
  13. He did defend well at times but his passing was abysmal. He's capable of much better
  14. mozo

    Young guns

    Yeah, love your comments there
  15. I think, surprisingly, you're the only one who has mentioned this! Derby had a bizarre insistence on playing the ball out from the keeper instead of going long. And when the kept failing to break the lines and consistently lost the ball to our good pressing, they kept persisting with the tactic. Weird. That, by the way, is why the possession stats are in their favour; they were fannying around in their own box, trying to play it out.
  16. mozo

    Young guns

    Whilst Scott would undoubtedly prefer a position further forward and central, I think this experience will be a very productive learning process for him. His defensive nous and tactical understanding will be much improved.
  17. I did notice though that on a few occasions, Martin got a flick on and Semenyo was nowhere near him. They need to work on that.
  18. I thought the kid was clearly Derby's best outlet. For some reason after getting Pring booked and winning a dangerous free kick, and almost a penalty, he resisted taking on Pring late in the game and just passed the ball infield each time. Big potential though.
  19. mozo

    Young guns

    A massive well done to Alex Scott for not only being the only one of our forward minded players to take his chance, but also loads of good touches and even tackles and interceptions that helped us on our way. I also though Semenyo was a menace throughout. I know our young players were criticised for Sheff U debacle and so well worth praising their output v Derby. Well done lads!
  20. In fairness to the original moan, I think both Weimann and Martin (and Vyner) had numerous irritating moments where they got their touch or pass or shot wrong.
  21. The big question though is...if we beat Derby, are we certain to not finish bottom?! It's 50/50, no?
  22. Really good point. But would Jacki have been any different now!?
  23. That really explains your knowledge of football
  24. Britton and Martin as two up front is an interesting concept
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