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  1. Martin and Britton being different players doesn't necessarily mean they aren't the most convenient pairing to be interchangeable in our side. I'd say they are in terms of presence, physicality and aggression.
  2. Could Nige not be tempted to play Vyner at right back and Pring at least back in a 4? If Simpson were a legitimate contender we'd have seen more of him by now.
  3. I think you're being daft. I'd play O'Leary in goal alongside Bentley.
  4. I always look forward to City games and always have that daft hope that the next one could be the turning point!
  5. I think Bakinson is a talented bloke but very inconsistent and lacking hunger. Watching him on Sunday was like playing Fifa but someone has disabled the tackle button. You could see him think about challenges and just go nahhhhh....
  6. I will make absolutely no effort to watch this. Even a month after the fight when they air it on regular Sky Sports, Amir would have to come to my rig, pick up the remote and put the channel on, whilst Kell pours my beer. That's the most effort I'd make.
  7. I thought [a back] three is the magic number?
  8. I actually think that Nige's kitchen sink policy is a bit daft. Fair enough it provokes enough change to make the opposition have to think, but we just end up with half our players playing unfamiliar roles and looking more disjointed than before. I personally would prefer subtle changes. Subs can even be like for like if they have specific instructions.
  9. Exactly my thoughts Dave. A random question for you... you've said on here a few times that fans are naive to think that attacking formations or throwing on attacking players is the way to be a more attacking team. Interestingly, this is Nige's strategy for the last 15 minutes of any game we're losing. When he does his kitchen sink strategy do you wince and think, 'subtlety Nige!', or do you think that's the correct way to turn a game around.
  10. I think some people are letting themselves get too enraged. I know I foolishly anticipated that we would steal a draw, but hey, Wells only had to square the ball and we had a different game. We were outplayed by a better squad of players. We quite clearly were going to struggle without any fit senior midfielders and it was very brave for us to give players like Scott and Benarous the opportunity. But it might pay off in the long run as they learn more lessons. The weather was atrocious, the referee was appalling and our players weren't at their best. But let's not get too upset. These games will happen. If we reach 25+ points before Christmas then we are well on track to avoid a dogfight.
  11. McGoldrick has been quality today. They've fielded players of a much higher calibre than ours.
  12. I think that's too negative. We're playing away to a decent team with a load of youngsters in our team. The conditions are awful and the ref has been awful. We've been sloppy and disorganised at times but atrocious is over the top, I think, at only 1-0 down.
  13. We can still nick a point. Need to get some shots on goal on the skiddy surface. Doesn't matter how well we play.
  14. If we had a replacement he'd have to come off. Instead he needs the hairdryer treatment. Scott we should bring off if he can't get his game going. Semenyo and Wells needed for something different but let's face it they both have the potential to come on and have zero impact.
  15. Well Martin had a great chance and had a close range header saved. That was during a period of the game where we go the ball in the final third quite often, but our attacking play just seems a bit make it up as you go along with mindless decision making.
  16. As discussed on OSIB this week, they're both doing their job but it's not really a partnership.
  17. Bakinson seems to have pulled out of every potential challenge
  18. City have been a bit disorganised, but I think the Sheffield United chances have all been created by exceptional play by them and I also think Blades have had the run of the play so far. Everything landing to SU players currently.
  19. They've both made an error so far. Hopefully they settle down.
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