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  1. Chester was tugging Massengo's hair so he can do one.
  2. Suddenly our closing down looks a bit sluggish, as it tend to do on 65 minutes onwards...
  3. Good start to the 2nd half. Ensuring there's no rhythm to Stoke's play and had a couple of dangerous attacks ourselves. It's now been a 50/50 game on balance... ish...
  4. Nige Pearson's celebration was bloody delightful. A finger of satisfaction.
  5. The technique of Williams, Benarous and Scott fills me with football joy.
  6. We've been really good since the goal which is the opposite of our MO.
  7. The Grimsby Town fans of course sing "We piss on your chips, yes we do!"
  8. Big opportunity for us to get back in the mid table mix with a win tomorrow. We'd be 1 or 2 points behind top half.
  9. I see he's only back up at Fulham. I wonder if he becomes available again if they go up.
  10. When was the Weimann one at the far post where he lost sight of the ball?
  11. It still shows that he's a talented player. It's down to him to maximise his career.
  12. You're right. The fans have never been so understanding of context.
  13. I think he ended up losing the ball but that skill was insane. Probably a showreel highlight of this season guaranteed.
  14. Exactomondo! And we did that with Benarous, Scott, Bakinson and Vyner...extraordinary!
  15. How many teams in this league are capable of dominating an opponent for 90 minutes? Or even 60 minutes? Three, probably. City can try to boss the game but it's bloody hard going, especially when the opposition have as good, or even better, players in their side.
  16. Yep, definitely a solid 7/10 for each of them. Consistency has always been the problem with these two but they should both start on Wednesday.
  17. I've just done some calculations on my scientific calculator and you're actually correct.
  18. A team full of confidence would have put the game to bed first half but we have to accept we're not even close to that currently and did our best.
  19. Didn't we nearly score from one today?!
  20. I think we need to be optimistic and think that if we beat Stoke that would be 7 points from 9 at home, which would be an amazing way to end the hoodoo.
  21. That was a really solid performance. Excellent first half. Up and down in the second. Young players did themselves proud and Williams was top class. One defensive error screwed it up and maybe Weimann scuffed a golden chance first half. Almost genius from Nige.
  22. If Nige pulls off a win with this line up he's a bloody genius!
  23. Not a bad suggestion. It would be good for Han-Noah to have another French player in the squad and maybe Cisse has been out in Notre Dame scouting?
  24. That was a really frank and much less evasive interview. I liked it. Did he say Weimann is out? Sounds like Semenyo and Williams will start.
  25. I'm definitely going to wind you up with 'has he gone yet, Dave??!' comments
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