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  1. Is ‘bulking up’ really beneficial for most footballers. Football is an endurance sport and footballers need good aerobic fitness. Large muscle mass robs the body of oxygen and impedes aerobic endurance. You see in professional athletes that their body shapes are matched to the specific requirements of their sport. Mo Farah and Usain Bolt would be obvious examples of this. Whilst Bolt is quick and strong he’d be totally done after about 10 minutes of running! Why would the average footballer need to bulk up his arms? These muscles would take oxygen that might be better used in the legs? Massengo noticeably bulked up last season but did he sacrifice his mobility for this? Did this extra strength/mass make him a more effective player?
  2. You do make some fair points but I think that the most important thing about tournament ‘knock out’ football is to progress to the next round. Nothing else matters - who remembers those teams that played well but lost? England have done well to win - however they can, ugly, or pretty - it makes no difference and still takes you to the same place. We now have a shot at winning the final. If this is boring for others to watch then I have no problem with this. In Sport you need to be ruthless - all winners know this, and as an Englishman I’m glad to see that we have finally recognised that we need to do whatever it takes to progress. Roll on Sunday!!
  3. Also, the fact that he is well known will go against him. Courts have a tendency to be less lenient when sentencing high profile cases. You never know though - he might be acquitted - although few on this forum seem to be considering the possibility that he didn’t do it!
  4. Barton won’t get a fine. Not a chance. Best case scenario is a suspended prison sentence and he loses all ‘credit’ for taking this to trial. Offence is made more serious by previous violent offences. Also, the fact the the assault has happened in the workplace won’t play well!!
  5. Man Utd fans wouldn’t give a s**t about their owners if they were still winning trophies. **** ‘em I say!!
  6. If we can get.5 or 6 million plus add ons I would take this. That amount of money will go a long way in this summer’s transfer market. Given the extent of the rebuilding job we require we’ll need every penny we can get. Bentley is a great keeper no doubt about it, but I think that the 3 or 4 players we could sign with his fee would make a bigger impact next season and gain us more points than Bents alone would win for us if he stayed. Bents is perfect premier league material because his main weakness (not dominating his area) is less of an issue there where most teams don’t play direct to a ‘big man’ or lump speculative balls into the area! His shot stopping and ability in ‘one on ones’ is a real asset at that level.
  7. If we’re looking for positives here remember that Barnsley only just escaped relegation on the last game of last season and they’ve not done too badly this time around!
  8. It’s hard to see how (whoever is our manager) is gonna sign enough decent players to even compete next season. Almost every position is in need of a major overhaul! There’s been much talk about injuries but let’s be honest, those who have been out are hardly worldies either. Hard to see a way out of this situation other than by spending millions -but with our record even this is no guarantee!!
  9. It’s worth remembering that Ashton’s finest hour was signing Webster from Ipswich and making millions just 12 months or so later. Whoever instigated this deal totally pulled down Ipswich’s pants! To be fair to him though, nobody did this to us while he was here - we sold some players for decent money and the general consensus has been that we did get a fair, or even slightly over the odds, price in almost all cases.
  10. Some people seem to have a belief that a manager possesses some sort of ‘miraculous’ power to turn a crap team into a good one simply by virtue of their sheer presence. They would have us believe that those players who have demonstrated consistently that they are below the average championship standard should somehow be ‘magically’ transformed (overnight) into winners or contenders. This is a complete fantasy. The real problem we have had in recent years is essentially that our recent managers have been totally unable to find decent players (with a FEW exceptions), who might also fit into some kind of coherent system. NP’s value is not his ability to produce miracles and transform Bas Savage into Pele, it is his proven ability to identify decent players and incorporate them into something resembling a football team. Hopefully we will see this become more evident in the summer when the mass expiry of contracts will give him some freedom to build us that football team (finally) which we have been deprived of now for the last few years.
  11. What comments are these exactly? The debate on this is all quite well balanced I would say.
  12. Perhaps NP has identified RB as a key to our defensive weaknesses. Might he be looking to see how a ‘solid’ RB affects the overall dynamic of the team? This is a good time to try a few things as we’re not in danger of playoffs or relegation (barring a total disaster). There’s no-one already here that would allow him to see how this works and the only other option at this point in the season is a free agent. Free agents all come with some sort of ‘downside’ otherwise they would have clubs!!
  13. There are over 11 million people in the UK with a criminal record. Research shows that 1 in 3 men have a criminal record. Of those men with a criminal record, just over half of these had been convicted on only one occasion, and 85% were convicted before they were 30 years old. Speeding fines don’t count but offences like drink driving, dangerous/careless driving do.
  14. This signing shows that Pearson is prepared to be ruthless in shaping the team exactly the way he wants it. Maybe this was also some sort of ‘test’ for SL to see if he would have a free hand to make the signings he wants. I’d imagine SL had been uneasy about the signing but sanctioning this now gives Pearson the green light to build HIS team. My personal view about Simpson is that people should be given a chance to rehabilitate themselves. Around 1 in 3 men in this country have a criminal conviction in their lifetime!! Give the guy a chance.
  15. Complete rebuild required! All contract offers made to current players must be taken off the table surely?
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