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  1. If someone was spending millions of pounds of YOUR money wouldn't you want a say on it?
  2. Just don't get this problem some people are having with the fact that Steve Is passing his business interests down to his son! This sort of thing is nothing new and (unless I've missed something) has been going on for literally thousands of years! Would we all have such a problem with this if he was passing on a building or retail business?
  3. Exactly the wrong man. Would split the fans and many could never take to him. Got to be more ambitious than that I would say!!
  4. It's not all just about tonite!! Think that's it now.
  5. What we need now (assuming LJ is toast) is someone to excite and unite the fans. The last thing we need is a devisive appointment (like Mick McCarthy) who would split the fanbase, and more than likely, the players. Let's take our time with this one and get it right. Let's break the bank if necessary to get someone we can all support and believe in. Maybe Eddie Howe will be looking for work very soon? This is the sort of calibre we should be looking at!
  6. Fair play to the owners for giving him a good shot at this. This loyalty will make us an attractive proposition for any ambitious manager coming in. It should help us to attract the best there is out there. Think nearly all can see that Lee has got to go now. He's lost this team now - and the fans too. Just gone too far now to win back either!! Bye bye
  7. Hate it. It adds nothing. What is the point!!
  8. There is no 'fair' solution. I accept the Villa scenario is a problem but this doesn't affect the Championship where all teams have played the same number of games. Is it fair that teams and players in good form when the league stopped have to start from scratch effectively? Is it fair that teams that had tired or injured players now have full, (potentially) fit squads available? Sometimes things aren't fair. That's life. Matches stopped because they had to. No-one conspired to do this to deny West Brom the title or because Reading had played more home games than Barnsley. It ju
  9. Can't see the logic in cancelling the season with 37 games played. We need to start the new season as usual in August if we can. Completing this season is pointless now - if we went back and completed those 9 games it would effectively give us 2 'pre season' breaks in 3/4 months. This season should be declared complete and top 3 go up and bottom 4 go down. What's wrong with that? Who could complain?
  10. No it didn't! The biggest stock market fall in modern history happened on Monday 9th March due to fears about the virus. That should have given most people a clue that this s**t was getting serious! I too - just like the original poster, chose to hold off on buying a ticket. Pretty sure that many, many others did the same.
  11. The only team who are affected by this in all top 4 leagues is Villa. Screw them though - they cheated their way into the prem anyway by ignoring ffp. Karma
  12. Think we can all see that this virus situation is not about to clear up anytime soon! They just need to declare the season over - top 3 go up - bottom 4 go down. We all move on and football starts again in August!!
  13. Yes. Same rules for everyone. Just the way it goes!
  14. Just read an interesting article on ITV news website which suggests that the best way to manage the Coronavirus is by giving the country 'herd immunity'. This means that you use lockdowns and quarantines to manage the way the population gets the virus but with the ultimate goal to get enough people immune (after recovery) to stop the infection in it's tracks. If a high proportion of low risk individuals get the virus - and then acquire immunity - it should ensure the virus spreads more slowly to those who are able to remain uninfected. High risk individuals can be quarantined to some degree w
  15. Health minister Nadine Dories tests positive for Coronavirus. Attended a lot of meetings at Westminster recently including with PM. This is starting to get a bit real now!!
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