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  1. And who’s the common denominator in all this? SL. Enough said, really.
  2. Can’t say I know anything about Sykes, but he fits the profile of the sort of signings we should be making IMO and adds balance to the squad. We’ve been crying out for pace and width, certainly before Semenyo’s return from injury, and if he can offer us that on the right he’ll be doing well.
  3. One ton in eight innings shouldn’t be enough to get into the England squad when others have scored significantly more runs than his total of 256.
  4. You can say the same about Ben Compton and Ben Foakes, too. All three have done enough to be in the squad. Crawley and Burns have both done nothing, despite being on flat decks.
  5. Absolute shambles from Glos, really poor. Get Harvey and Boo-boo back. They got more out of our squad than Benkenstein is doing right now. I expected defeat this week, but not the manner of it.
  6. Somerset have got to be looking at 600+ and batting once. Whether they can take 20 wickets on this pitch remains to be seen. They won’t have a better chance against this week’s side.
  7. Hammond’s a terrible slip
  8. I can understand bowling first if, like last season, we’re a better chasing side. That’s how we won most of our games last year. But with the injuries we’ve got, it seems all about taking as many bonus points we can get at the moment and trying to grind out draws. It’s like playing league cricket in the summer holidays, when parents or kids leave your side short, so you get ringers in, bowl first and hope for the best. This is Harris’s last game for a while as well, so our batting will be weaker still after this game. He and Bracey need to stand up. Bethell’s a prospect, though.
  9. Probably because we’ve got no batting.
  10. A really interesting appointment, not one I saw coming. McCullum is a top bloke. I can’t help but like him after watching This Could Go Anywhere on Netflix.
  11. I’m not sold on this deal, but there’s no doubt we need more pace and width and Skyes gives us that option.
  12. No. This is the match Somerset cruise to victory in. Awful decision to bowl first today and I’ve got no idea what that was based on. We had barely any rain yesterday as the speed of the outfield shows. That said, our lengths have been way off so far.
  13. Well, LJ always said he fancied managing abroad!
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