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  1. Snape and Ball were excellent at that, but don’t forget we had Harvey who did it on the international stage too. Great times, those.
  2. If Semenyo’s the answer up front, I don’t know what the question is. Would be happy for him to prove me wrong, though.
  3. The Baggies will win the league, IMO. Dark horses — Preston
  4. I make him fourth pick CB, behind Kalas, Atkinson and Baker, but ahead of Moore and Vyner. He should be in and around the matchday squads IMO
  5. I remember him as an ex-Boro RB when they were in the PL. Good playing experience in the top flight and at international level with Ireland. No idea what he's like as a coach, though.
  6. Mid-table would be more than acceptable to me this season. I think survival is the first target, anything above that is a bonus. We look more solid than last year, so I expect us to be more difficult to beat, and it's vital Wells plays as the central striker if we're to carry any goal threat.
  7. James Williams Weimann Palmer COD
  8. Jean’s is great, and Kandyan.
  9. tin

    Gregor and NP

    I agree with all of this. That said, Gregor does himself no favours with his interviews at times and needs to polish up on that. Personally, I find being asked the same question more than once to be grating. He needs to learn how to elicit decent answers from NP, and must have contacts with Leics Live to pick their brains. I also loathe Gregor’s slap-dash writing style, but that’s another issue altogether. He probably edits his own work like most local hacks nowadays.
  10. tin

    Gregor and NP

    Gregor’s made a rod for his own back, IMO. First, often by asking stupid questions to Pearson. Second, by ranting in print. I’m not sure what he hoped to achieve by doing that. Pearson’s on record as saying these friendlies are training exercises and he’ll speak to the media after the MK game. Gregor should’ve waited until then, he should have plenty of questions to ask.
  11. Try this for our three goals: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRlEi1GotGs/
  12. Good point about Kelly. He developed that bit of dog in him, as I like to call it. But also for the sake of comparison, Kelly came into the side at the age of 17; Vyner and Moore are both 24 now and have 185 and 139 professional games behind them, respectively. They should already have that nous IMO. Big seasons ahead for both of them. I'd like them both to succeed as I like their attitudes, but I don't think they have long-term futures here if we want to be competing at the higher end of this league. If anyone's going to improve them, it should be NP.
  13. It’s not just today they’ve both looked poor, against a depleted opponent from the league below, though is it? At a guess, I reckon both of them cost us at least 10 goals against last year. Neither of them are youngsters any more, either. They’re both 24 now and seemingly not kicking on.
  14. Plenty. Off the top of my head, Rotherham and Birmingham last season and I can recall at least two other games but forget the opponents. He’s guilty of ball watching far too often and is too soft for this level IMO. Both Vyner and Moore need to improve fast if they’re to carve a career out at this level or above, and I don’t actually think there’s too much between them. It’s just one is a scapegoat, the other’s a local lad who’s cut some slack. I’d get rid of them both if we could.
  15. The number of errors Vyner per game makes is on par, if not worse, than Moore IMO. People seem blind to it, possibly because he's one of our own.
  16. tin

    Joe Low

    Is he the son of ex-Gas right winger Josh Low?
  17. Unless your name's Dean Holden and you decide to start him twice in four days after a handful of U23 games.
  18. Poor two sessions from last us today, but winning the final session has us in with a sniff. We need to bat a damn site better than we did first up, mind
  19. tin

    Le Tour 2021

    Ineos should take a leaf out of Jumbo-Visma’s book and target stage wins. The best looking race is the one for the polka-dot jersey, with the top four separated by 10 points. I just hope Cav comes through the next two days in the Pyrenees.
  20. When the squad was first announced, I was amazed Ward-Prowse was left out, especially with the bigger squads allowed for this tournament. He takes the best set piece in England IMO, and who better to bring off the bench specifically to take a pen? Last night feels like a massive opportunity slipped through our hands. Gutted for Rashford, Sancho and Saka. They don’t deserve the dog’s abuse they’re getting.
  21. If we finish next season fourth from bottom, I’ll take that. Anything else will be a welcome bonus IMO.
  22. Assuming Glos lose to Hants next week, which is eminently possible, it would be a travesty that a side with FIVE CC wins this season doesn't go through to the First Division IMO. Yorkshire, who are top of Group 3, are the only other team to have won as many games as we have at this stage of the competition. I think we'll be up against versus Hampshire.
  23. The new kit looks a bit naff IMO, but I’m no fan of seeing logos in the middle (unless it’s a national team’s shirt).
  24. tin

    Le Tour 2021

    If things were normal, I was meant to be going from Argeles-sur-Mer to Saint-Jean-de-Luz via the Pyrenees a few weeks ago, so the weekend stages are of added interest to me. Hopefully Cav equals Merckx’s record in Carcassone tomorrow first.
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