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  1. Because I have an opinion and I see flaws ? It was a question based on the goal conceded yesterday and to gauge opinion…thought that was the point of a forum? For each to discuss their personal view…it’s not ridiculous at all to ask a valid question
  2. So I have no doubt it’s a split camp but I for one don’t think that Bentley is good enough after yesterday and previous performances since joining…we believed we had a potential England keeper…I have always thought very differently….he definitely does not make me feel happy when he is on the team sheet…His distribution has improved but he doesn’t command his box and was at fault for the second goal…Discuss
  3. First season ticket for a number of years and I can’t wait to get back in the gate and have a good sing come in city
  4. My Big Mistake - Delta Goodrem
  5. Electric Boogaloo - Ollie and Jerry
  6. Man in the Box - Alice in Chains
  7. well i'd seen many a worse tenuous link on here thought id drop one in :laugh: ride on time - Black box
  8. yeah thats what i was going with :laugh:
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