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  1. Atkinson before he went off, and Kalas, both superb in the air today. Which again begs the question as to why the f### we set up like we did last week against Mitrovic.
  2. Fine margins, isn’t it? The difference between the second goal at Fulham, and the one that hit the post today, was millimetres.
  3. How did we have Pack and Flint for all those years and never figure out that long throw?
  4. I said on the match thread that I was disappointed he was back, after we’d looked more effective going forward last few games without him. But I’m happy to be wrong! I wasn’t convinced first half: too often him and AS were playing with their backs to goal and it seemed to break up any fluidity. But they seemed to work it out second half and looked much more like a partnership. We know he can finish, and didn’t disappoint today, but was also effective as part of the team and linked well.
  5. At this rate, it’s the league that will do it, if City don’t first. Twice in 3 games. Opponents now know it and play up to it. We have a problem.
  6. The ref gathered together quite a collection of things thrown at their scorer…and very deliberately gave them to the fourth official
  7. Poor first half, but good recovery from us to get the equaliser so quickly. It went quite flat again though, even after that. Anyone else thinking that we might be seeing a S82 closure for a game or two coming up?
  8. So nice to see fans and players sharing so much. Mutual dislike, and shocking grammar.
  9. Rather see Semenyo up against him. Disappointed with that line up
  10. Could be worse......in fact, three days later it will be
  11. First time I’ve ever seen a ref and wondered whether it’s worth even bothering to go to the match.
  12. Thanks Dave. Yes, def looks like one for @GrahamC ‘s list! And the ref has a good view of it too.
  13. Have you seen the Fulham one since? I’ve read very differing views on it - from ‘no chance’ right through to ‘stonewall’! It was too far away to really tell on Saturday and I’ve not seen it since.
  14. If you make a league table of 600 clubs then someone has to be bottom. Just happens to be us. We’ve certainly had a few decent shouts turned down in that time, and the Scott one v QPR was a particularly poor decision, But it’s also true that we’ve not often played the sort of football that will win penalties.
  15. I think we’re aware, and I think we try, we’re just not very good at it. We miss the ‘transition’ bit! To be effective (and especially to avoid too many cards) it relies on doing it around the half way line, and on doing it before the opposing player is already past you. We wait until either the edge of our box (first couple of minutes on Saturday) or when the opponent is clearly away and a card is inevitable (Scott on Saturday).
  16. Shame..that stand will be impressive next year, won’t it.
  17. My mistake, sorry! Teach me to assume that just because we didn’t have a midweek game others didn’t too!! Maybe that’s where a bit of the confidence came from! We just need a 7 goal away win and we’ll be OK!
  18. They did have that confidence, didn’t they. And given that they’d gone five (league) games without a win, and went behind twice, you’d wonder why. Our heads regularly drop the moment we go behind. Maybe another area where we need to learn from whatever they do.
  19. Well it was certainly doing something better than losing 6-2! Seriously, my comment was only meant in jest. I don’t want to get into debates about LJ: that’s been done to death and it’s history. It just struck me that alongside games against Manchester sides, trips to Fulham were and remain one of the highlights of LJs reign.
  20. I’m not into ‘slagging off’ or scapegoating, but both are fair comments about their performances yesterday. As good as Weimann was last week, he was anonymous and ineffective yesterday. And when you concede 6 you have to look at your defensive mid as well as back 3. Far to much just passed King by yesterday.
  21. Just a thought, but maybe a thread about away games at Fulham isn’t the place to start making the argument that Lee Johnson’s teams never really did anything? I’d like to see it again. Down the other end from where we were, so hard to see at the time. There were certainly some strong appeals.
  22. Usual good summary @Olé, for me. Nothing to disagree with, except I think you mean winless run (final sentence)! I think a 6 for Weimann is generous. You’ve maybe wisely stopped offering a mark for NP! 5 at best for me yesterday: wrong back 3 at the start (both personnel and positions) and some more odd and completely ineffective substitutions. The stand outs for me as I drove home were - hugely enjoyable first half, which felt really odd given the score line. The league game at AG was similar in the sense that it was enjoyable despite us being totally outclassed, just by being able to watch Fulham. At least yesterday there were moments when City contributed to that enjoyment! - lots made of Fulham’s abilities, but boy aren’t they strong physically to go with it. So so good at keeping the ball under pressure, compared to our powder puff efforts, epitomised by COD. What stood out about Semenyo was not just his touch and his goals, but that he was the only City player who, one on one, in a challenge, was stronger than his Fulham opponent. Second goal especially: everywhere else on the pitch we didn’t come close.
  23. Totally understandable. Christmas Day is 25 Dec, Bonfire night is 5 Nov, Third round is the first weekend after new year. Fourth round is 3 weeks later, last weekend in Jan. Why ever and when ever was that changed? Brexit, Covid, you can’t rely on anything any more!
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