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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/a-beautiful-moment-in-the-beautiful-game-fulham-players-celebrate-with-young-disabled-fan-who-was-bullied-online-12418708
  2. And an enjoyable one too. I agree about their passing. But felt we have a little way to go. Completely unscientific, but I just had the impression that they’d string 7 orm8 passes together before losing it, whilst we’d manage 3 or 4.
  3. I didn’t realise he’d cost them that much. Have to say he was mighty impressive though.
  4. Could well be more to come. According to the BBC report, the issue of the stadium sale still hasn’t been finalised, and that could result in further points deductions.
  5. He’s here, he’s there, he’s every f###g where, ………..
  6. Didn’t he make his debut at QPR. Was outstanding then if I remember right.
  7. Nice article. Used to enjoy going there; easy walk into the centre of a lovely City. I remember seeing Louis Carey make his debut there. Funnily enough, we stayed in York when we played at Middlesbrough last month, and drove right past Bootham Crescent on our way out.
  8. It’s true that, after years of it being so crap, I’ve got used to the fact that I won’t hear anything properly and, for the few important things (team, subs, goalscorers) look elsewhere. But what really annoyed me earlier this season was not having a clue what was going on with the Terry Cooper event - and just before that being entirely unaware that we were being asked to recognise the efforts of the Vaccination staff at Ashton Gate. And, despite what was said earlier, I’m pretty sure they don’t put any of the emergency announcements up on the screen. Obviously we haven’t had any real ones, so can’t comment on that, but they don’t put the pre match safety announcement up there, do they? And surely that’s unsafe in itself.
  9. I dunno…. Seems somehow appropriate to our home form.
  10. Not forgetting a certain Mr Farage, who famously wouldn’t want to live next, door to a Romanian.
  11. Considered something of a delicacy in Middlesbrough though, I’d imagine.
  12. Completely agree that HNM is the priority. But the other one that worries me is Kalas: even more costly than Diedhiou, we don’t need that ending up with the same outcome.
  13. Robbored, the forum streaker
  14. Complete nonsense. First, do you honestly believe that if the England team hadn’t taken the knee then the racist abuse wouldn’t have followed?? what was on display last night is precisely why the team is right to go on taking the knee. Personally, I think they should start leaving the pitch, refusing to play as well.
  15. OTIB at its very finest is this thread! From admiration of the size of a mans tackle to speculation about whether he owns a camper van. All in the time it takes to comment on his attire! Love it!!
  16. That was all sounding very plausible. Then you imply that Barton is still going to be there in two years time……..
  17. Love how this describes him as having “endured” spells in the EFL with Fleetwood, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury. Tell you what mate, if you think that was ‘endurance’, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  18. So, we’ve got the most famous roof in football, eh? I never knew that. Something to cling on to, I suppose.
  19. It starts to suggest that the strategy of just signing loads of players in the hope that they fit together and/or one or two saleable assets emerge may have been more down to Ashton’s influence than Johnson’s?
  20. Horses for courses though, don’t you think BW? As a league 1 signing I’d agree one of the best. Not expensive, outstanding at that level and - against many expectations, mine included - demonstrated that he could hold his own at Championship level. But it’s at that level that those limitations become more exposed too. But as a Championship signing, I’d argue that Webster was better; again not expensive, outstanding at that higher level and holding his own in the Prem. In terms of effort and application alone 11 signings like Flint may have got us into the Prem, but I’m not sure they’d have given us the quality to get there. 11 signings like Webster would have done though.
  21. It’s true - although I wonder whether JW realised he was talking to an audience who watched Flint week in week out for several years!!
  22. 100% Dave. I had exactly the same thought. Even though we may have had the best of Flint, even with us we knew he was vulnerable to someone running at or behind him. And it was noticeable how well we got to every ball first and got it outside the box first time, with Bentley having a clear part in that plan too; for once he knew when to come and what to do. No chance of a ping pong starting in the box - other than one time on the ground of course! I made their goal one where we had the last four touches before it went in!!
  23. To be fair, with one or two exceptions I think the doubts were couched more as ‘the jury is still out’. Maybe closer to returning its verdict now. Although we desperately need to put that home run without a win to bed. Looking at out next two you’d have to believe that will happen!
  24. We’ve won there the last two years as well. Only joking! A lot more purpose, shape and passion. And I thought we made our own luck today too, which is a good sign.
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