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  1. Hope so too. One thing for sure, he won’t get given as long as AD was. Like you, AD was City manager and a hero when I was a young lad. I can just remember Fred Ford. But AD definitely seemed like a fixture, 13 years is a long time when you’re in your teens and early 20s.
  2. Not another thread about Lee Johnson…….
  3. Think we signed him from Wigan, but he’d been at Rochdale earlier in his career, and we loaned him back to Rochdale too.
  4. Good spot!! And an unusually legible autograph too! Can’t say I remember him either. Why hasn’t Rob Newman signed? And who’s that in between him and Johnson?
  5. Oh, come on….judged guilty despite no convincing evidence, and then condemned as a bad ‘un for ever after. Where on earth does that come from??
  6. OK, OK, so they’ve all played against us at some point! But what I really meant (backtracking quickly!) was in routine league games in the recent past.
  7. I can’t remember watching too many England teams where so many of the players I’ve also seen play against City in the past couple of years. Mount, Bellingham, Phillips, Mings would have done bar a suspension….maybe others?
  8. Just watched Tyrone Mings being interviewed by BBC. What a lovely guy. So pleased to be there, so honest and natural. Didn’t know if it was a typical international championship performance because he’s never been in one before!
  9. Saving it up, Fordy, saving it up!
  10. Yes, agree. For all that Walker was sometimes frustrating on the ball, defensively he did everything required, and importantly so on a couple of occasions.
  11. Pretty much every criticism of the team selection (not just here, but more widely too) proved to be misplaced. Well done Gareth Southgate. Agree on Phillips as MoM, outstanding, and the assist for the goal was real international class.
  12. Should have been a penalty anyway, I thought. The Swiss striker almost had the shirt pulled off his back!
  13. Similar to the average Nathan Baker heat map I’d imagine!
  14. I thought exactly the same. And VAR too: I hate it in the Prem, but whatever and however they were doing it yesterday it seemed to be done in a way that didn’t spoil the flow of the game. I don’t know whether they were using it in a different way to the Prem, but I could be won over again if it was always done like that.
  15. And relentless with it; Turkey we’re just about able to keep up first half but just chasing shadows second. Mind you, other sides won’t allow Italy to dictate the pace quite as easily as tonight.
  16. Team in red, one shot. Opponents, 24 shots. Familiar?!
  17. Couple of very poor offside decisions against Italy in open play too.
  18. It will be a bit late by then! (Only joking! I agree with you: too early to panic yet. Although some clubs have got a couple of signings tied up already: Ipswich springs to mind. Just saying.)
  19. Knowing facts before making a judgement?? What a novel idea! You do realise that you’re on OTIB do you?
  20. NPs comments about fitness (or lack of) starting to register?
  21. I watched a couple of old City videos a few years ago (before the vhs player packed up!) and one thing that really struck me was how the constant passing it back to the keeper slowed the game down. That was very definitely a positive rule change in my view. Sorry - just got down the thread this far, having already replied saying pretty much exactly the same thing!!
  22. Yep, definitely with you on that first/last bit. And added to that the potential for dates to change at little or no notice, purely at the behest of our lord and masters at sky. I'm not a big cricket fan so can't comment on that bit - but as a bit of an onlooker I must admit that I'm completely baffled by the various competitions and types of game that get mentioned - they mean nothing to me!
  23. Yes, those and new grounds for me. Sadly, next season there are none, so that will make it less interesting for me. Really disappointed we lost Brentford and their new ground, and if Lincoln had come up that would have made it two!
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