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  1. great spot, like slacker I have never watched the film, but it is high on my "ones I want to watch" list.
  2. You and me both! I feel 100% the same way about. We missed him loads, I will not moan again!
  3. In fairness, even he gave up at times on the positivity / "rose tinted glasses" as we got progressively worse and worse.... I felt for all the co commentators as it was bad enough watching it, never mind having to find words to describe it.... and they also had to face the players on the Monday afterwards. not an easy task..
  4. I suspect the revised contract offer we have made will continue elements to cover us in the event of him getting another long term injury (which I think is likely with his age and the nature of the issue). I dont know how they will word it, but something along the lines of a smaller basic and a bigger appearance fee I think. It would be a wise move on the clubs side and also a risk for AW, hence the delay in signing.
  5. Another cracker, thanks guys, another good guy who I did not really warm to at the time, but hearing this has completely changed my mind. what was the back story / stories around the sighing of Styver? Was it a thought to be dodgy in terms of exchanges of money in brown bags etc as was popular at the time, or was it simply a c0ck up!, I think he scored plenty for some Austrian club before joining, but my memory is shot
  6. I get what you say and agree with much of it, The one key difference for me is the most important signing needed has already happened when we got NP to put pen to paper. Forget the back end of last season with a load of Muppet washed-out pro's who knew they were leaving and boys who need a few years to get to our level. I suspect he will rely on his own football knowledge and the many contacts and friendships he has already with persons involved within other clubs not on our the payroll. I am sure those still there in our recruitment team at BS3 will make their suggestions/help, but I think most of the incoming in the short-term will be players from a list written up by NP that he has ear-marked/known about since probably before he arrived here.
  7. I think the actual terminology was "one of the best" contract offers we have made. As many have said, I am sure it was a very good offer, and in light of the market and footy revenue at the moment, I suspect the club is quietly glad he did not sign it. I am sure his decision making has been influenced by the multiple greedy agents and hangers-on we understand that he has, I suspect they have all over promised and will under deliver in terms of his earnings, but no worries as I am sure the agents pockets will be well lined as always... As for his performances, I don't think this years shockers were down to him being on the beach, I think he has always been very hit or miss, he goes through phases of being unplayable to being simply unable to play football. He has games where he is everywhere and others where he is invisible... I suspect he will ever be thus! I also think we can do better for the money and firmly remain trusting in NP to get most of these calls right. i think if NP had seen Fam as essential, he would still be here.
  8. To Rene's credit, about halfway through the season, I Became "lost for word" watching that pile of crap on the pitch, he had the job of commentating on it....... He is a guy who will never "run out of word", but as an employee of the club, clearly he could not say what he wanted to at times!
  9. who was the guy who was explosive in a preseason friendly for some dutch or belgium side, we signed him and was "not so good" I think he went on and had quite bad health issue.
  10. That season was the one I truly fell in love city, it had everything.....
  11. Me too, hope he keeps the coaching job
  12. Rene Gilmartin the smooth talking irishmen on Robins TV on match days
  13. thought our boys were brilliant, fought to the bitter end and gave everything, Burm decent, but we easily matched them and could have won it late on. far more fight seen by the U23's then the pack of losers who have represented us in the full team this season.
  14. I fear you may still be bang on the money, I am not ITK, but Wells whole demeanor stinks of poor attitude, not wanting to be here and not the slightest bit interested in the club who pays his wage. I hope I (and you) are wrong, but I fear not!
  15. so your ironing performance is still better then Patto has been for us. Fordy was being harsh at 1 in 10, I reckon over the time he has been here, it is more like 1 good game in 6, but the principle remains... Now all i need to know is for ever 10 burglars Fordy has nicked, how many of them have been banged up? As for me, I planted out 10 chilli plants a few weeks ago, not a single one of them has come out yet, so a 0 in 10 performance, but as footballers are my heros and role models (:laugh:), I still want paying in full for all 10 non growing plants...
  16. I notice Scott golboure on the list of released players
  17. maybe the burger vans are better in brizzle? He looks like his diet is based on greasy fast food and not too many salads.... I accept its rich coming from someone like myself (glasshouses and all that), but I am not trying to draw a wage as a professional athlete, his physical conditioning and lack of puff has been disgraceful at times. In fairness to him, at times you have seen him bust a gut for us, but I think the fridge raiding is what lets him down.
  18. Everyone is saying Weimann (some say that its a done deal already announced?). based on the other articles about alleged salaries, he is one of the very highest earners at City, and the fact of his age and the type of injury he has sustained, I think he is a very high risk retention. I am two faced about it all though, as suggested by Gregor, I would have Alfie Mowson back in a flash (with the right contract) as he was a class act far better then any other defender we have had recently (possibly with the exception of Caulker and Webster).
  19. Yep, its very central and behind the dug outs, so you can hear what the managers are saying, would loved to have listened to NP "encouraging" the current bunch of Muppet's we have playing for us...
  20. I decided to take the plunge and get 4 season tickets for me and my sons (even though we exiled in deepest darkest Berkshire), so as per the club PR I waited until 10am this morning to see how many seats became free in my area of choice (W14 for what its worth). Guess how many spaces became available online at 10am as promised? zero! yep none, looked at a few other areas and the same... I suspect that it is very unlikely that nearly every one has been renewed and more likely that once again the "slick ticketing operation" has messed up and not done what they promised. I ended up buying in the family section (W7) with seats that have been available for week, saved myself £700 quid, but equally the club has probably "lost out" on the extra cost of the tickets I was willing to get. Good old city, but well done to all existing season ticket holder who renewed and kept the faith (although of about half of those I know told me they were not renewing!)
  21. pretty humiliating for one professional footballer to have to point out that another lot of "professional" footballers are not being very professional and as many have pointed out, not just in this game!
  22. absolutely delighted, thanks you SL/JL and all the best to Nige, hopefully he will be given free rein to sort out the club and get committed winners in, not the fancy Dan overpaid windbag wannabes who have been there this year.
  23. So happy NP is being confirmed, also okay with Simpson and Downing staying, unlike some. i don't actually blame any of the coaches or even Holden for this mess, its a combination of the muppets of players, many who have given little effort (more off the field, then on it) and the medical team.
  24. I remember going to a game there (traveling "down" to it from bonny Scotland, where I worked at the time). I think it was Mark Gavin's first game back for us after he returned to us having been sold to I think Watford? he was one of my fav players after he starred in that amazing promo side of 1989? Jordon's team with super Bobby Taylor et al.... . Cannot remember the score, but felt Mark Gavin had lost a bit of the magic he had before... I realise i am sounding like an old "f...t.... now....
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