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  1. I was just going to ask what had happened to Gary Probert! we should have guessed! I understand he did a great job, but not a "big name". Have no doubt at all that Tinnion will be fantastic in the role and he is city, through and through.
  2. Watched a fair bit of it and wow, what a nice guy, and yes his performances for us have haunted me for years, but reading all the above and now listening to him speak I realise what we all knew, that you can "never judge a book by its cover" and clearly there was lot going on under the skin we did not see Fair play to the guy
  3. in my top five of worst every city players, probably top of it to be fair and I have watch some absolute tosh in my 35 years of following "Bristol" :laugh: (I know its city!), just on the wind up....
  4. brilliant article, cannot disagree with anything and very well written. I like Gmac, and he is good on the pods etc, but the guy writing this is on a whole different level in terms of thoughtful well written articles.
  5. You have all said it already, but I add to the ranks of those who it may have rankled with a bit in the past, but now I love it, as it is complete affirmation of the fact we are now the "only team in Bristol" worth considering.
  6. If any one needs them? Tickets are U23,s and inside the upper stand now, so mods maybe delete, unless I can get them outside to you?
  7. Spot on, hoenst and accurate as always. he can clearly see the issues and he knew early doors we needed someone to "put the ball in the back of the net" and said so. Its not his fault we are where we are and there is simply no one better for the job (big job) we have as a club. Absolute bonkers to think of changing, look at Notts Forest....
  8. I know he is a cracking lad, with cracking hair and he is an absolutely tenacious tackler, who gets all over the pitch, he also puts more senior pro's to shame with his commitment and energy. BUT and for me its a big but, you still have to be more then that to play in the middle for a team that wants to succeed in the Championship. What you need to succeed and IMHO he does not "yet" possess is this: Positional awareness A footballing brain / sixth sense - he is way to Helter-Skelter for me, we look far more solid when King plays in the middle. Being a good passer (his first pass last night was straight to a white shirt), his pass completion is poor. A great first touch (more noticeable in the previous games), but he often needs several touches to control the ball. Assists - the stats speak for themselves here, HNM is probably bottom of this for city, below even those like Ping who have only played a handful of games. He is great to watch and I am sure he is going to get better and better and go on to great things, but we are not an academy, we are in a brutal unforgiving league and we need an upgrade /King/Williams in the middle at the moment. I will get my tin helmet on.....
  9. me too, looking forward to it. Vixens played well by all accounts. both teams getting the same result, how often does that happen?
  10. Hi Pete, Eddie is correct, I know you had set up issues, but on the playback, one you is super loud and other two pretty faint, great show, but the differences in sound bad it a tough listen at times, as you had to turn it up to hear some of it and down to stop the neighbors getting involved and adding to the list of people who felt HNM is playing well and contributing (I seem alone in thinking he means well, is a cracking tackler, but has a first touch like Fam and cannot pass to save his life and actually contributes little towards winning a game. ).... baa humbug and all that. But you did a great job steering it all
  11. I suspect offside bang on the money for me don't think there were really bad elements, just too many, too used to losing and in their comfort zone, don't think any of them consciously gave up, but various circumstances made it that way. I do actually suspect he DOES still have a few players around now that were in that camp (Wells/Palmer to name but two). I think what has changed is their circumstances and certainly Palmer and probably Wells are now more focused and committed (both realising they are on contracts here that are miles better then anyone will offer them elsewhere now and they need to put it in more to stay in the first team reckoning or face life in the U23's and probably for both of them the end of their careers at the high earning end of the football pyramid
  12. Anyone ITK? Have we been staking out the hotels in Clifton?
  13. I wonder if he will play Vyner in another position (assuming Kalas or Simpson is coming in at right back), I know most rule out Vyner, but I still can see him in an more advanced role right side of midfield.
  14. Never been a fan of the keeper being the captain and we lack leadership on the pitch, a good example is the free kick that Wells balls up (yet again). The 3 /4 players over the ball beforehand appeared to arguing over who was going to take it? surely these things are decided before the game and if not the Captain should be stepping in to sort it out. how can a keeper do that? Add in Bents is certainly not playing at the level he was last season (so is the weight of the armband not helping him IMHO) Matty James would get my vote as he looks to be a starter in every game and does appear to have a good brain on him.
  15. A little generous with Alex Scott, but bang on the money for the rest. Oddly Weimann who was poor over the 90 did actually win the free kick for our goal and won another a few minutes later that Wells wasted as normal.
  16. Give Pearson a chance, still believe he is the man for city
  17. Dear old Warnock, getting in to the mind games already by "telling us" via the press he only has 8 players trainers...... hoping we will take our foot off the gas and think its going to be easy. He should know we never take our foot off the Gas.... and hopefully complacency is behind us... but the jury out on that one. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-fc/we-only-had-eight-lads-training-yesterday-neil-warnock-delivers-worrying-middlesbrough-team-news-ahead-of-bristol-city-clash-3345164
  18. RIP fellow red - enjoyed his post over many years, started following city on the forums 25 years ago and am now one of the old guard (more as a reader then contributor). Glad we were informed of his passing, as sometimes regulars on here just "disappear", maybe we need a list held somewhere of those who we are family with via the forums who go (be it passing, banned, decided the negativity was too much for them etc, fed up with LJ passing it sideways again etc ) I miss Red Goblin and Percy Parrot and the likes. wish I knew what had happened to them all?
  19. Radical thought, how about the club had an area / Wall / Tree or similar that family of loyal Reds (or loyal reds like myself ending towards the end can do themselves), where you could pay for small memorial around the size of an iphone, which you could have a little picture of the red, and a few things about them (fav player, game, away trip and their association with the club. maybe against the inside of one of the stands walls. You could attach the memorials to a big board and as each year went by and they filled up, they could be moved higher up the stand wall to allow new ones to go below (so that family and mates could go and see the memorial and remember their buddy / family fellow red). I would be happy to pay for it myself and am sure many others would as well. so no cost to the club. better then a clap etc for me.
  20. I suspect it occurred at the league and the Chelsea game and probably a few others, but certainly a few of the calls on the attendance were so obviously wrong the crowd reacted in unison...
  21. I was there and it was a mixture of lots of laughter, quite a few boo's and mass shaking of heads, even with my number dyslexia I knew their number was a shocker..... now I am older and wiser, I realise it was all in a "good cause" of avoiding the tax man. I think the "powers that be" at the time realised it was so blatantly wrong they may got caught and the papers certainly printed a much higher figure later on.
  22. I will keep an eye of facebook to see if any cheeky city fan does a live broadcast from the stands! could be the only route available...
  23. Add in to that, you can see alot more from the stands in terms of movement, positioning and effort, then you can on the sidelines. It was probably a wise place to be for the first game back. suspect he will mix up where he is.
  24. For those of us without tickets, how can we watch the game? Is it available to those of us who live overseas in VPN land? asking for a friend!
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