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  1. got me off my seat as soon as he came on with his aggression, direct play and will to win.... but I still think he will have games in the future (maybe Friday!) when he frustrate the pants off everyone. But they will become less the more time he gets.
  2. Frustratingly both have plenty of great moments and touch's of class, but both now have been at fault this season for far too many of our goals against with schoolboy errors (forgivable if 19 and making a debut), but neither are and they have had plenty of opportunity. Time for some senior pro's to come in, if Mawson and Baker are not available until new year or worse.
  3. Nice to hear them doing that, would he ever consider the gas? (I know you referred to a "big" league 1 club, but the relocation fee would be low! so maybe they would consider a crappy league 1 club with a caravan of a stadium?
  4. He was like Webster, but even better. I remember that run forward and chip that crashed off the bar, amazing! you see plenty more of it now with all the telly on TV and modern players, but I dont think I had ever seen anything like it before at city.. and rarely since.
  5. Calling Patto's two attempts at goal "shots" is wrong, a better description for them would be tame "back passes" to their keeper, one of them done when he had 3 big strikers at the back post awaiting a cross..... It was schoolboy stuff IMHO... I still think he is well worth his place in the side and you cannot expect miracles from him every game, but defo not more then a 6 for me. and yes Gregor MacGregor does love Patto, openly admits it, so is probably a bit generous on the scoring front, but that's okay with me as Gregory is a top notch local Journo and whilst not always 100% accurate, generally calls it as he sees it and gets most thinks spot on.
  6. love the pictures, hopefully Dave Fevs does not post it so early that Barnsley can use it, I think the last ones have been better then anything a Championship club can have. Top work Mr fev's
  7. He has not looked too committed in last few games, but maybe I am misreading it. If the all action Fam that we know of old is staying then great, the the Fam "ready to move on, but cannot get the right offer" is staying, that's probably bad news.
  8. That’s not really fair, her role is to hold it together, prompt comments and get others to discuss the technical side. She is top quality for what her job is
  9. Mawson or Martin would be ideal, Brunt clearly a leader / semi coach in my book. 3 class acts to be honest and perfect recruitment to balance out all our young guns and overseas talent.
  10. Was a class act he is, so knowledgeable, yet humble, coherent, well spoken, but clearly a footballing man through and through. Who knows, but I think we really do have a chance this year I remember watching Live his hatrick against us for derby, it was the first time I watched in real time an act of daylight robbery as we went on to win it 4-3.... against their 10 men.... junior bent and all, happy days....
  11. We played far higher up the pitch the minute he arrived, it was all one way after that, top player
  12. He also mentions his dad giving him negative comments (but I am sure he still loved his Dad and the vast majority of us city fans). He does need to remember that a good bunch of the negative comments on social media are by pillocks who are only pretending to support our club, but probably are rovers or Cardiff fans in reality. Its called trolling and should be ignored...
  13. I think that means us "overseas" suscribers (via our armchair and a VPN) won't be able to view it either?
  14. Absolute cracking interview, should be able to get it still on BBC sounds, I am beginning to like Dean Holden more and more! We do need plain speaking and one of the major issues before was over thinking and over tinkering. I like it when he said all the data and stuff is all well and good, but lets keep it simple and get them playing football, it the same game as the one we played in the past - A very fair point, If he can simply unclutter the players minds we will be in a better place then before.
  15. I heard it was an excellent evening from a friend who went. I will defiantly go next time if they repeat it.
  16. its another great podcast, listened to it live and for parts of it it sounded like someone was crinkling a crisp bag right by the mike. oddly I did not hear it when listening on playback!. Anyway thanks to all involved, really enjoyed it.
  17. brilliant signing, just the type of player we don't have (for all the midfielders we do have in the squad). defiant upgrade on Kory Smith of present day levels.
  18. and getting too obsessed with the opponents.... I think DH has already said this and if they went at the same time as Macca, then it sounds like these were also Deans call.
  19. Lets be honest, something went wrong in the covid break, the team looked shoddy and off the pace in many areas when compared to our opponents in the early games back. despite the in house club news telling us how hard they were all working etc.. Maybe this guy is being blamed for that?
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