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  1. Just discussed this podcast and its blooming great, currently going through all the back issues, It has a nice balance of views and I thought well argued and reasoned points of view. In fairness I like all three of the city podcasts, each has it a point of difference and there is now truly something for everone. i like listening to them in the background when on thee endless DIY work around the house or garden! so cheers to all of you out there who take the time to bring us these podcasts.
  2. I do get how you come to that conclusion and you make fair points, but i thought the most recent Podcasts was one of the best ever, defiantly professional, Gregor like him or loath him is top class on it and very honest. His bit about "laughing out load", when he heard it was Holden will live long in the memory. It was also balanced, a majority of those on it would have gone for someone else other then Holden, but now its done, are going to get behind him and see how it goes (that true for me and probably the majority). I am a football "idiot" myself, following city blindly for 40 years and making all my 5 kids follow suit... spending a fortune following them around the country, paying all the Merch, defiantly an idiot, but a calculating one, who for all the suffering has had plenty of reward to go with the pain. Its Stanly who called out one "idiot" for a comment that SL "did not want to get to the prem" ,I think that is fair enough tbh, whatever you think of Holden's appointment that comment is "total nuts". It would be fair to say "it feels like he does not want to get to the prem" but you would have to be insane to truly believe he does not want it? ever since SL was involved we have been building towards it, and everything he says and does confirms it (LJ losing his job for not getting in the play offs could be the latest clue!). I have listened to nearly all OSIB Podcasts, I have no involvement myself with it, but i don't think they ever dismiss fans views (but again I do understand how you may feel that if you are passionately on one side of the fence). It is fair it does not reflect the vitriol I have seen on social media about Holden, but again I think they are probably more in tune with the majority of the fans who attend these days, as oppose to those on the extremes of this debate. but that why this particular idiot loves being a city fan with all our wide variety of barmy fans and all the views that go along with that, who would want to be boring Brighton fan.... COYR
  3. what is the FBC podcast? I missed that? is that a group on facebook?
  4. Thanks for sharing, well worth a read, absolutely tragic about his daughter, as important in the context of his appointment, is the football journey the article refers to, he did not have it easy as a player and had to graft for everything. I think we have a quiet man of steel in charge now, there will not be any BS (sorry LJ!) and I think he could turn out to be a much better pick then any of the "names" I have heard mention.
  5. no natural leader in the ranks now (Rowe maybe, but as OP said, not likely to play a lot). I think we need to recruit a big/tall dominant midfielder to supplement all the nippy small quicks we have already in that position. I would break the bank to get that type of player myself and hope he is also a vocal leader (a top championship Patrick Viera type). I think that is one of the few missing links in last years team (we have never replaced Pack)
  6. You just said everything I wanted to say, but did it better then I could! We need more David Nobles in this world, never mind just in footy, but that would do nicely. I hope he reads some of these comments and knows how much joy he brought us fans, absolutely loved watching him play.
  7. spot on sir (if you are a sir!) you should have Rick Parrys job, with common sense and logic like that...
  8. Love the guy, wish him well, before the injuries an absolute rock, still glimpses of the class he has, but no where near the player he was. right decision for me. As someone else said, we need a Kory Smith Mark 11, who has height and moves the ball forward faster. (is Marvin Elliot still playing.....)
  9. it also showed that for all the talk, Leeds had done their homework us and had a plan (diagonal long ball across field for Ayling to rise above De Silva and head a goal sprigs to mind), we had not and seemed to have no plan. Leeds also looked fitter, sharper and switched on. showed the pre season tour to USA at a normal time of bad weather/lightening storms was daft and a waste of time . I realise I have the hindsight goggles on...
  10. A good question, that I don't really have an answer for... I see why we could need a "name" to tempt those players like Tammy away from the clubs in the smoke. David Moyes (but he is in the Chris Hughton category and some for me). Hopefully MA and SL have put more thought into it then me....
  11. To quote the film Brewster's Millions, is there anyone else who like me are not that inspired by any of the current crop of talked about / betted on possible managers? SG has little experience and none in the championship, Hughton feels like yesterdays news... I could go on. I would have no issues if they had another list of great coaches (possibly overseas) that none of us were talking about, who had heard of David Wagner before Danial Farke, but both are top notch championship managers
  12. SL did not even want the new stand to be named after him, I think he said he would fire the person the first person who suggested it!! They had to "collectively" break the news to him that we were gonig to call it the Landsdown stand, I would have no problem at all with the stadium being names after the family who have done so much for the club.
  13. Agree he was much improved Saturday, he remains one of our stronger players overall. As the OP, it was his passing that got to me and my son.. that also was okay at the weekend. His problem in terms of a renewed contract, is that he is now injury prone, we have a like for like replacement in Joe Morrell + Nagy, Walsh, HNM. There is not going to be an increase in spending next year, so from a budget / age point of view, a new contract is not likely IMHO.
  14. Morrell, Walsh and HNM are all decent mid championship quality, but very few teams get promoted from this division without at least 2 tall dominant, ball-playing midfielders (someone mentioned Marvin Elliot who is exactly the type of player we need). Pack was decent and ticked most boxes, but you need all of what Pack had, plus box-to-box athleticism.
  15. My son just asked if he is playing for Hull, he’s passed to them so often. One of my favorite city players, still giving his all, but his passing is now appalling.
  16. I think one of the issues for LJ was he had never been sacked before. I think he has been poached both times by us and Barnsley. A more experienced manager (even the very best managers have normally been sacked a few times) would have sensed it coming. Thats not his fault, but a fact of life and a valuable learning experience for him. Picking the accident prone Bentley in the place of the safer, but unglamourous Maanpaa on footballs return, this alone tells me he thought his job was save until next season.
  17. I did not see the earlier thank you threads, so grateful to op for starting this one. I give Lee a huge Thank You for all he has done for BCFC, I have really enjoyed the 4 years overall, he and we know the football has been mostly dreadful to watch this year, but you judge someone over the whole period. Afobes injury and Brownhill going (both beyond his control - did for this season). I am one of those marmite fans, I hated him as a player (cost us the play off final, when his dad tried to shoehorn him onto the pitch and moved others out of position), but I have really enjoyed his time as manager, don't disagreed with the decision to part company, but had some great away days with him and other then this season, its been an enjoyable watch... So thanks Lee and hope you are back in footy soon, will also get a standing ovation from me whenever he returns to BS3.............
  18. Oddly enough the debacle at Blackburn with players slipping was probably a nail in LJs coffin, as his grass measuring was much touted.....if you say you do that stuff, then clearly it’s shown you didn’t, it’s not a good look....
  19. Not in the know or anything, but he’s available and a decent manager, thoughts?
  20. If you are looking for light relief! proud of the lad, but wish he was still ours
  21. Pereira hardly completed a pass and was out turned by their cart horse of a centre forward, messango lucky not to have been sent off. Bentley so poor
  22. I think we can stand down on this, I am a yearly "overseas" subscriber, and have had the email (details below), not only will we get the games, we are also going to get Sky camera feed (which is a big relief) Tim. YOUR ROBINS TV ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION Dear Tim, We hope you are keeping well during these difficult and uncertain times. Following on from Monday’s announcement confirming the remaining fixtures schedule for the 2019/20 Sky Bet Championship season, this is to inform you that your Robins TV annual subscription will be resuming. As you will be aware your subscription was paused for three months whilst the season was suspended so we’ve extended your annual renewal date by 90 days. For example, if you purchased your annual subscription on August 1st, 2019 it will now be due for renewal on November 1st, 2020. Last Friday saw the partnership announcement between the EFL and Sky. This means that all Championship football clubs will be able to use the Sky camera feed for matchday coverage (subject to the restrictions laid out in the announcement above). This will be a four-camera, multi-angle, multi-replay production with an enhanced Robins TV programme starting an hour ahead of kick-off. You will have access to all the pre-match build-up, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, pre-match, half-time and full-time analysis from Robins TV commentators and guests. In order to manage the demand that “behind closed doors” will inevitably bring to our platform, we are in the process of launching a new Robins TV page – so be prepared for it to look a little bit different! Please do take the opportunity to log-on once it is launched in the coming week and check your subscription and log-in details all work smoothly ahead of the first match at Blackburn Rovers on Saturday, June 20th. If you have any queries regarding your subscription please contact our support team at Bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com. Thanks for your support. #COYR
  23. Looking forward to it, I like many regret Cotts not being backed more and given more time. but I do remember him acting up at the start of that season and his frustration with us missing out on the striker (forget his name!) that ended up going to Burnley (they went up and we did not, so Cotts was almost certainly right, but not right to act the way he did). If it came down to keep Cotts or S Lansdown (even if it meant missing out on prem) its no contest, SL is laying down firm foundations that will last and improve BCFC for the next 50 plus years, managers always come and go...
  24. 100%! Of course it is all what ifs and maybes, but, but, but, switching Marvin Elliot out of midfield to bring on LJ (I am NOT an LJ basher! - love him as manager, not as a player...).. Its hindsight, but switching Carey to right back (a far more natural move and what every other manager would have done) and bringing on Tamas Vasko to replace him in the middle, was what should have happened. IMHO Alas he never did, we never made it and have never had a better chance since.
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