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  1. A question for the more knowlegable Is there no way that any of the Bears income can offset FFP for City? I'm thinking specifically of money through Ashton Gate given that it's owned by Bristol CITY Holdings. If not wouldnt it be better overall if Bcfc 1982 still technically owned the stadium?
  2. Only last season and this I think? The idea is to get all the 13 "big clubs" plus one into the Premiership, then 1up 1down. Almost a closed shop but not quite. Otherwise it would almost always be the case that the 1/13 that gets relegated comes straight back up again. I think basically Exeter f'd the system up by not getting relegated and becoming a "big" club when they went up. At the end of next season one of the minnows can go up if they want it / can afford it but will be odds-on to go straight back down. So almost a closed shop but not quite. Not sure what happens if none of the minnows fancy it because you'd end up with an unbalanced 13 team league like this season, with 1 team always having a blank weekend.
  3. Really think that a bad defeat tomorrow could be the end for LJ at Sunderland.
  4. If ever there was a perfect musical match for Bristol City FC 2020, it would have to be the 'legendary' Porstmouth Synfonia. Here's their somewhat distinctive take on 'Also sprach Zarathustra' which certainly bears some comparision to most of our performances this year. Perhaps it could be played as the walk on music for Blackburn...
  5. fgrsimon


    The time for Warnock will be March when we are 5 points adrift at the bottom...
  6. I think he'd be a fool to take it at present. Plymouth are on the up we're on the way down. Also not sure he'd be the manager for a relegation fight, Plymouth were almost as poor as we towards the end of last season. They beat the Gas but... Bury had a large L2 budget (that's more or less why they went bust) and Plymouth are a big club in L2.
  7. Yes, surely any coach worth his salt should be able to send out a team to grind out a 0-0 away from home? Not at Fulham, WBA or Bournemouth but at say Birmingham or Coventry for instance.
  8. Just need to find another City-supporting, billionaire Bristolian who's keen to throw millions away every year just to stand still. He can't spend any money on players now because of FFP but would need to be a billionaire if we ever got to the Premier League. New or old, the owner could chuck millions and millions at the problem in January but it would be very likely we'd be the next Derby County. Realistically if a new owner took over tomorrow, what could he (or she!) actually do that SL can't or won't? Foreign ownership is a big risk, never mind any possible ethical issues.
  9. Don't think that line-up is going to score many goals. Bobby Reid's got 18 goals in 116 games since he left us and while the midfield might weigh in with a few none of them were exactly prolific goalscorers with us or since. Might have to stick Flinty in there!
  10. Maybe Milwall would take him in January, then he could link up with Benik Afobe again. That was his best spell before Afobe got injured.
  11. Your company might have a whistleblowing service for that sort of thing. It's totally unacceptable, even more so at director level. Even worse if they're not bothered about others overhearing.
  12. I don't think that's a scenario we have to worry about!
  13. It kind of has to happen one way another if Global Warming continues as the Dawlish line will keep getting washed out despite the millions spent on flood defences. It's a dire situation having all rail west of Exeter reliant on one very vulnerable section of track. I don't think any reinstated Meldon line necessarily needs to be mainline standards, just capable of being a diversionary route from time to time. Today's passenger trains have weight distributed more evenly over the whole train than the old loco plus coaches formations. For freight, Class 66s are quite capable of traversing the Cornish clay branches, even the tortuous little line to Moorswater, so a rebuilt line wouldn't be a problem for them. Then it would be a choice between reinstating the Meldon line or an inland route between Exeter and Newton Abbott possibly including the mothballed Heathfield line. Not sure which would be cheaper?
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