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  1. Devastating news. he was the manager when I first started supporting City and without his contribution there might even not be a Bristol City in its present form. One of the stands should be named after him without a doubt.
  2. Working with Joey Barton may not be an issue of course ...
  3. Actually IIRC they played 1 game and lost 10-0. It was against Cove who were promoted and FW were down to 10 men. Amazingly they didn't finish bottom of the aborted league as another team managed to complete 2 games conceding more than 10 over the 2 games.
  4. As much as we enjoy taking the piss out of them, that statement and Wael's follow up is simply not funny in any way. It's horrendous, irresponsible and dangerous. To trot out bland platitudes such as the club is against violence in any form when they've employed someone with convictions and pending charges for violence, beggars belief. Still what do you expect if the owner is a man-child. Embarrassing.
  5. That won't be for trial though, just an initial hearing?
  6. I think we have to be a bit careful in claiming the high ground here? It sounds like his wife isn't pressing charges which makes it similar to the Danny Simpson case. Obviously with Barton being the manager rather than 'just' a player, that makes it a bit different and Simpson wasn't employed by City at the time of the offence and the conviction was spent but hitting a woman is the same regardless of who the perpetrator is. I would imagine that he'll be put on gardening leave at the very least until it reaches court but isn't domestic violence difficult to prosecute if the victim doesn't want to press charges? Looking like another huge error in judgment by Wael though, it's not as if this has come out of the blue (no pun intended) with Barton's past convictions and certainly adds to the circus over there.
  7. I'm pretty sure the Pistols only wrote 'Pretty Vacant' so that they got to shout "va...****" on TOTP.
  8. Depends how high infections rise. 1% of 100,000 cases hospitalized this year is the same as 10% of 10,000 last year, for example. Very simplistic figures but illustrates the point. Without restrictions, case numbers could go ballistic in the next few weeks.
  9. My Grandad was Swindon regular (and went to Wembley) until he was struck down by a Stroke, so I've always had a soft spot for them, at least while we're above them in the league. I'm glad he isnt around to see this shambles, he did live long enough for the Premier League season. It looks like the Wigan situation at the beginning of last season and they pulled through eventually but they had the safety cushion of League 2. Sadly though it looks like there is one club that the Gas are certain to finish above this season I was actually at their last game in the Premier League, in the away end with a couple of Leeds mates. It finished 0-5 to Leeds and we had a stroll around the pitch afterwards.
  10. Are you actually able to change the 5 penalty takers after the shootout has begun though? I don't know but I've got a feeling the manager submits a list of players to the officials before the penalties start and might have to stick to that? Could be completely wrong, I'm sure someone will know the rules better than me.
  11. There's a very good reason why you don't have your best penalty takers at 5 or even 4. It's because it might not get that far.
  12. Possibly because there isn't a WC in 2024
  13. Yep you're right, maths was never my strong point despite having an A level in it!
  14. One could argue that Belgium might well have got to the final if they'd been in the other side of the draw. One thing I havent worked out is that how did two group winners (who both won 3/3) meet in the last 8? With six group winners and 8 games, could/should all group winners have been kept apart? If Italy play like they did in the first half against against Belgium, we're in trouble but if they play like they did in the second half, we've got a great chance. It's just too close to call. I don't think it'll be a cagey game though, Italy get the ball forward frighteningly quickly and we are best when using Sterling and Saka's pace.
  15. Um...Belgium? KDB albeit not entirely fit, Lukaku and that kid on the left wing, Doku who made Sterling look slow.
  16. Got to be honest, this game should have been the final.
  17. Aye that's true, I'd actually forgotten that Denmark were in our side of the draw! Also of course, 1 red card can change anything as we've just seem
  18. You've got to say that whoever wins on Tuesday night would be short odds favourite to get to the final now.
  19. More clubs than Jack Niklaus as the saying goes
  20. To be fair, it is quite easy to forget that if they turn over Cheltenham in the League Cup, it will be considered an upset! Let that sink in....
  21. Coffee, white, one sugar and a dash of Polonium 210.
  22. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jun/29/steven-caulker-mental-illness-addictions-gambling-drinking-qpr He has played 123 times in the Premier League and for eight clubs with the same, horribly familiar cycle of insecurity and self-destruction pursuing him to each. There is always a catalyst to the nosedive. “The sleepless nights, sat up till 5am replaying every bad decision I’ve ever made in my life, worrying what will be next … Tottenham sent me to Bristol City on loan at 18 and they put me in a flat in the city centre surrounded by nightclubs, two casinos opposite, the kind of money I’d never seen in my life, and no guidance whatsoever. I was pulled once by a member of staff and told I’d been spotted in the casino at 3am but their attitude was: ‘What you do in your spare time is your business. Just don’t let it affect your performances out on the pitch.’ Thankfully it looks like his life is back on track at least now and has for the last 3 years played regularly in the Turkish Super League with Alanyaspor, which is a decent level although not the heights he could have reached if his life hadn't been derailed by addiction/mental health issues.He played one game for England and scored! [Edit] It was the game where Zlatan scored with that unbelievable overhead kick!
  23. There was an interview with him years ago in which IIRC, he said that his 'troubles' started when he was at City, on loan from Tottenham and basically left alone with no support from the club away from football, in a flat/bedsit in one of the less salubrious areas of Bristol, with nothing to do except be tempted by the various distractions all around him. Not his exact words but just what I remember from the interview and it was quite a while ago, but that was the general gist.
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