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  1. Wonder if Oldham might get a reprieve if Derby go? EFL won't want an uneven number of teams in any league, so reprieve Gillingham to L1 and Oldham to L2?
  2. The way FGR are finishing the season, Mansfield home to FGR in their last game looks a winnable game.
  3. Wow, didn't realise they'd actually been promoted today. Well done the Gas! When's Joey's next court appearance?
  4. “Over to Fratton Park where there's been a red card, but for who? Chis Kamara...“ “I don't know Jeff, has there? I must have missed that" Can always brighten the darkest day! It's the totally bewildered look on his face.
  5. Hmm...this aged well. Just drew 1-1 with Crewe who were basically relegated by Christmas and Ipswich will miss play-offs by about 13 points.
  6. As Joe Strummer once said "The future is unwritten". Who'd have thought Huddersfield, who were one of the few teams below us last season, would be challenging for automatic promotion. Barnsley last season made the play-offs after only surviving in the final game of the season before.
  7. Ebou Adams is the one the supporters think could step up. Out of contract this summer, Cardiff rumoured to be interested, does have a few disciplinary issues. City don't seem to look at FGR players although several have gone the other way. No reason City couldn't have picked up Keiffer Moore and Ethan Pinnock for next to nothing for example
  8. Same here, still with NP atm but this squad should be capable of better than 18/19th. How many of Luton's squad for example would improve our squad on paper? Lord only knows how much more we're paying the squad than they are but it must be obscene.
  9. Michael Duff would have to be the outstanding candidate from the lower leagues. Either the lowest or 2nd lowest budget in L1. I think Crewe might be lower but they already got relegated. It would be a gamble but Ryan Lowe has done well at Preston after making a similar step up from L2 to L1 and then moving to the Championship, so it could work. Not sure it would be a great move for Duff though sadly. We could destroy his career in one season! The guy at Wigan has done a great job after inheriting a disaster area but they're odds on to come up anyway
  10. fgrsimon


    Getting to the Premier League is the only way SL is going to make any money from Bristol City FC.
  11. Oops! Nothing like a home defeat to Cambridge Utd for a chastening dose of hard reality. If Ipswich fail to make the L1 Play-Offs, it has to be seen as an abject failure whichever way you look at it.
  12. I watched the first 30 secs of that thinking Rovers were playing some nice stuff, then I remembered that Carlisle play in blue & white..., first of their "highlights" was a player stumbling into the penalty area and lashing a shot straight at the keeper
  13. Has it been decided fully how much loss can be written off due to Covid yet? We can't be the only club to have made a huge loss from 2020-2021, I read somewhere that Stoke lost a lot more than us? Others must be similar to ourselves with no PP I would have thought (Cardiff, Boro, Forest maybe?)
  14. If he only wanted to make money buying the massive financial sinkhole that is Bristol City FC is/was a particularly daft way of going about it!
  15. They're Blackburn Rovers and they're 4th in the Championship. New contenders for most entitled set of supporters?
  16. City are 100/1 for relegation with a couple of bookies, it was 120/1 before yesterday's result. £50 bet gives you £5000 back, I suspect you're not offering to match those odds....
  17. Not safe for until it's mathematically so. Yes the gap is big but the worry is that there are so few teams below us now. So it needs one of the bottom 3 to put a very good run together and Reading to hit some decent form. Unlikely but certainly not impossible as it's not unknown for teams at the bottom to suddenly hit play-off form or better in the last few games. Wycombe last season for example. We of course are capable of collapsing completely.
  18. Remember last season....
  19. Bought 'Into the Valley' Skids and 'Sound of the Suburbs' The Members, both picture sleeve, from Stroud Woolies on the same day. Not a bad day's haul. Boots used sell records in those days too. Got my first two LPs from them 'Parallel Lines' Blondie and Boomtown Rats 1st. £3.49 each.
  20. I think his luck just ran out this time. When he was on that record breaking run of losses here, he got almost a gimme against Rotherham at Ashton Gate and they were the worst Championship side for years that season. Sunderland's next game is Donny at home and they're bottom Only 2 points off top 2 but Wigan have 4 games in hand and Rotherham 2, so in reality could be 8 points or so.
  21. Would have settled for the gap to the bottom 4 staying the same today but in fact the gap to the bottom 5 has increased, so not a bad day all in all.
  22. It's not very often you see the words "Bristol City" and "Glory Hunter" in the same sentence
  23. I think the Derby supporters are not aware of quite how rich SL is (£1.36 Billion according to the Sunday Times). These accounts are dreadful but it's still pocket money to him and his family. The only way we go into Administration is if he (and Maggie, Jon and whoever else might be his beneficiaries) walk away. As he's no longer involved in HL he isn't going to suddenly lose his business and thus his wealth. It's not like say Dale Vince at FGR, all his wealth is in Ecotricity and if they go bust (which has to be possible in the current scenario) then he and FGR are screwed. I may be wrong but I'm pretty confident the Lansdown family will never walk away and leave the club in danger, it's not something that would keep me awake at night. Our issue is purely FFP. One thing I was thinking (and obviously Covid is still a big BUT), could we not ramp up the concerts/events at Ashton Gate over the next few years? There is going to be a big backlog of bands going on tour again once Covid is sorted. Should be possible to maybe fit 7 or 8 shows or more into one summer, particularly if it's a run of shows by the same artist. These would be massive money-spinners given the cost of tickets for big acts these days..
  24. GDPR breach if they are supplying personal data to other clubs
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