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  1. I’m a Knock knee’d chicken and a bow legged hen I ain’t been so happy since I don’t know when etc
  2. I agree. It implies that we are the only recognised football team in the city.
  3. You are correct. It was Tom Ritchie.
  4. Are you the person who sends in “Top Tips” to Viz?
  5. Never understood why away fans are allowed directly behind the goal at Ashton gate. Particularly when the home fan singing section is not behind a goal. Gives up part of the home advantage when the away fans are allowed to be so prominent. Fair enough if they sell out the Atyeo but if it is only partly sold can they not be located at one end of the stand? At other grounds it is the away fans who are usually tucked away in an inconspicuous corner, not the home fans.
  6. Watching Peterborough v Derby. Neither team “took the knee” before kickoff and instead both teams stood around the centre circle as a stand against all forms of discrimination. The gesture avoided any negative connotations and was immaculately observed by the crowd.
  7. Redland


    Yeah but they were only 14,000 actually in the ground.
  8. At least I am able to offer an explanation as to why a significant number of people boo the taking the knee and it’s Marxist connections. For your part you are only able to offer insults. Says it all really.
  9. I go to the football for enjoyment (hopefully) entertainment and recreation. I do not go to watch a party political broadcast on behalf of BLM or indeed any other organisation. It is ridiculous for the players and media to claim that taking the knee is nothing to do with BLM when the gesture is indelibly linked to that particular organisation. I am sure that the majority of those that boo are not racist but simply do not wish to be associated with the BLM agenda of defunding the police, ending capitalism etc.
  10. I remember this match well. Swindon played good fast possession football and we were totally outclassed. Lucky to escape with the one nil defeat. Didn’t realise that Aden Flint played in that match!
  11. One thing that comes across strongly is that the majority of contributors to this board are long-standing City fans of 20, 30, 40, 50 or more years experience. So often we are told that the club shouldn’t listen to a minority of “weekend keyboard warriors” who do not know what they are talking about, whereas the reality is that those who post on here are primarily long-standing supporters who genuinely have the best interests of the club at heart.
  12. 1966/67 season followed by 55 years of underachievement! One of my biggest regrets is that I just missed seeing John Atyeo play.
  13. I’m sure he has some targets in mind but surely he’s not expected to undertake the contract negotiations?
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