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  1. Will be easy to find another club for him if he’s half as good as some of the comments on here make him out to be. We shall see, had a good first few games for us but I can’t remember another game where I’ve walked away from the ground thinking he stood out. I think we have better players than him, a backup player, offload him and his wages.
  2. Got to open up at some point, the virus will be with us for decades if not forever. Huge numbers have had the vaccine, the government were only initially talking about vaccinating the elderly and most vulnerable. Just need to get on with it now.
  3. Rang the club and my bank yesterday in regards to the match refunds. I paid for my season ticket in full from a card I no longer have as I had lost it, the club can’t refund to a different card as it can’t and the bank told me I have to ring them up each time I want my money released as it’s refunded back to my old card no longer in use, even though it was taken from the same bank account. Nothing anyone can do about it apparently.
  4. I’ll have to call the club Monday to find out if this is the case with me. Doesn’t seem very flexible
  5. Still haven’t had my Boro refund. Edit: Just wondering if it’s because I no longer have that card attached to my bank account and it’s refunded to the card and not the bank account?
  6. Logged in eventually but can only pay for audio
  7. Gave up trying to pay for it. Can’t log in to my account
  8. I’m glad they stopped trying to play it out from the back. I don’t have the stats but I can’t remember the last time we didn’t play ourselves into trouble or end up in trouble and hoofing it up front anyway. Building play from the back is all well and good if you have the players to do it. We haven’t and surely an expert coach would see that. Every away team know we can’t and they press us into mistakes. Glad they stopped doing it midway through the first half
  9. I can imagine the conspiracy theorists having a field day with this one, no doubt they think he was shot down to stop him revealing the truth.
  10. Well ladies, If you ever want a subtle way today to tell your man its all over, buy them this shirt. I can guarantee he'll walk within the hour.
  11. Did they dive into the shallow end of the think tank
  12. Have you tried a hard reset of the router and trying again?
  13. Laughable that we have got on board an exciting proven Championship player and this is still not seen as progress. Brilliant transfer window, just need to send a few fringe players out on loan to League 1 and 2 now.
  14. Amazing, he's knuckling down now to get his biannual move for a big signing on fee somewhere.
  15. Good interview from Dave Allen about the Joshua fight.
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